Greek mayors are planning demonstrations against non-stopping migration

Local authorities in the Greek Aegean islands are planning a major protest against the unstoppable influx of migrants into the already overcrowded islands. Hundreds to thousands of migrants are added every week. In the past 4 days alone, more than 1.000 migrants have set foot on the Greek islands. (source) The situation on the […]

Fantastic Baudet contribution about the globalists

Thierry Baudet of the Forum of Democracy explains briefly and clearly why he fights against the rest of the attendees and the globalists in general. An important video for both left and right Listen what's being said here and forget it's Baudet (haters). This is a fair question and presentation […]

30-year-old migrant rapes 17-year-old girl in Napoli

A 30-year-old migrant has been arrested for stalking, kidnapping and rape of a 17-year-old girl. The suspected migrant stayed in Casandrino and was arrested in Giugliano. The young girl told police she was forced into the rapist's car. With the help of a number of other migrants who had her wrists tied. The […]

Naomi Seibt - The Anti-Greta Thunberg

Naomi Seibt, also called the anti-Greta, is a gifted German girl with a strong opinion about the climate, immigration and oikophobia. A relief after having been inundated for months with the terrible phenomenon Greta Thunberg. A girl abused by the climate religious and the globalists where, believe it or not, in 2019 […]

Denmark takes away 3rd ISIS terrorist citizenship

The Danish government took another IS terrorist's passport last week. This is already the 3rd IS fighter who had to surrender his Danish passport and get out of Denmark in a very short time. (source) Just over a month ago (end of October) the Danish parliament passed a law that makes it a lot easier to passport […]

Man killed by 7 young people. Two 17-year-old immigrants arrested.

A group of probably 7 men attacked a 49-year-old firefighter in the center of Augsburg during the Christmas market on Friday. The firefighter was on his way to the center with his wife and a couple of friends, but were attacked on the way on the Königsplatz by a group of probably 7 men. (source) The perpetrators walked on him […]

30.000 deported migrants returned to Mama Merkel

Tens of thousands of migrants who were "forced" to leave the country have returned and are living and living in Germany again. A total of 28.283 migrants who have unsuccessfully applied for asylum since 2012 have returned and are living and living in Germany again, despite being deported. About 5.000 migrants have even been deported several times. […]

3 migrants hit man total loss and rob him - Perpetrators run free

Three African migrants hospitalized a 42-year-old man when he refused to hand over his cellphone and wallet. On April 19, around 6:3 am, the man walked to the bank to withdraw some money. On the way he noticed that he was being followed by XNUMX African men. He […]

Sweden - Oldies evicted from apartment for asylum seekers

In 48 flats in Stockholm, the elderly have been evicted from their flat to reopen shortly afterwards to news of arriving asylum seekers who would otherwise have no place. Last week, asylum seekers and migrants were allowed to take their possessions and keep them all to Dianagården in Stockholm to live there. Dianagården was a residence where the elderly […]

Sex slave confronts her IS kidnapper - Walked freely in Germany

A former Yazidi sex slave confronted her Islamic State kidnapper face-to-face on Iraqi television. Ashwaq Hajji Hameed was 14 years old and was sold into sex slavery after ISIS took over most of Yazidi in Kurdistan. After the area was recaptured, Hameed was able to flee from the hands of her ones […]

Extreme left threatens to kill AfD parliamentarian

We have 2 huge problems in our society. Those are immigration and the left. And not just the extreme left. But also the politicians and the media. If you have a different opinion than the gut men on the left, you are in great danger. You often need protection. But not even so much protection against migrants […]

100.000 migrants gather in the Balkans

A top Hungarian government official warns that more than 100.000 migrants have gathered in the Balkans with the potential to flood Europe with migrants. It will lead to a crisis like the one we experienced in 2015 according to the Hungarian government. Hungarian State Secretary Szilárd Németh: “The situation is still under control but […]

12-year-old girl raped and resold as a piece of meat

Writing articles like this is the hardest part. You see so much misery every day that you build a bit of a shield for it, but these are the kind of messages that stay with you longer and keep flashing through your head for the following days. But no matter how horrible, they have the right and it is […]

French migrants angry because they don't get cash

Asylum seekers who depend on social services complain that they cannot withdraw money with the new bank cards, which they receive free of charge from the French government. The so-called ADA card came into effect on 5 November and gives each asylum seeker € 190 per month in credit. For families this can amount to € 660 per month […]

Salvini received as a hero in Belgium!

