After Germany has brought in all the minor migrants from the camp at the Greek border, the country now prefers to bring all the migrants to Germany. The Minister of Development, Gerd Müller of the CSU (sister party of the CDU) thinks that adult migrants also deserve a place in Germany. The German Greens support this plan […]

MOROCKAAN wants to make NPO cup SMALLER

The left-wing and Amsterdam NPO radio station 'FunX' has decided to stop the program 'Ramadan Late Night'. The music channel, which derives its right to exist from pumping in diversity: migrants, fellow countrymen, homophilia and transgender people, mainly among young people from ethnic minorities, now yields to death threats from Moroccan Yassin Ellbi. The Ramadan Late Night program, which focuses on the Islamic month of fasting […]

The Colonization of North America: A Non-Genocide

In the discussion about colonization, the argument often comes from both right and left: “Yes, but look what the Europeans did to the peoples of North America. What is happening to immigration now is what we deserve ”Here we go again… claims that the Europeans have ethnically cleansed an entire continent, based on false claims about the […]

AIRPLANES full of asylum seekers taxi into Germany

The German 'Mission Lifeline' has been transporting illegal refugees to Europe since 2016. Normally, such transports go over water, but this time a more luxurious plan is ready. Mission Lifeline wants to fly hundreds of asylum seekers into Germany with two Boeing 747-300 aircraft. The money is already ready, but the German Ministry of the Interior has yet to […]

Stacey Abrams RUNNING-MATE Joe Biden? !!

Stacey Abrams (46) is Joe Biden's intended running mate. So if Democrat Joe Biden wins the upcoming 2020 election, Abrams will be vice president of America. She is also not impeccable, for example, she has substantial tax debts, and she has also committed fraud with votes during the Governor elections in Georgia. The African American Stacey Abrams […]


While the corona hysteria in our country is still raging and the hidden powers are doing everything they can to completely destroy our society (deadly) stabbings are still the order of the day. The 25-year-old man who is detained for stabbing to death of Rik van de Rakt (18) from Heesch this weekend in […]

Dutch last!

Our country that is ravaged by housing shortages has to cough up 6.500 homes for asylum seekers. This request comes from the State Secretary for Asylum and Migration, Ankie Broekers-Knol of the VVD. Broekers-Knol asks the municipalities and provinces to provide her with the homes. In addition, she is also looking for new reception places for asylum seekers. The asylum seekers' centers are in fact on their tax. The Netherlands is full, […]

Demonstration of ILLEGALS against LOCKDOWN escalates

WE ILLEGALS WANT COMPENSATION FOR MISMISSED BLACK MONEY On Monday, a demonstration in Brussels by a group of ILLEGALS got completely out of hand. They confronted the police and were hit hard. The illegal immigrants are angry because they can no longer work undeclared due to the corona crisis and are now demanding financial compensation […]

THE NETHERLANDS on its way to the abyss… FOR NOTHING?

THE NETHERLANDS ON THE EDGE OF THE DEPTH… FOR NOTHING? It would be something. Imagine finding out that this virus has been replicated. To prove that our government, knowingly or unknowingly, unnecessarily and unjustly, has pulled us into the abyss. That thousands to tens of thousands of companies and families are destroyed while […]

Police brutality in rebellion against lockdown in Chemnitz

Under the motto: WE WANT TO GET OUT! GOVERNMENT RANDOMLY END !! … Germans gathered yesterday to protest the lockdown. The judge initially prohibited the influx of large groups of people, but through a lawyer the organization managed to still be allowed to hold action in Chemnitz. A maximum of 15 people could participate in this, […]

Germany: 1.800 “underage migrants” without a trace!

