Make a collective declaration against Rutte et al. With the Bond

Make a collective report against Rutte and others with the Bond You can now also file a collective criminal report against Rutte and his friends! If you are reluctant to go to the police station for this, you can authorize the Union to carry out the declaration regarding the corona measures on your behalf. De Bond offers this possibility […]

Message for the lost laugh muscles.

A news item to strengthen the laughing muscles lost in times of "crisis". Danny from CommonSense sometimes likes to use the term "Comedy Capers" as "comic capers". A more free translation is “comical bokkesprongen”. Now, with this one. Chicago agents may soon need clearance before chasing a suspect on foot CHICAGO - Mayor Lori Lightfoot is considering a sweeping change to […]

Don't bend!

Whether you are a believer or not, this sermon by Evangelist Jaap Dieleman is one we can all use. Never give in to tyranny, but keep your back straight and do not arch. Fight for the good; freedom, justice and love, all in the glory of God. A message that will empower many of us...


This text comes directly from the BlauweTijger website. You can subscribe to their website to keep up to date with the latest developments. By Tom Zwitser In a very brutal way, investigative journalist, word artist and blue tiger Rypke Zeilmaker was hit by six police cars near Leiden last night, destroying his car, smashing a window […]

Insurance via WhatsApp groups for fine curfew.

"Underground" back with a vengeance? ¨ The apps also share routes that are 'safe', which means that there are no police nearby. Hundreds of young people in Amsterdam and other cities have gathered in app groups in which they 'insure' themselves against fines for violating the curfew. “If you transfer 10 euros before […]

Police for Freedom Netherlands march for the human connection on April 10

By Police for Freedom Netherlands On April 10, Police for Freedom Netherlands will organize a march for human connection. Professional groups that naturally play a role in safeguarding everyone's fundamental rights will participate: police, soldiers, military police, doctors, nurses and teachers. Former employees and pensioners are also welcome to join us. We attach a […]

The Star of David - Symbol of the persecution of the Jews

Step by step the Jews were separated from the rest of the population. Signs increasingly appeared in public stating that Jews in certain areas were "not wanted." Later these signs became much more explicit: Forbidden for Jews. Anti-Jewish policy became more and more strict. Jews were banned in more and more places. Zoos, cinemas […]

Peer pressure works both ways.

Peer pressure, peer pressure, or social pressure is the pressure or urge that a peer group consciously or unconsciously exerts on a particular person or smaller group to change the behavior to match the behavior of that peer group. Standards play an important role here. This restaurant called Corduroy in Vancouver, Canada, came on […]

Police tries to evacuate church: Pastor expels police from church

A Canadian minister from Calgary, Alberta sends 6 police officers out of the church who tried to stop the Easter service because of the “zum kotzen” cojona rules. When the police mask army with their “Befehl ist Befehl” mentality arrived, the pastor called the assisting police officers Gestapos, Nazis, fascists and psychopaths who celebrate the holiest day of […]

Police for Freedom

Now on Weltschmerz Clips From the conversation: Vigilant and serving - for whom? George van der Leeden with Dennis Spaanstra Police for Freedom Police officer Dennis Spaanstra will launch a new police organization on Saturday 10 April: Police for Freedom. He wants to organize a march on that day. The purpose of Police for Freedom: Does the video […]

Weekends Leesvoer: The Dutch Police In The Second World War.

“What is not allowed, what is a crime against Prince and Fatherland, is that a civil servant or a mayor, for fear of reprisals, or with the excuse of“ to prevent worse ”, cooperate in the implementation of measures, of which he and we all know that they are in direct conflict with the interest of land and […]

BPOC2020 at the table about their 53 police officers' witness interviews!

There will be a second interim report of the BPOC2020, especially with all police interrogations and the associated findings and recommendations of the committee. Sensational! Pre-order this book that will be published in May here: By: De Blauwe Tijger

Behavioral instruction Museumplein >> Sample letter! Citizen front.

The message below has been taken from Take advantage of it. Thanks to our regular reader Monique. Behavioral instruction Museumplein >> Sample letter! Did you receive a so-called 'behavioral instruction' during an event on the museum square? Download the sample letter here to destroy this legal act! Do you have a so-called 'behavior instruction' during an event on the museum square […]

What do you mean dictatorship? Police are clearing park because ... very busy.

Police ruin citizens' day again The police had to mess up the atmosphere again today. Wherever they turn up they cause problems. They are like hooligans or Antifa. This time the people of Maastricht were the sjaak. Because of the beautiful weather, people had gathered in the city park. Socializing. To talk. You know. What people do. Which […]

A police officer's letter of resignation

When a policeman writes a heartfelt letter of resignation like this, it shows that we live in a distorted and broken society. The good policemen are under severe pressure. They are the only ones standing between the monsters and the population. This is one of the many police officers from Great Britain who no longer see it […]

Hoppa! Government of Norway charged with crimes against humanity

Everywhere in the world people see resistance to the corona policy. Various researchers conduct investigations in collaboration with lawyers and lawyers. The 2nd Nuremberg Tribunal is a fact. The deed has now been in preparation for months. This under the leadership of the German lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who is currently creating a class action. What […]

Series 'Building' Next up: WAPPIEZ Social

Wappiez Social

Last week we announced the new Wappiez concept to be built. In the coming period we will visit the 12 different parts of the Dutch social media platform to see what exactly these parts embrace and why there is a need for them at the moment. The first we start with is Wappiez […]


Chosen One month ago I turned out to have been chosen by the RIVM to participate in a population screening. Goal, improve public health. Everything was completely environmentally incorrectly packed in a plastic envelope, plastic insert folder and plastic return envelope; RIV Milieu ?! That infamous RIVM asked me to participate in a study of colon cancer. The answer […]

The bear is loose!

The bear is loose! By ing. Vicki Van Lommel on Friday, March 19, 2021 Under the globalist leadership of Kaag, we are heading for a society in which people with the greatest Pavlovian effect score the most social credits while the moral compass has been thrown overboard, culminating in collective suicide Nu Nederland has voted, there is a coalition […]

Crooked, crooked, crooked

After more than a year, gentlemanly, feigning expertise, Mr Gommers came to the conclusion that keeping people in, especially the very old ones and those with underlying ailments, was not such a good idea after all. Crooked, crooked, crooked. After more than a year, gentlemanly, feigning expertise, Mr Gommers comes to the conclusion that […]

No vaccination passports in Florida

While here we are at the mercy of the chews, rutts, and other vermin that undermine our democracy and commit crimes by subjecting our own people to unnecessary, humiliating, and dangerous measures, virtually all Republican states are open or open in America. Florida is a good example of a place on earth where everything is back to "normal" [...]

Mainstream media lies about military personnel warning politicians and police

"The MSMedia says that civilians dressed as soldiers stood on the Museumplein to protect them from police violence." “Here the proof that it is really soldiers who give a warning to politicians and the police! Respect civil and human rights! The Dutch (lie) press has been fooling us for decades! " Thus De Ummekeer: […]

America: Republicans stop corona madness. Biden opens up borders wide

Republican States End Corona Madness Despite Joe Biden sitting in the White House as President of America through stolen elections, a movement has emerged among the people like never before. Soon a nice documentary about this that the media will not show you. This will also spread to Europe. Despite Joe's arguments […]