Sweden obeys EU - Release illegal immigrants from detention

Yesterday we reported that Dunja Mijatović, the current Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, required all Member States to release rejected asylum seekers and illegal immigrants and to send them into our society. https://commonsensetv.nl/europese-raad-migranten-moeten-worden-vrijlaat-uit-detentie/ Without papers, without sufficient background information. Illegals, including a substantial part guilty of criminal activities […]

European Council: Migrants should be released from detention

Dunja Mijatović is the current Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe. Dunja requires all national governments within the European Union to release all migrants and bring them back into society as a “measure against COVID19” (source) (source) “These facilities offer poor conditions to comply with social distancing and affect their health. Danger." […]


Recently, an unknown politician, the Indian Rishi Sunak, has suddenly been lifted onto a pedestal by the Conservatives (Tories) and the Media and hailed as the “next Prime Minister”. In the midst of a COVID-SARS-2 outbreak, this unknown is being presented to the British People from nowhere. But what does he stand for? Some years ago […]

Tucker Carlson stops immigrant workers

Yesterday I wrote a piece about this in response to Tucker Carlson's report on (temporary) labor immigration. Less than 24 hours after Tucker criticized labor immigration in his TV program on Fox News, the President decided to end this immigration too, because of the acute economic situation in the US as a result of the […]

Italy is READY with the EU! ITALEXIT NOW!

The Italians are deeply disappointed in the European Union and are actually done with it. There is no decent form of support from the European Union during the COVID19 outbreak. (source) (source) Many videos circulate on social media where people remove the EU flag and replace it with the Russian flag or even […]

Tunisian attacks people with ax and machete

A 27-year-old Tunisian has been arrested in Augsburg after attacking innocent passers-by with an ax and machete. This happened last Tuesday morning around 4 am. The migrant randomly started attacking people in Augsburg's University district, Augsburger Allgemeine reports. (source) First he hit the windshield of a […] with an ax.


Under Trump, legal and illegal immigration has decreased significantly, but it is still not enough. Certainly not today and in the years to come. Under the HB1 visa program, 85.000 highly skilled immigrants will come to the US this year. “Cool. Immigrants who bring knowledge and skills ”, think people like Donald J. Trump. What, however, here […]

12-year-old boy stabbed to death in a migrant ghetto

A 12-year-old boy died of his injuries after being stabbed at a school in the immigrant ghetto Kortedala by a boy of the same age. Kortedala is a migrant ghetto in the north of Gothenburg. The boy was stabbed in the neck last Monday in a parking lot in one of the 22 “vulnerable” areas. In short: Areas […]

Turkey: "Migrants back to Greek border after virus crisis"

Despite the cashed-out 125 million euros that Erdogan took with him after putting Angela Merkel under pressure, things are far from over for Turkey. (source) As far as Minister Süleyman Soyilu, Minister of the Interior is concerned, the migrants are again being dropped at the Greek border to try to invade the EU. For now they are […]

Turkish government actively cooperates in attack on Greek border

The German intelligence service (BND) says that the Turkish government has deployed people (state actors) disguised as migrants to stir up the riots and even actively participate. This came up today in an article from the German Focus (source). The “actors” themselves also threw projectiles at the Greek border guards and helped with […]

Boris unites the Kingdom

Boris Johnson's popularity has continued to grow, since the last parliamentary election on December 12, 2019. In the aggregate of polls, Boris can now count on an absolute majority (51%) of the British: A majority UNITED in one KINGDOM behind Johnson and the Conservative Party. Both Boris' decisiveness around Brexit, the decision to curb immigration […]

Migrants horde at Greek-Turkish border disappeared

A month ago, Erdogan decided to unleash millions of migrants on the Greek borders in the hope of blackmailing Europe. Now that has partly succeeded. Aunt Angela Merkel gave “just” 125 million euros to Erdogan to “assist the migrants”. Merkel down for Erdogan: More money to Turkey But there […]

