German migrant raises money for “Muslim Only” pool

A man with a migrant background from Frankfurt is raising money to open a swimming pool just for Muslims. Abdullah Zeran from Frankfurt, where a mother and her child were recently thrown in front of the train by a “model immigrant” (source), says he is busy getting people excited about this and he can […]

Orbán: "Central Europe is the future of Europe!"

During a speech, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán said that countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are Europe's only hope for a bright future. He may be quite right about that. We have said before that the only countries that still have them listed, the Central and Eastern European […]

Frans Timmermans - 2 tasks for the destruction of Europe

Ohoh .. CommonSense .. Do you call Frans Timmermans a psychopath? Yes. Let them get angry. Gone are the days when we called these dangerous people confused men. When you know what Frans has in store for Europe, you can conclude that this person has no sympathy or empathy for his fellow citizens in Europe. This man […]

Migrant Crisis 2.0 - Greece is losing control of migrants

Last weekend, more than 1.350 migrants again arrived on the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. This is bad news for Greece because the asylum centers on the Greek islands are already massively overcrowded and the criminality of the migrants can no longer be controlled. According to the Greek Coast Guard, there are […]

The Hiddemeister - Solutions for asylum seekers

The influx of migrants just keeps going and the Ministry of Justice and Security keeps failing and failing. The Chamber is sticking its head in the sand for the insecurity in our country. Theo Hiddema proposes to tackle this through three concrete motions: ensuring that asylum seekers do not receive legal aid during procedures without prospects, […]

Migrants are raping 14-year-old girl in Germany

German authorities have revealed the nationalities of 3 people arrested earlier this week for gang rape of a 14-year-old German girl. Earlier this week, German authorities refused to release the perpetrators' nationalities. It would have been "irrelevant". Now they come out with it anyway. Probably […]

Machiel de Graaf (PVV) about integration of Muslims

Machiel de Graaf of the PVV about the integration of Muslims in the Netherlands. Cash register for Allah! De Graaf is known for spicy statements, but the man has a very good idea of ​​what is going on in the Netherlands. It is also known that Machiel has friendly ties with people who have left Islam. A number of […]

Dominik Tarczyński - 100% CommonSense!

Watch compilation of the fantastic Dominik Tarczyński here. He is known for his no-nonsense politics and is a member of the Law and Justice party PiS, which once again won elections and rules the country last month. Dominik shows how easy it is to protect your country. When you see that everywhere where […]

VOX wants to build a wall between Spain and Morocco

Javier Ortega Smith, the second man of the Spanish party VOX, explains why VOX wants to have a wall built between Spain and Morocco. According to Javier, the current fences cannot withstand the invasion of immigrants and illegal immigrants. “The current fences are not high and sturdy enough. A concrete wall that is high enough […]

AfD wants to bring Angela Merkel to court

During her contribution to a party meeting of the AfD, Alice Weidel explicitly promises once again that the AfD will take Angela Merkel to the German court. The AfD has been trying to start a so-called Untersuchungsausschuss against Merkel since 2017, but never got the required 25% of the delegates in the Bundestag behind it. […]

Do you want to be on Facebook? ID show!

In Italy there is serious debate about the possibility of allowing people to access Facebook only by registering with a passport or an ID card. Proponents say that "otherwise the internet will become a sewage well." but opponents claim that it is to expand power over the citizens and it is […]

5 million illegal migrants in Europe

The Pew Research Center has conducted a survey of the number of immigrants residing illegally and unregistered in Europe. In 2017, the result was that between 3.900.000 and 4.800.000 migrants reside illegally in Europe. (source) Despite the fact that these migrants can move freely in the EU and cross all borders […]

25% of people named Ali have a criminal record!

