More vaccinated than unvaccinated in hospital? The MSM explains

An article by the largest newspaper in the Basque Country explains why more vaccinated people are hospitalized than unvaccinated. It's the way to lie to people for another month. It is written by: JOSE MANUEL JIMENEZ GUARDEÑO Researcher in the Department of Infectious Diseases, King's College London & ANA MARÍA ORTEGA-PRIETO […]

Vote fraud in Georgia (US) confirmed

Vote fraud confirmed in Georgia During a show by Tucker Carlson (FOX News), he exposed the alleged vote fraud in Georgia. It was a neck and neck race in Georgia. Biden won by just 13.000 votes in a state of nearly 11 million people. It has been found, among other things, that more than […]

German media is beginning to “tilt”. Should we be happy about that?

Media seems to be “tilting” We see that various mainstream media, newspapers and TV channels worldwide are starting to tilt. This mainly happens in America and Australia, but also in our neighboring country Germany. They seem to be "critical" about the corona measures, the vaccines and the tests. Only 500 days late. Earlier, ZDF […]

Donald Trump is suing Google, Twitter and Facebook

Donald Trump sues Google, Twitter and Facebook President Donald Trump, who was removed from Twitter and Facebook earlier this year, just announced class action lawsuits against Google, Twitter, Facebook and their SEOs. A class action, called a representative action or group action in Dutch, is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people […]

mRNA inventor Dr. Malone at Tucker Carlson: "Vaccines not justified"

Benefits do not outweigh the risks of experimental vaccine. Last week we published an article about Dr. Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology. (source) Here on a Tucker Carlson FOX News broadcast, Dr. Malone that the disadvantages do not outweigh the benefits of taking the vaccine. And especially because […]

Oomen: it is antisocial not to be vaccinated against corona

Oomen: it is antisocial not to be vaccinated against corona Oops, these kind of people are going to pay. Article 32 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949: “The High Contracting Parties expressly agree that each of them is prohibited from taking any measure which would cause physical suffering or extermination of protected persons who are in […]

Jürgen Conings found dead by mayor on his bike

Jürgen Konings probably found dead by mayor on bicycle This is the official story. A body has been found in the search for Jürgen Conings. Although further research and an autopsy have yet to officially confirm the find: It is Jürgen. The body of Conings is said to have been found in the Dilserbos, where […]

Climate predictions over the years have turned out to be nonsense. Disprove it?

Climate change and global warming We know what's coming. We will be bombarded with climate propaganda again and they will bring it to you that it is “even worse than corona”. Our friend Bill Gates: The idea, man's overestimation, of even thinking of having any influence on […]

Bad cakes and sweet rolls

It's an interesting time we live in, I can't repeat it often enough. I am regularly struck dumb by strange “news” and today is another such day. Unfortunately, the topics I want to talk about are not as nutritious as the title suggests, but they can […]

Biggest corona scandal unmasked. Fraud IC beds: Hospitals manipulated occupancy rates

Major fraud IC beds exposed: German hospitals manipulated occupancy rates A report by the Federal Court of Auditors (BRH) reveals one of the biggest scandals during the coronaplandemic in Germany. German hospitals manipulated intensive care occupancy rates so that they would receive financial support from the government. The federal government had reportedly been aware for months […]

Marc van Ranst? How do you feel now?