While everyone is being pumped full of Corona news, several Dutch municipalities have “decided” that they wanted to bring underage “orphan migrants” from the border area between Turkey and Greece to the Netherlands. (source) Nice photo of a small child, who would of course prefer to pick up everyone with a heart, take them to the Netherlands and give them a long and happy life. […]

Migrants set fire to camp and are now allowed to go to Europe

CORONA ABUSE BY GLOBALIST EU We are cheated on all sides as citizens by politicians, scientists, media and tycoons who squeeze the Coronavirus for our own interests or for (sick) ideological reasons. Similarly, the globalists at the helm in the European Union. Because migration MUST continue. The hobbyhorse of those who dream about a world without […]

France: Police kill Afghan knife-puller

Last Wednesday, police shot a knife-pulling Afghan migrant who attacked them with a knife. This happened around 16:30 pm when police officers made their rounds in Seine-Saint-Denis in Paris. The Afghan migrant brandished a "long knife" at the police, according to Le Point. (source) When he wanted to lash out at the officers, the police shot several […]

UK: Border Guard brings another 72 migrants ashore

Four boats with a total of 72 migrants on board were taken to Dover last Sunday. This happened after the Border Guard intercepted the boats and the English Channel. The first two boats were intercepted at 22:8 am and contained XNUMX men and XNUMX women. They claim from Iraq, Iran and Syria […]

Soros and Zuckerberg give millions to illegal immigrants

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday that he would be handing out millions in cash to illegal immigrants to compensate for the financial set-back caused by the corona crisis, so-called helicopter money. A rough estimate of the total amount that goes to illegal immigrants in California comes to about 125 million dollars, of which 70 million dollars from […]

Dutch municipalities want to receive refugee children

While everyone is distracted by the Corona crisis, 37 municipalities join an initiative to bring 500 orphans from Greek refugee camps here. Despite the willingness of a growing number of municipalities, the Netherlands has so far refused to take over underage migrants from Greece. The activists / pathological altruists of the Refugee Foundation, the Dutch Council for Refugees and Defense […]

Germany: IS members planned to attack on a US basis

German authorities have confirmed that four suspected members of the Islamic State have been arrested. Police raided several apartments and six other locations. This happened last Wednesday morning in North Rhine-Westphalia. The names of the four terrorists are Azizjon B., Muhammadali G., Farhodshoh K. and Sunatullokh K. They are all from Tajikistan. […]

Sweden: No lockdown, no mandatory measures

The Swedes themselves, on this point, have great confidence in the government. People generally follow the non-mandatory instructions. While most countries shut down their economies to “fight the coronavirus”, Sweden has left the country open. Now Sweden has always had its borders wide open and the big cities are […]

Turkey is sending thousands of migrants back to the Greek border

According to the Greeks, Erdogan is sending thousands of migrants back to the border area between Turkey and Greece. Satellite images and secret reports from the security services show this. Weeks after the Turkish Interior Minister promised not to return migrants to the border area, that promise is apparently broken. (source) An official from […]

Greece - Angry migrants cut down 5.000 olive trees

Angry migrants on Lesvos have cut down 5.000 olive trees. The destruction of these trees is seen as an attack on Greek culture, history, identity and the Greek economy. (source) This attack on the trees will exacerbate the tensions between the inhabitants of the island and the migrants and it will be […]

NGOs want residence permits for illegal immigrants

In Italy, major NGOs and other “human rights organizations” are trying to pressure the government with their “I Was a Foreigner” campaign. With this campaign they want the government to issue undocumented (illegal aliens) residence permits. (source) “In this way it is ensured that there are enough farm workers to ensure the harvest […]

VIDEO: Migrants attack each other and islanders. EU does nothing

Two different gangs made up of mainly Afghan migrants clashed last weekend in the infamous Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. Why the two groups are at war has not yet become clear. (source) But of course it did not stay between the two groups of aggressive migrants. The local Greeks were also screwed […]

Hellenic Navy in highest state of readiness!

The Hellenic Navy has spotted 6 Turkish cargo ships preparing to smuggle migrants to the Greek islands. Athens is concerned that the scenario of an incident in mid-March will repeat itself. A cargo ship departing from Çanakkale in Turkey stranded in the harbor near Tzia. (source) These migrants had to go through the Greek […]

The end of the EU?

In the last 12 years, the European Union has been deeply wounded as a result of the credit, euro and migrant crisis. But in all those cases, European countries (reluctantly) stood by each other. Now, after the outbreak of the Chinese flu, things are very different: each country for itself, with minimal cooperation, while the […]

Austria rejects migrant quota: "It remains NO!"

Austria has confirmed that their migration policies remain unchanged. Despite the fact that some 150 (!) NGOs have tried to pressure Austria and Sebastian Kurz to take in migrants from the Middle East, who are now in Turkey. (source) It takes some getting used to for Angela Merkel who nods everywhere: yes, yes, yes. But her […]