Everything from the Cupboard for the Vaccine

Would you like a piece of candy? Everything is being pulled out to market the Vaccine America As the country strives for "herd" immunity to COVID-19, a growing number of states have announced financial rewards to attract hard-to-reach people to get their vaccine to administer. […]

Arizona indicted in 2018, 2019 and 2020 elections

Fraud in Arizona Did you think all the hype about the electoral fraud that Biden would have brought to the White House was over? No, it just disappeared from the media, but the processes are still running. And now with some big news: law enforcement officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, refuse to hand over electronic devices from last November's presidential election, as ordered by […]

VIDEO: How Many People Are Dying From Corona Vaccines?

No questions allowed! How many people are really dying from the corona vaccines? We will never know the exact number. But even the summary figures from the government agencies already show that getting vaccinated is insane. Healthy people, healthy children. They all need to be injected with these FAN-TAS-TI-SCHE vaccines. […]

Florida government suspends covid measures and bans vaccination passports

Prohibition of Vaccination Passports The Ron DeSantis government says it is taking a bold step toward protecting personal freedom by preventing Florida corporations from requiring so-called “vaccination passports”. As his argument goes, he does not want any other polarization in this country. This time between a vaccinated class going to amusement parks […]

Catholic priest demolishes Joe Biden: "Over my corpse"

Catholicism and Climate The unjustified president of the United States Joe Biden has turned America into a country with dystopian features within a few weeks. The country is crazy and is becoming dumber and dumber, according to Newsmax presenter Schmitt .. (source) Rationality and logic are hard to find and are dismissed as hatred and terrorism by the […]

The racism card. Fake and inflammatory

The racism card is being drawn again Racism is out of the question, we all agree on that. You cannot judge someone by just his or her color or origin. That is how I am in any case. But if there is one thing that makes you tired of it, it is the people […]

FBI searches Rudy Giuliani's apartment

FBI searches Rudy Giuliani's apartment The FBI has searched the home of former New York City mayor and former President Donald Trump's attorney Rudi Giulani. Electronic devices have been confiscated. Giuliani's attorney Robert Costello told Fox News that seven FBI agents were in his apartment at 28 a.m. on April 06.00 […]

The dirty 'big reset' secret behind big corporations' new war on conservatives

In recent months, hundreds of large corporations and financial institutions have rallied around liberal goals, even enacting policies directly targeting conservatives or their views. For example, on April 14, hundreds of the world's largest companies and financial institutions, including Amazon, Google, Netflix and Starbucks, signed a statement opposing "discriminatory legislation" […]

Message for the lost laugh muscles.

A news item to strengthen the laughing muscles lost in times of "crisis". Danny from CommonSense sometimes likes to use the term "Comedy Capers" as "comic capers". A more free translation is “comical bokkesprongen”. Now, with this one. Chicago agents may soon need clearance before chasing a suspect on foot CHICAGO - Mayor Lori Lightfoot is considering a sweeping change to […]

CDC director: “Changes to masking obligation possibly adjusted”

How could that be? "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is considering revisions to their mask guidelines amid growing questions of whether people still need to continue wearing masks outside of masks now that more than 84 million adults in the United States are fully vaccinated," said the director of the office Thursday. […]

Actor Jim Caviezel: “They get adrenochrome from small children”

From our friends at Ninefornews: Health and Freedom Conference America While in the Netherlands all eyes are on a test event for a King's Day celebration of Radio 538 in Breda, an event took place in America that was given very little publicity. Yet thousands of people attended the Health and Freedom Conference that was being conducted […]

News or Propaganda?

Rtl news page. Images released: US police shot boy (13) who raised hands Chicago authorities have released images showing a 13-year-old boy being shot by a police officer. According to the police, the boy was armed, but that cannot be concluded from the images. Images as in […]

Florida Governor DeSantis: "Lockdowns were a huge mistake!"

Lockdowns were a huge mistake. Look, we like that. People in power who admit they were wrong. Honest people who dare to admit. That is adult trading. DeSantis is a hero among the Americans for his actions during this planemic. Florida has never known a mandatory mask and corona measures were only for advice […]

CNN Admits on hidden camera to raising awareness of Propaganda.

CNN Admits to Propaganda Awareness. The CNN chief personally intervened to order cable network personnel to report the number of people who died from COVID-19 in the broadcast, according to CNN's technical director who was caught with a hidden camera taking the remarks. It […]

God is on Earth: His name is Bill Gates

We're going to dim the sunlight! The fact that there are hordes of people who see Bill Gates as a kind of benefactor who wants the best for humanity is a special phenomenon. Our clumsy philanthropist has a new idea. He will dim the sun in order to cool the earth. This is not just an idea […]

Republican Governor vetoes ban on chemical castration of children

Arkansas Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson has vetoed a bill banning sex reassignment surgery for minors. To better describe this operation: The liberal hobby is chemical castration via anaphrodisiac on children. In adults this is used to tone down the libido. (source) The New York Times reported in 2016 that this […]

Victoria Koblenko the culture caper

Wok culture is taking on increasingly bizarre forms! Now the far left is again crying crying over Victoria Koblenko's hair! Like, share and subscribe! Telegram: https://t.me/broederbob

America: The Hunt for Your Children is on.

COVID-19 vaccine for children is essential for herd immunity. Achieving group immunity is not possible without a COVID-19 vaccine for children. This puts a big dent in group immunity efforts, as children under the age of 18 make up about 22% of the US population. Experts estimate that the required immunity threshold for the coronavirus is between 70-90% of […]

The White House: No support for vaccination passport system.

WASHINGTON - The Joe Biden government will not support a system requiring people to disclose their vaccination status. A spokesman said this on Tuesday. Controversy has arisen in America over the idea of ​​vaccination passports. Psaki responded to reports last month that the administration was working with private companies to set up a passport system, saying that […]

Why Florida and the Netherlands not?

Although it is difficult to talk about so-called infection figures and about “corona deaths” because the scam is becoming so clear, the figures are still (also by us) used to show where people are “doing it well” and “doing it badly”. ”. It is just where a flu is sometimes a bit more household than elsewhere, […]

The state of Kansas is also repealing dangerous mouth masks

Kansas lawmakers agree to lift the mask requirement and never reintroduce it. In addition to Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Montana and North Dakota, the Democratic state of Kansas is now also stopping its dangerous and degrading face masking duty. Despite efforts by the Democratic governor […]

Getting vaccinated? A really bad decision!

First some figures that have just arrived from America. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today reported official injury and death figures to government agency VAERS. VAERS is the primary mechanism for reporting adverse vaccine responses in the US. Reports submitted to VAERS require further investigation before a causal […]