We will assume that the Jürgen Coning story is correct. Marc van Ranst Zo, Marc. How does that feel? Locked up at home with your family? In a lockdown with your wife and children in a state of fear? How do you feel after what you have done to your own family because of your own ego, […]

NU PUNT NL: The largest BS platform in the Netherlands

Now Punt NL. Hilarious, sad and a disdain for the people who can think for themselves. But it works for people who want to be treated like a child and be presented with everything. What's in those heads, huh? Incomprehensible. Ah, and again without substantiation and context. But that's standard. Read […]

German ARD acknowledges: mass hysteria partly due to the media (NL subtitles)

A critical report on corona from the end of 2020 from ARD, Das Erste. One of the largest mainstream media in Germany. A number of people asked if we still had the videos. In this article, the videos were removed because we were still posting them via YouTube at the time. But it should come as no surprise that YouTube […]

Mainstream media network tackles corona and vaccine lies

BIG TV NETWORK FILLS OUT OF ANTI-COVID VACCINE The Daystar Television Network (commonly referred to as Daystar Television, often abbreviated to Daystar) is an American evangelical Christian religious television network owned by the Word of God Fellowship, founded by Marcus Lamb in 1993. The network reaches more than 108 million homes in the US through all major cable companies and satellite systems. Worldwide, Daystar daily reaches more […]

44-year-old BBC presenter Lisa Shaw dies from Astra Zeneca vaccine

44-year-old BBC presenter dies from Astra Zeneca vaccine And that sentence is correct. Death is a direct result of the vaccine that caused a blood clot. Good heavens, what will this mRNA vaccine, which will never leave your body, do to the vaccinees in the long term? BBC presenter Lisa Shaw passed away today after she […]

Professor Vonkert is furious!

Triggered by Rienst's piece, my memory and my "look familiar" neurons (or whatever they call those signals) began to reactivate. I was reminded of a piece by Professor Vonkert who was furious, and so applicable when I didn't want to keep it from you. […]

RTL4 spreads fake news about India

Shameless Framing, changing photos or just writing nonsense, the media don't care anymore. We've seen it all. Here RTL4 tries to convince you that people in India rub themselves with poo in order to get rid of corona or to protect themselves against it. They spin from an annually recurring […]

Felled by covid… ..

Headed the telegraph. (Just a light note, dear Readers. Otherwise we would still be depressed) It turns out to be Frans Bauer and his wife Mariska. 'Oh how bad', people will think. 'I don't really know anyone who was struck down by Covid, but now, poor Frans. And his wife too '. I […]


HU (a) WEY SOON BEING DIGITALLY BANNED AND MAYBE WORSE. Twitter is doing it, Facebook is doing it, Youtube is doing it, Mainstream Media is doing it, Censoring and removing news coverage, and even completely disabling (only digital for now) people who throw anything of CommonSense into battle against today's madness. And then […]

Catholic priest demolishes Joe Biden: "Over my corpse"

Catholicism and Climate The unjustified president of the United States Joe Biden has turned America into a country with dystopian features within a few weeks. The country is crazy and is becoming dumber and dumber, according to Newsmax presenter Schmitt .. (source) Rationality and logic are hard to find and are dismissed as hatred and terrorism by the […]

The end of the International Court of Justice

For a long time I have had serious doubts about the fundamental truth behind this 'pandemic'. But after more than a year of research, I have no more doubts. Now that I have convincingly concluded that sars-cov-2 is a fabrication and covid-19 is also a fabrication, it hasn't made my life any easier. Because it […]

Don't bend!

Whether you are a believer or not, this sermon by Evangelist Jaap Dieleman is one we can all use. Never give in to tyranny, but keep your back straight and do not arch. Fight for the good; freedom, justice and love, all in the glory of God. A message that will empower many of us...

CNN Admits on hidden camera to raising awareness of Propaganda.

CNN Admits to Propaganda Awareness. The CNN chief personally intervened to order cable network personnel to report the number of people who died from COVID-19 in the broadcast, according to CNN's technical director who was caught with a hidden camera taking the remarks. It […]

Canada: The Fascist Country With Covid Internment Camps

Internment Camps Canada Welcome to friendly Justin Trudeau's good Canada. But a holiday to this beautiful country is not recommended. Friendly Prime Minister Trudeau, who dismissed Corona internment camps as a conspiracy theory a few months ago, has taken a dramatic step towards dangerous authoritarianism in Canada. The camps, which are in plain sight […]