Matteo Salvini paid a visit to Antwerp on Monday, where he was invited by the European ID group, which also includes Vlaams Belang. After a long search, we see that no Dutch press has adopted this. The Identity and Democracy fraction unites nine right-wing populist parties, including the Italian Lega, Vlaams Belang from Belgium, the […]

Tunnels found under the fence of Hungary

Normally, no more migrants enter Victor Orbán's Hungary. Orbán has had a fence built. The most logical solution to protect your country while the countries around you flood Europe with unnecessary migrants. But now the police are reporting that near the villages of Asotthalom and Csikeria […]

Finland also wakes up, Patriots win everywhere!

The True Finns Party largest in Finland! This gives extra hope! Hope that the mainstream media withholds you by creating a different reality! The True Finns Party (Perussuomalaiset) is Finland's common sense party. The party is against the EU and wants a stop on mass immigration and the Islamization of the West. […]

Stings in Rotterdam are escalating!

Stabs between rival gangs with a non-Western background escalate in South Rotterdam. The Rotterdam police refuses to release the figures about the stabbings "because information is missing and we do not have a good overview." The police do see that there are 2 youth gangs who use knives. The knives vary from cutlery to machetes. All interviewed perpetrators have […]

Hope for Europe! The Czech Republic also refuses EU migration policy

The Czech Republic no longer listens to the redistribution plans of migrants drawn up by the European Union. The Czech Republic is also fed up with insane, dangerous and unnecessary mass immigration. Czech Prime Minister Adren Babis reiterated this and also confirmed that they will refuse any new EU quota system. Earlier this month, Germany proposed to introduce another […]

Riots of migrants in Turin provoked by Antifa

Angry legal immigrants have rebelled and set fire to parts of an asylum seekers' center in Turin. This violent reaction was partly provoked by the extreme left and Antifa who called a hunger strike because of the "bad conditions" in which the immigrants, who are not in the shelters, find themselves. (Source) Antifa is a criminal organization that […]

The true face of Angela Merkel

An excerpt from a speech by Angela Merkel in the Bundestag. The problem with freedom of speech would only exist on a very small scale had we not given in to deadly mass immigration in the Western world. Because the imported non-western migrants have a completely different and backward culture they will never have our tolerance and […]

Scandalous! “That doesn't matter to me,” says Minister of Justice Sweden

Morgan Jonansson replied that during a parliamentary debate on the increasing gang rapes and robberies as a result of his party's immigration policy the Social Democrats. During this debate, Richard Jomshof of the common sense party Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish Democrats) read a number of headlines such as: “112 children robbed in Gothenburg ”,“ 50 young people (migrants) hold Växjö hostage ”[…]

Globalists among themselves: Von der Leyen believes in Timmermans

The unelected incoming committee chair Ursula Von der Leyen said on Wednesday that she and her team will give the green light to allow Frans Timmermans to win the Green Deal. “The fight against climate change is an existential issue for the new European Commission. A 'Green Deal' to make Europe climate neutral by 2050 is therefore […]

African migrants attack trucker

A gang of at least 12 migrants attacked a truck driver with machetes, spears and metal objects on Wednesday while he was sleeping in the parking lot of the E40 highway in Walshoutem, Belgium. The driver woke up to a rustling sound from his trailer. (source) After he got out of his truck to see what happened […]

Again rape by migrants in Germany

It hits every day and unfortunately again. This is the reality. Posting these kinds of messages every time is no fun. But it must be seen. People need to wake up and realize what world we live in and how it will only get worse and worse if we don't act quickly. Of the […]