Asylum seekers centers in Belgium do NOT lockdown. Social distancing NOT for migrants

This was decided after consultation between competent minister Maggie De Block, Fedasil and the Red Cross. Some mayors had asked for asylum seekers' asylum seekers to go into lockdown because asylum seekers do not comply with the measures taken, but that will not happen. This is reported by De Standaard. Europe is increasingly in lockdown over the spread of […]

Thousands of aggressive migrants are trying to storm Greece

The aggression of thousands of migrants on the Greek border has been resumed. After a short pause in anticipation of the debate between Merkel and Erdogan, which ended up with 125 million euros more to Turkey, (source) the fight continues as usual. But despite the fact that an army of 12.000 migrants with the help of the […]

Intensive care by Rutte almost halved

How was healthcare organized before Rutte became prime minister and how is it now? How did the hospitals travel before the Rutte era and how did the hospitals go with Rutte until 2017? The latest figures available date from 2017. The number of nursing days (10,8 million-8,5 million) and the number of hospital beds (44.800-37.700) are […]

Merkel to his knees for Erdogan: More money to Turkey

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed with the dangerous blackmailing Turkish dictator Erdogan to give more money to Turkey, "meant for the migrants." After the video conference between Macron, Merkel, Erdogan and Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel reported that 125.000.000 (125 million) euros is going to Turkey to “support the migrants”. (source) 25 million is for […]

Austria and Hungary block proposal “Operation Irene” from the EU

Austria and Hungary are firmly against the EU to allow Operation Irene to proceed. While we are all under the spell of the Coronavirus, other things are quietly continuing. Because who have we been told what Operation Irene is? In short: Operation Irene deploying warships in the Mediterranean […]

Migrant uprising crushed after quarantine refusal

Last Friday, the corona virus was diagnosed in an asylum seekers' center in Suhl - German state of Thuringia. The residents - about 500 people - were then quarantined. It has been very restless since then, reports www.insuedthueringen.de. The police are constantly on hand to force the migrants to comply with the quarantine measures: Some asylum seekers […]

Erdogan calls for Holy War against Europe

The Turkish Islamist and President, Recep Erdogan, recently gave a speech in which he called the offensive on the Greek border a Holy War and aims to reintroduce the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan wants to flood Europe with 3.6 million refugees. During the crisis on the Greek borders, people were released from Turkish prisons in exchange […]

Corona - Lost freedom in Spain

Walking on the street is a punishable offense in Spain Dear CSTV'ers, One column from me. I am not a writer, I have never had journalistic ambitions and I still think that my articles could be written much better. I am writing from myself here, from the heart and as honestly as possible without reading back, like […]

Situation Greek-Turkish border “normal” again

Peace seems to have returned to the Greek border. For the time being… Despite the attack by 500 migrants last night (source), the situation at the Greek border is “normal” again. This does not mean that no one tries to cross the border, but the number of attempts is minimal. “The past days (Monday and Tuesday) […]

Migrants try to break the Greek border with 500 people

Last night, major disturbances broke out again at the Greek-Turkish border. About 500 young strong migrants tried to break down a border fence to enter Greece. (source) The Greeks used tear gas to stop the attack. According to the Greeks, the migrants were helped by the Turkish authorities who used tear gas. (source) The clash […]

Result local elections Bavaria: AfD and FW winners

Last Sunday there were elections in Bavaria, Germany, and the votes have finally been counted. The biggest losers are the CSU, a sister party of Merkel's CDU / CSU and the Social Democrats of the SPD. The two biggest winners are the AfD (Alternativen für Deutschland) and Freie Wähler. Both sides are against the arrival of migrants. It […]

Denmark and Norway close borders. Except for asylum seekers ...

The countries in Northern Europe are also taking measures against the virus. The one a little more than the other. While Sweden, Finland and Iceland still have open borders, Denmark and Norway are closing things off. In Denmark, the borders were closed at 12:00 on Saturday and anyone trying to enter will be rejected. Unless […]