Dockers United stand up to the QR code for solidarity! | The Other Newspaper Podcast #9

Read 2.140 Sander Compagner tells in De Andere Krant Podcast about the action group Dockers United from Rotterdam. A large group of diverse dock workers who do not accept the mandatory QR code. We then talk to writer Pieter Stuurman about his weekly column. This week he makes the comparison that according to many people you should not make. […]

Police union chairman Gerrit van de Kamp furious with administrators and politics

Read 11.650 Chairman of the Police Union furious with administrators Gerrit van de Kamp, chairman of the largest police union ACP, says via de Volkskrant that he is angry with the government and he also immediately states that he is not waiting for unctuous, meaningless compassionate words from politics. That we do this again in the […]

Catherine Keyl: “But do you think the government has bad intentions for us?”

Read 2.914 What do you mean, tunnel vision? The simplest logic just doesn't work for certain people. That in itself is not so bad. But those certain people turned out to be just about all of the Netherlands in the past year and a half. While it is so obvious. Unreal. Only now, little by little eyes seem to be opening […]

NOS #Fakenews

Read 2.274 NOS #Fakenews The NOS reports today 16/11/'21 on the lawsuit against Kylie Rittenhouse, where the jury's results are expected today. artikel/2405808-links-en-rechts-Amerika-tegenover-elkaar-in-de-zaak-rittenhouse […]

Cause of excess mortality? | Be strong in the crisis! | The Other Newspaper Podcast #3

Read 4.432 In this podcast, Martijn Bloem (journalist) of De Andere Krant talks about the excess mortality figures in the Netherlands, and Joe Dijkhuis (graphic designer) about young people and daring to think differently. Guest in this podcast: Martijn Bloem:… Joe Dijkhuis:… Buy and find De Andere Krant at one sales location via our website: […]

De Audiokrant 52 – Holocaust survivors want research into genocide

Read 1.676 It seems as if history is repeating itself. According to writer Ella Ster, that is indeed the case. In De Audiokrant we discuss a striking news item from the website Moshe Brown, Hillel Handler and Vera Sharav have asked the ICC to investigate genocide in several European countries. The three […]

De Andere Krant Podcast #2 – Truth seekers about Moderna and Dutch journalism

Read 2.350 De Andere Krant Podcast #2 In this podcast, 2 journalists from De Andere Krant tell about the general newspapers in the Netherlands, journalism as a revenue model and that the crisis is the remedy for the 10-year failure of Moderna. Guest in this podcast: Toine rongen:… Elze van Hamelen: Presentation: Niels Lunsing: /Nielslunsing […]

Facts, Fables & News Hour

Read 5.619 About how a "Corona fable" became a fact... The following texts come from BLCKBX itself: September 14, BLCKBX came with a broadcast in which we flawlessly exposed how Nieuwsuur, together with a general practitioner in Kerkrade, staged a story around a corona death of 39 years old, who would have been alive had she been vaccinated. (source) Apart from […]