It's sink or swim!

Het is pompen of verzuipen! Soms ben ik abuis. Momenteel denk ik dat ik mij ernstig vergist heb. Al sinds jaar en dag was ik namelijk in de veronderstelling dat we als Nederlanders een zeevarende natie waren die eeuwenlang de wereld zeeën heeft beheerst. Ik veronderstelde dat Nederlanders het bouwen van dijken en het inpolderen […]

Large part of Spain is without electricity

More than 3.000 municipalities in Spain have been without electricity since about a quarter to five. I also have no electricity anymore. I just managed to squeeze this post with my low battery. It is not regional but all over Spain. It is not yet known what the cause is. Update: Power is back […]

Are you familiar with

The following is taken verbatim from 10 APRIL 2020 While Microsoft founder and vaccine propagandist Bill Gates recently warned that the more 30 million people could die from the flu epidemic that awaits us and we are not surprised that a 'universal flu shot ' the answer is to avoid that , despite the fact that […]

Telegram, the new Twatter and Fakebook?

Requests and referrals come in regularly to go to telegram posts. It would be a unique, privacy-safe app/application for which you would have to register yourself to see everything, because most of the info turns out to be too large for a non-subscriber to see. Signing up is quite simple, […]

One thing is certain….

Dear readers of CommonSenseTV, we try to inform you as correctly as possible about everything that has been going on for a year and a half regarding the corona hoax. But it's starting to get so complicated by now, it's become a plate full of spaghetti with no beginning and no end. The bomb shell video that Danny […]

Important and shocking! The lies exposed

The greatest lie of all time exposed If you somehow ended up here without being a CommonSenseTV reader then you're in luck. Why? You now have the chance to see the shocking but also most important video about the coronavirus with Dutch subtitles. You will keep your eyes and your […]

Mind control by the government

It is now clear to people with common sense that the government's urge to vaccinate is not intended to improve the health of the people. Its purpose is still unclear. One hypothesis is that the vaccine contains a substance called graphene oxide, which can be used to control people. This hypothesis […]

Welcome to the nie(t)your NORMAL! (updated/updated)

In addition, entrance gates have been installed with security guards and a counting camera that counts how many people walk in and out." From the above art. ¨ Yet the Tilburg Fair, which opens its doors today, continues. The fair is a 'flow-through location' and therefore does not have to use Testing for Access or mouth caps.

Are we in the End Times?

Are we in the End Times? Pastor JD Farag's view on this is clear: YES This article was produced in collaboration with a guest author. We undeniably live in a special but also confusing time. The COVID-19 'pandemic' but also severe natural disasters attributed to climate change determine the daily news. Social unrest and polarizing […]

The miracle of Dunkirk

The miracle of Dunkirk. Recently I indicated in an earlier article that I should withdraw from time to time for the sake of my own mental peace of mind. Probably many of you will recognize this. Personally, during my forced “ostrich” days, I try to isolate myself as much as possible from about […]

Amazing Polly about Mind Control and Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Covid Injections, PCR Rods & Mouth Masks

Thanks to the Vaccinvrij Foundation for making this translated video and introductory text available. The Vaccine Free Foundation is committed to transparent information and the maintenance of a free choice of vaccination. You can find their website here: Amazing Polly about Mind Control and Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Covid Injections, PCR Rods & Mouth Masks In this […]

The Audiokrant # 46

De Audiokrant #46 .Joost Knevel, a former resident of the municipality of Bodegraven, reported crimes committed up to the age of six on November 6, 2020. Since then, a lot has been going on in Bodegraven and it has become a heavily loaded business. Besides journalist Micha Kat and Wouter Raatgever, there are few people who […]

General sets up Wehrmacht to protect whites against the white genocide

What you NEVER hear about in the media… General sets up Weermacht to protect whites against the white genocide Anyway, where were we… While at the moment in South Africa, after the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma for corruption, total anarchy has erupted , the infrastructure is broken and the shops are empty, […]

SARS-CoV-2, actually graphene oxide poisoning?

Column: 'SARS-CoV-2, actually graphene oxide poisoning?' July 9, 2021 LONGREAD – Researchers show that corona vaccines and mandatory corona measures structurally expose the world population to graphene oxide nanoparticles. Spanish researchers have shown that the Pfizer vaccine fluid consists of at least 99 percent graphene oxide. In 2010, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov were awarded the Nobel Prize for being […]

The train !

Will the message below be repeated in the media about 75 to 80 years? How 3 young men in Boortmeerbeek made the only attempt to stop a Jewish deportation to Auschwitz 19 April 1943, three young men stop a deportation train on its way to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Boortmeerbeek. They only use a gun, a few […]

Sad or……. ?

DOUBLE C ?/DOUBLE C ? After having seen everything ¨I thought¨, there is the following (propa) sorry, I mean ¨news geschrevenarticle written in the wide world. Now I was in doubt whether to put this in the Sad or Laughable category and finally put it in the News category and let […]

Vaccines and corona: The sense and the nonsense

Vaccines and corona: The sense and the nonsense Lareb side effects center. Side effects and deaths after the corona vaccine are reported there. Not all, only those who know they can report it or those who want to report it and who know that Lareb has to. No one close to my family and friends in the Netherlands thinks […]

'New normal' puts the ax into human contact

This article is inspired by an article by Dr. Rob Long. Rob Long is an expert on security and human interaction in the field of security. But his observations on human interaction certainly apply beyond the field of security. Semiotics – the relationship between gestures, symbols and language and […]

Save the Farmer, part 2

In 2 previous columns, this one and this one, I have tried to explain why and how farmers are threatened and our government lies and cheats to make their lives miserable. I came across this video today. He explains better than I can why the government wants to control food production, how […]

Save the farmer!

If in 10 years the 2030 Agenda has been successful and the sustainable development goals have been introduced, our food supply will look completely different. All the farmers are gone and our food will be delivered from megafarms from far away countries. The supermarkets are then full of Bayer/Monsanto food, infused with toxic glyphosate. Rich people with […]

Marc van Ranst doesn't get the point

Marc van Ranst doesn't get the point People like Marc van Ranst are people who only care about themselves and their own interests and act accordingly. We all know these types of people in our environment. They are people who never take criticism or hold up a mirror to themselves. They act from […]

“Doctors should count on prosecution!” says trial lawyer and lecturer in liability law…

Text and images by Blckbox “Doctors must count on prosecution!” says trial lawyer and lecturer in liability law. On 11 March, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport de Jonge was still firm; "Astra Zeneca is just a good vaccine and the reported thrombosis cases occur after vaccination and not because of vaccination," the minister said with conviction on the NOS […]