The Other Newspaper Podcast #8 – Nothing is as it seems

Read 1.021 Journalist Toine Rongen talks about the new police organization BlueTruth that stands up for the conscientious officers and about Plan A. Plan A is a feature film about Jewish Avengers. A true story about Holocaust survivors who wanted to take revenge on the Germans immediately after the war by draining the water pipes of large German […]

Police union chairman Gerrit van de Kamp furious with administrators and politics

Read 11.601 Chairman of the Police Union furious with administrators Gerrit van de Kamp, chairman of the largest police union ACP, says via de Volkskrant that he is angry with the government and he also immediately states that he is not waiting for unctuous, meaningless compassionate words from politics. That we do this again in the […]

Hypocritical: PvdA angry with the violent police against Antifa and claims drone images

Read 3.311 Police disrupt residential protest in Rotterdam It shouldn't get any crazier either. What a show we are presented with. Now this again. At the end of the afternoon, the Rotterdam police disrupted the housing protest in the Maasstad. The police disrupting a housing protest? When you hear the word, you think of a kind of neighborhood club where people bicker […]

Rotterdam has a message for you, mark and hugo. Listen closely!

Read 7.699 Rotterdam to hugo and mark Rotterdam has an important message for the government. And we know that it is not words but deeds. “We live in the here and now. And in the Netherlands things are going completely wrong.” How are you going to put us in lockdown? You don't have enough agents for that, dear […]

Live: Austria protests against corona measures and lockdown

Read 2.340 Currently in Austria. Previous articles were written yesterday but only posted today due to technical issues here. It is a bizarre spectacle that is happening before our eyes right now in Austria and worldwide. Austria is the first country to officially discriminate, exclude and demonize unvaccinated people. (source) Previously, governments felt […]

The Other Newspaper Podcast #7 – The Unlimited Power of Government

Read 408 In this podcast Rypke Zeilmaker & Elze Van Hamelen talk about their contribution to the 7th Saturday edition of De Andere Krant. They talk about sustainable & surveillance developments in the Netherlands and what we as Dutch people should be aware of. Thanks for listening! Order the new edition on our […]

It is of course still speculation, but…

Read 2.870 It remains a guess, of course, but… It may be clear that the arrest of Huig Plug is difficult, Ferd Grapperhaus has deliberately stepped on the lid of the cesspool, because he certainly does not want an independent investigation into the satanic and sadistic child abuse, there might be something about the […]

Grapperhaus responsible for head kickers and blocking child abuse investigation

Read 2.280 grapperhaus responsible for head kickers Gideon van Meijeren does not mince his words. Van Meijeren (FvD) holds Grapperhaus responsible for police brutality and ignores the blocking of independent investigations into child abuse. grapperhaus always looks the other way at excessive police brutality around corona demonstrations. Agents who HEAD defenseless civilians may simply remain in service. […]

Corona fines and lockdown declared unconstitutional

Read 4.778 Spanish government must repay more than 1.1 million fines Most probably have been told that in Spain more than 1.1 million fines must be reimbursed to citizens who have been fined for violating the lockdown rules. Both the first and second lockdown plus a number of far-reaching measures have been declared unconstitutional. (source) Now […]