Official figures from the Swedish Statistical Office and a legal database reveal that nearly 25% of all individuals called Ali have a criminal record. At first this seems like a strange way of researching. But this has a reason. And for a bizarre politically correct reason. Since 2005 it is not allowed in Sweden […]

Soon: 1 in 3 Germans has a migration background

Within less than 20 years, 35% of the German population will consist of people with a migrant background. And even more alarming… By that time, 70% (!) Of all major cities will consist of people of non-Western background. (source) Herbert Brücker, head of the federal IAB (Labor Market Institute), said last Monday in response to these figures against […]

North African fake taxi driver rapes young woman

A North African man has been arrested on suspicion of rape. The man raped a young student from Brussels. The man pretended to be a taxi driver to lure her into the car that way. Source: Lavenir The 20-year-old student who studies at the Université Libre de Bruxelles stated that this North African man has her […]

Senator Ravier: "French population is being replaced!"

Senator Stéphane Ravier delivered a fiery speech warning that the French population will be rapidly replaced thanks to the pro-immigration policies of the globalists in the European Union. Ravier came with a huge list of truths to the French lawmakers. He accused them, among other things, of “allowing the death of the French identity […]

Four African migrants raped 13-year-old girl

FOUR migrants from Eritrea have been charged with the violent rape of a 13-year-old Swedish girl. This happened in a public toilet in Örebro, Sweden. The men were between 20 and 25 years old. They forced her into a toilet cubicle and took turns raping her. One of the men filmed the rape. (source) […]

What happens if you throw a Quran back and forth with 2 people?

What happens when on a square in Copenhagen, the two of you throw some booklet or another, the Koran in this case, back and forth on a square and drop it on the floor? Islam critic Rasmu Paludan tried it out. This is what happened ... After several times that [...]

Aggressive immigrant rig brutally ruin commemoration of Theo van Gogh

Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa from Germany came to Amsterdam with 2 men last November 9 to commemorate Theo van Gogh. On November 2, 2004, Theo van Gogh was murdered in Linnaeusstraat by Muslim Mohammed Bouyeri. 15 years later in exactly the same place, a Muslim again creates a dangerous situation, as the video below shows […]

CDA, VVD, CU and D66 want PRAYER CALLS MUSLIMS BY AMPLIFIER in the Netherlands

The next motion by Thierry Baudet of the Forum for Democracy. Here Thierry is requesting a roll-call vote to prohibit Mosques from calling for prayer through amplifiers. The Netherlands is weighed down by Islamization and we are moving in the same direction as Sweden, Great Britain and Germany. We have already gone a long way and it […]

Immigrants per luxury yacht to Western Europe for € 10.000 pp

Human smugglers charge € 10.000 per migrant to bring them from Turkey to Italy or Spain by luxury yacht. The first question that immediately comes to mind is: How do those poor refugees get € 10.000 per person? The boats leave from Anatolia in Turkey and through the Ionian Sea they usually drop the migrants somewhere around the southeastern […]

Allahu Akbar roeper puts a knife on the throat

A man of around 20 was arrested last Saturday in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris. The man shouted Allahu Akbar while attacking a woman with a knife. This happened in the hall of a police station where the man put a knife to the throat of a young woman present. (Source) The suspect called Saturday […]

Islamization in pictures - The future of the Netherlands

In an earlier article on the Islamization of Great Britain, we already showed a video of Savile Town. Savile Town is a suburb of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire in England and in 2011 it had exactly 4.033 inhabitants of which 48 English and 3985 Muslims. We are now in 2019 and live there, only a few […]

Common Sense VOX ready for Spanish elections!

VOX España is ready for the elections to be held on November 10, 2019. Earlier this year, in May, there were already elections and the big winners were the socialists of the PSOE. However, they could not form a government with the other left-wing party Podemos, due to disagreement over the division of jobs. VOX is […]

Youth and politics

Column Opinion As a 19-year-old student, I am concerned about contemporary politics and my peers who are unaware of how badly the current cabinet is doing for our peers. I am also shocked by the fact that the young people are the largest group of non-voters. It's the climate that brainwashed us in schools. […]