Kansas Democratic governor exempts vaccination requirements

Read 3.875 Kansas Governor Signs Bill Allowing Companies To Allow Broad Exemptions From COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements Just about anything Biden wants to get through is immediately blocked by the states. Even the Democratic states. One of them is Kansas. It doesn't seem to be going well anyway for some politicians and media worldwide who are panicking trying to […]

NOS #Fakenews

Read 2.265 NOS #Fakenews The NOS reports today 16/11/'21 on the lawsuit against Kylie Rittenhouse, where the jury's results are expected today. https://nos.nl/ artikel/2405808-links-en-rechts-Amerika-tegenover-elkaar-in-de-zaak-rittenhouse […]

Joe Biden calls for judges to be ignored

Read 6.037 Joe Biden Ignores Federal Court Ruling The Democrats better wake up because these globalist Devils have usurped their party. The vaccines don't save lives, the Biden administration is just using this to keep people under control, and the long-term goal is to force boosters to have whatever right […]

Is the world for sale? | The Other Newspaper Podcast #4

Read 1.331 In this podcast, Elze van Hamelen (journalist) of De Andere Krant talks about Wall Street and the earth as a financial product, and Ad Nuis (photographer) about his column straight back. Guest in this podcast: Elze van Hamelen: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evanhamelen/ Ad Nuis. Buy and find De Andere Krant at one sales location via our website: […]

Predict your future for free.

Read 3.998 Predict Your Future For Free? Or is it simply using information that is already available to everyone? Either way, try to predict¨ (plan) your own future with this information. Pandemonium looms before the world as the 'everything short' meets a 'dark winter' thanks to collapsing global supply chains By Dr. Mathew Maavak, a […]

Presentation of the Maricopa County Election Audit, dead sparrow…..

Read 44 Tonight 10 a.m. Dutch time is the presentation of the forensic recount of the Presidential elections of Nov 2020. You can view the lifestream here: https://www.azleg.gov/videoplayer/?clientID=6361162879&eventID=2021091005 The New York Times seems to be aware of the outcome. They report: The manual recount of the votes for the US presidential election of […]

Trouble for Joe and the rest of the world

Read 63 Taliban demands victory over Joe Biden has caused America's prestige in the world to sink to a low point, he has also created a dangerous situation for America and the western world. Not only did he leave hundreds to thousands of Americans in Afghanistan, but he also made the Taliban […]

West Virginia: Fatal and lethal consequences of the corona vaccines

Read 189 The harsh reality of the “shots” West Virginia Governor Jim Justice delivered some very alarming news during his covid19 press conference. During the first weeks of the vaccine rollout, West Virginia still won gold stars from experts because of the high vaccination rate in the state. What a party it was, that […]