Certain groups of people get BOOSTER SHOT

Booster Shots! Do you have your mouth open? That will come. From surprise. Top officials of the Biden administration are now indicating that certain groups of people need COVID-19 booster shots, and this trend has immediately spilled over to Europe. In France to be exact. Government officials are "actively looking for ways" to help people who lack strong immune systems […]

Federal lawsuit for immediate shutdown of COVID vaccines

Federal Lawsuit for Immediate Shutdown of COVID Vaccines America's Frontline Doctors has filed a motion to stop the use of emergency COVID vaccines for anyone under the age of 18, anyone who has already had the so-called virus and built natural immunity AND anyone who not for the injection all fair data on the side effects […]

Are you familiar with DEAGLE.com?

The following is taken verbatim from Algora.com 10 APRIL 2020 While Microsoft founder and vaccine propagandist Bill Gates recently warned that the more 30 million people could die from the flu epidemic that awaits us and we are not surprised that a 'universal flu shot ' the answer is to avoid that , despite the fact that […]

Vote fraud in Georgia (US) confirmed

Vote fraud confirmed in Georgia During a show by Tucker Carlson (FOX News), he exposed the alleged vote fraud in Georgia. It was a neck and neck race in Georgia. Biden won by just 13.000 votes in a state of nearly 11 million people. It has been found, among other things, that more than […]

All those variants, they make you sick.

Texas hospital reports first case of lambda COVID-19 variant Retrieved from : https://abcnews.go.com/Health/texas-hospital-reports-1st-case-lambda-covid-19/story?id=78943641 The lambda variant was first discovered in Peru in December 2020. A major Texas hospital system has reported its first case of the lambda COVID-19 variant as the state unwinds from the rampant delta variant. Houston Methodist Hospital, which has eight hospitals in its […]

Georgia County Ballot Analysis Shows 'Demonstrable Fraud'

It is about to begin Many have probably already learned something from the evidence during the 60th session of the Corona Ausschuss, in which, among others, Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technique and Dr. Steve Martin is actually closing the net on this corona hoax and in America more and more is coming up about the election fraud […]

Is the white person under pressure?

  This is a hot topic in America right now. A deadly serious subject. Who would have thought? A video like this would be instantly labeled as “far right” by all politically correct people a few years ago. Probably still now. A bizarre short-sighted argument. Why? No thought is given to what this video […]

13-year-old teen dies asleep after Covid19 vaccine

Michigan Teen Dies After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine: CDC “Investigates” A Michigan teen died in his sleep right after being given the “corona vaccine.” It concerns 13-year-old Jacob Clynick. A CDC spokesperson said the matter is under investigation. “CDC is aware of a 13-year-old boy in […]

Donald Trump is suing Google, Twitter and Facebook

Donald Trump sues Google, Twitter and Facebook President Donald Trump, who was removed from Twitter and Facebook earlier this year, just announced class action lawsuits against Google, Twitter, Facebook and their SEOs. A class action, called a representative action or group action in Dutch, is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people […]

Fight Back! It works !

Social pressure works both ways. In other words, Fight back, it works!¨ It seems like if we use the art. read, in which it appears, under social and sometimes by a few ¨political¨ pressure, some organizations are cautiously starting to roll back their new (normal) covid policy. And where in this […]

Real stars and top athletes with integrity. They still exist!

Real personalities still exist For example Cole Beasley, a professional NFL American Football player in America. The NFL has turned out to be a politically colored and destructive organization that imposes absurd corona measures and deprives players of their rights if they do not allow themselves to be injected with an experimental substance to force them to obey. “The NFL? A big […]

Wonderful images for real patriots

Okay, Donald Trump is a lot to criticize. There are many things that you should seriously question if you are genuinely critical. But for those who seek sovereignty and love their country, Donald Trump was a gift. A gift from heaven. Especially then. The energy he radiated and […]

mRNA inventor Dr. Malone at Tucker Carlson: "Vaccines not justified"

Benefits do not outweigh the risks of experimental vaccine. Last week we published an article about Dr. Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology. (source) Here on a Tucker Carlson FOX News broadcast, Dr. Malone that the disadvantages do not outweigh the benefits of taking the vaccine. And especially because […]

Donald Trump Will Visit The Southern Border While Kamala Harris Is Silent

Former President Donald Trump has accepted Texas Governor Greg Abbott's invitation to visit the southern border of the United States. This comes as Kamala Harris, who was put in charge of the "border crisis" by President Joe Biden, has been refusing to go on-site viewing for several months, instead going […]

Racist WOKE education in public schools

Racism as an Education Less than a year ago, Elana Fishbein was a happy stay-at-home mom raising her three boys in a middle-class Philadelphia suburb. She noted that the school where two of her boys went to gave some classes to her children who were, to say the least, quite politically biased. […]

Breaking news from Peru: The new President

I had already written that the mainstream media had declared Keiko Fujimori the winner of the presidential election and that I had my doubts about that. About 99.8% of the votes have now been counted and Pedro Castillo has a lead of 0,2%. It's neck and neck, but mathematically it's actually […]

Former Clinton Advisor Naomi Wolf Banned From Twitter For Criticizing Covid19 Vaccines

Former Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf banned from Twitter for criticizing covid19 vaccines Twitter shared in a statement to The Hill that Wolf's account has been permanently suspended due to repeated violations of their policy on disinformation about COVID-19. (source) Naomi Wolf had over 140.000 followers. Who decides what disinfo is? Everyone for himself […]

More and more countries and states BAN Vaccine Passports

Ban Vaccination Passports Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) filed a bill Wednesday that would prohibit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from requiring passengers traveling on domestic flights to show proof of vaccination. The bill, known as the Freedom to Fly Act, prevents lawmakers from implementing any policies that allow TSA personnel to […]

Is America the greatest threat to democracy?

America's biggest threat to Democracy? Food for thought: A global poll shows that the US is seen as a threat by much of the world. US as guardian of democracy The United States of America has marketed itself as the guardian of democracy. But as it turned out, a […]

Donald Trump: 'Joe Biden is destroying our country'

“Joe Biden is destroying America!” In an interview, former US President Donald Trump accused new US President Joe Biden of "destroying" the United States with his administration's "failed border policy". Trump also strongly criticized the Biden administration regarding US politics in the Middle East and in China. The former […]

Rudy Giuliani on Rising Anti-Semitism in the US and the Criminal Biden Family

Anti-Semitism and the Criminal Biden Family An interesting conversation between Newsmax's Greg Kelly and Rudy Giuliani. In 10 minutes we talk about the rising anti-Semitism in America which is becoming a big problem no matter how you look at it. It's about Hunter Biden and the criminal Biden family. There is also talk […]

dr. McCullough: "I can no longer recommend vaccinations to my patients."

Vaccination deaths In the medical world itself, there are probably more people who know that this vaccine is "not right" and that something completely different is going on here. That's not rocket science either. We all see that. For example, you can already measure it against the celebrities. Where no famous person died from corona WORLDWIDE, except […]

Donald Trump Backs Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, For Re-election

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday expressed his full support for incumbent Texas Governor Greg Abbott for reelection in the 2022 midterm elections. In a statement shared, among other things, on the Telegram of “Donald J. Trump” and Governor Abbott's Twitter account, the former president gave his full support to the governor, […]

Restaurant owner in California charges $5 to customers with face masks

And then per order! “$5 FEES ADDED TO ORDERS PLACED WEARING A FACIAL MASK,” signage at the windows and checkout of Fiddleheads Cafe reads. And that's not all. The fine print adds that anyone who is supposed to brag about being vaccinated will be charged an additional $5 […]