RTL4 spreads fake news about India

Shameless Framing, changing photos or just writing nonsense, the media don't care anymore. We've seen it all. Here RTL4 tries to convince you that people in India rub themselves with poo in order to get rid of corona or to protect themselves against it. They spin from an annually recurring […]

Felled by covid… ..

Headed the telegraph. (Just a light note, dear Readers. Otherwise we would still be depressed) It turns out to be Frans Bauer and his wife Mariska. 'Oh how bad', people will think. 'I don't really know anyone who was struck down by Covid, but now, poor Frans. And his wife too '. I […]


HU (a) WEY SOON BEING DIGITALLY BANNED AND MAYBE WORSE. Twitter is doing it, Facebook is doing it, Youtube is doing it, Mainstream Media is doing it, Censoring and removing news coverage, and even completely disabling (only digital for now) people who throw anything of CommonSense into battle against today's madness. And then […]

Catholic priest demolishes Joe Biden: "Over my corpse"

Catholicism and Climate The unjustified president of the United States Joe Biden has turned America into a country with dystopian features within a few weeks. The country is crazy and is becoming dumber and dumber, according to Newsmax presenter Schmitt .. (source) Rationality and logic are hard to find and are dismissed as hatred and terrorism by the […]

The end of the International Court of Justice

For a long time I have had serious doubts about the fundamental truth behind this 'pandemic'. But after more than a year of research, I have no more doubts. Now that I have convincingly concluded that sars-cov-2 is a fabrication and covid-19 is also a fabrication, it hasn't made my life any easier. Because it […]

Don't bend!

Whether you are a believer or not, this sermon by Evangelist Jaap Dieleman is one we can all use. Never give in to tyranny, but keep your back straight and do not arch. Fight for the good; freedom, justice and love, all in the glory of God. A message that will empower many of us...

CNN Admits on hidden camera to raising awareness of Propaganda.

CNN Admits to Propaganda Awareness. The CNN chief personally intervened to order cable network personnel to report the number of people who died from COVID-19 in the broadcast, according to CNN's technical director who was caught with a hidden camera taking the remarks. It […]

Canada: The Fascist Country With Covid Internment Camps

Internment Camps Canada Welcome to friendly Justin Trudeau's good Canada. But a holiday to this beautiful country is not recommended. Friendly Prime Minister Trudeau, who dismissed Corona internment camps as a conspiracy theory a few months ago, has taken a dramatic step towards dangerous authoritarianism in Canada. The camps, which are in plain sight […]

Wappies versus nappies

Recently I have been talking regularly with a number of people about the conflicts that can arise between friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and sometimes even with partners. Conflicts that arise if one is informed by the mainstream media disinformation and government propaganda and the other, who puts a little more effort, goes in search […]

The telegraph throws up some more fear porn on you ...

A diligent telegraph 'journalist' took a look at the covid-ic department of the Utrecht University Medical Center. There was probably a nice sensation piece to write about! However, that turned out to be disappointing. But don't worry: This is today's headline: “Insight on ic UMC Utrecht: lively thirty-somethings now deathly ill […]

Media blow up Human Rights Court ruling on vaccinations

Completely out of context The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has backed the Czech Republic in demanding compulsory vaccinations for pre-school children. That is literally how the Court puts it out. The case was filed long before this so-called "covid crisis". Although we no longer trust any institution today, […]

Algemeen Dagblad interviewed Marcel van Tol about a cheating doctor

You can still remember the story of the deceased father of Marcel van Tol who died of cardiac arrest at the age of 85 while the doctor on duty Robert-Jan van Rijn registered Covid19 as the cause of death. Not to be confused with insurance doctor and hero Koert van Rijn who, among others, sued Jaap van Dissel. This article is also […]

We have been held hostage

By Jasper The political theater show that the Netherlands (and the rest of the world) has now entered has little to do with a medical crisis, as the people are told. This is a political farce and an economic seizure of power. Let's serve clear wine… We are held hostage The average Dutch person now sees through that the game […]

The Big Reset Movie

The Big Reset In Spain the media is even worse than the media in the Netherlands. You cannot escape the so-called pandemic for a moment. Even while watching a movie you will be bothered by text or images. In Spain there is also an awake group but the majority of the people are losing […]

Sionkerk Urk: The selective indignation about the comparison with SS men

Sionkerk Urk: Journalists are morons and terrorists. Even the SS acted more friendly 'Oh dear. The Netherlands and the media are turned upside down. Poor journalists who were denounced as SS and terrorists. There was a time when talking about this seriously and not condemning these kinds of comparisons was taboo. But that time is over […]

Dutch reporters attacked, one hit by car during Covid rule-breaking churches report.

Dutch reporters attacked, one hit by car during Covid rule-breaking churches report. Dutch news crews were attacked in two cities on Sunday while interviewing members of Protestant churches who defy the restrictions of Covid-19. A man was arrested on suspicion of driving a journalist in. A news team from broadcaster RTV Rijnmond was attacked in the city of Krimpen […]

Sunday, time to relax

In the US, there is also quite a lot of resistance to the experimental mRNA modifications of Pfizer and ModeRNA and to the ChAdOx1 viral vector injection from AstraZeneca. Since the authorities have a bit of a problem convincing the people with arguments about the soundness and safety of these syringes, they have some cute videos […]

I am well informed, I don't just watch NOS.

I am well informed, I don't just watch NOS. And as long as I do, I can keep the news separate and filter out what is "true" and what is "fake". When multiple channels say it and it gets fact-checked, no one is fooling me. And I also know how the internet works. Yes I am […]

Pieter Omtzigt (CDA): "Something is BASICALLY wrong in this country!"

“Something is fundamentally wrong in this country” “I did research in Malta, as you know,” says Pieter Omtzigt. "I came across a state there that was not functioning." “For a long time I thought it was impossible to make a comparison between Malta and the Netherlands,” says Omtzigt. “But something else doesn't work for us. And […]

mark van ranst

The readers who do not know who mark van ranst is can already suspect that this is not a person who is pure on the bone. If CommonSenseTV takes the capital letters away from you, it is always for good reason. van ranst is often compared to Jaap van Dissel, head of the RIVM. In fact […]

Hoppa! Protect your children and yourself from PCR testing, part 1

SHARE MAY 🙂 Also join our Facebook groups: Hoppa369 WATCH (When you click on the link, then wait 5 seconds and press the bottom 'GET LINK' button. Then a new window will appear, it will close immediately. window takes you directly to the file). This article lists 12 translated 'NON-CONSENT' documents for parents who are concerned about […]