Retailers furious with Rutte: INretail 'We no longer stop them.'

Winkeliers zijn furieus op premier Mark Rutte die vandaag liet doorschemeren dat het versoepelen van de coronamaatregelen op 28 april waarschijnlijk geen haalbare kaart is. Brancheverenging INretail meldt begrip te hebben voor winkeliers die de deuren toch opengooien.  ,,Wij houden ze niet meer tegen.’’ Het plan was om op 28 april de avondklok te schrappen, de horeca […]

More than 25000 registrations for Southern Alcatraz.

Maak kennis met een aantal van 25000 die dit ¨HORROR¨ scenario draaiende houden. Ruim 25000 aanmeldingen voor Zuiders Alcatraz.   189 gelukkigen     Mochten sommigen het nog niet gezien hebben. Ik plaats hieronder de filmpjes waaronder een ¨vakantie¨ verslag, voor U ter informatie, en maak er zelf geen woorden meer aan vuil. U denkt […]

Resistance in the Netherlands grows after the introduction of test certificates

The government has submitted the bill to amend the Public Health Act (Wpg) to enable the use of test certificates for access to the House of Representatives. The use of test certificates makes it possible to open society earlier in a responsible manner. The bill provides that test certificates can be used temporarily for access […]

Florida Governor DeSantis: "Lockdowns were a huge mistake!"

Lockdowns were a huge mistake. Look, we like that. People in power who admit they were wrong. Honest people who dare to admit. That is adult trading. DeSantis is a hero among the Americans for his actions during this planemic. Florida has never known a mandatory mask and corona measures were only for advice […]

Talk Radio (1988) by Oliver Stone

Something different… A short film review The film will probably be for sale or for rent on the terrible Amazon. Quite coincidentally we came across the film here for download. No idea who uploaded it. The English subtitles can also be downloaded: Talk Radio (1988) by Oliver Stone So finished […]

Wybren van Haga: "The Netherlands no longer falls for lies!"

We no longer fall for it “No one really believes that the measures are useful - not even the authorities themselves anymore. After all, they do not adhere to it themselves. Yet they continue to impose restrictions on our freedom. We have to stop this! ”, The Forum for Democracy said below this video on YouTube. Not a word of Spanish in between. […]

Rutte takes into account a gloomy scenario: easing possible only in mid-May

While you may have been distracted by a lawsuit ... ... the following message has come out. Rutte takes into account a gloomy scenario: relaxation possible until mid-May There is a possibility that the relaxation of the corona measures will be postponed to mid-May. That said outgoing Prime Minister Rutte this morning. “Now it says in pencil […]

What you shouldn't see from YouTube

By Avalerion Awakes The level of censorship has run out of control since the start of the Covid pandemic. So many content creators have been wiped from the YouTube domain. We know all about it, our own CommonsenseTV channel also had to believe it in October last year. Many people in the 'Truth Community' have been killed on YouTube, including David […]

European Union: Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine contract extension negotiations

Additional deliveries may partly make up for the temporary delay in deliveries from Johnson & Johnson. The US pharmaceutical company yesterday announced it was proactively delaying deliveries after the US paused when six cases of blood clots came to light. It is currently unclear when Johnson & Johnson will make the deliveries again. […]

Denmark drops AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine due to reports of blood clots


Denmark drops AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine over reports of blood clots Denmark is the first country in Europe to discontinue use of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, after the country and more than 12 other countries of the European Union shortly had been suspended. The director of the Danish health agency, Soren Brostrom, said that Denmark had the vaccine […]

Diederik Jekel deserves punishment

Do you also hate Diederik Jekel that much? Diederik Jekel appears to be a friendly, cheerful man, but inside he is a pernicious person because of his conscious cooperation in mass manipulation. Lockdowns will later go down in history as the greatest crime against humanity ever. All serious research has shown that lockdowns and keeping a distance are little to […]


This text comes directly from the BlauweTijger website. You can subscribe to their website to keep up to date with the latest developments. By Tom Zwitser In a very brutal way, investigative journalist, word artist and blue tiger Rypke Zeilmaker was hit by six police cars near Leiden last night, destroying his car, smashing a window […]

"Curfew does not apply in the car!"

FRANK STADERMANN WITH ISA KRIENS - PARTY JURISDICTION Source: Cafe Weltschmerz We all remember it: the wave of joy that swept the country when the Hague court ordered the government to lift the curfew. The joy was short-lived. The government immediately appealed and a few […]

Don't you realize what kind of World YOU ARE Living in now?

Our dictators have “albeit” rolled out their plans for the future for us. ¨ The relaxation of the corona rules on April 21 is not yet possible due to the poor figures because hospitals are full and the infection rates are still high. Will there be a new GOLF? New relaxations of the corona rules will only be introduced if […]

Full exclusive interview with Donald Trump (Dutch subtitles)

Removed from Facebook but immortalized on CommonSenseTV. The first interview after The Steal with the real President of the United States: Donald Trump Source: Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

Think rationally and get vaccinated? That does not go together

You want to get vaccinated and you consider yourself a rational person? The two don't go together in any way. If you have not found out by now, you are not properly informed. It'll come. But probably too late ... Outbreaks after vaccinations Outbreak after Vaccination Rotterdam 12-2-21: Outbreak after Vaccination 26-1-21 […]

England reopens with pints, groceries and hairstyles

People lined up at shopkeepers across England on Monday to let go of their pent-up shopping fever and some grabbed a midnight pint or even an early haircut when the English shops, pubs, gyms and hairdressers reopened after three months of lockdown. After imposing the toughest restrictions in the UK […]

With premeditated advice from the state

Had we not lost hope of something or someone of "higher status" to escape this idiocy, maybe this is the last push it took. Below I have listed some articles that are important in my opinion, from which you could conclude that ¨legislation and rights¨ simply according to […]

Impotence and counterpower

Power and counterpower, a function elsewhere, we have to do something with… and the lack of active reminders about crucial matters will now regularly pass by. But the worst is still not mentioned: the lack of a properly functioning democracy. And with the latter proposition, the question: 'Which democracy' is not at all wrong. The election to […]

Volcano Eruption Well Well, The Vaccine or Your Life!

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said in a press conference that people should be vaccinated if they board a cruise ship or if they are given temporary shelter on another island. Volcano Explosive Eruption on St. Vincent in the Caribbean SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - An explosive eruption triggered La Soufriere volcano on the eastern Caribbean island on Friday […]

Citizen Initiative: Build Back Better Debate

SUPPORT AND SIGN THIS CITIZENS 'INITIATIVE Did you notice that too? Suddenly, out of nowhere, world leaders are adopting the slogan Build Back Better. Our King (second 49) and Prime Minister Rutte (second 20) also recently referred in their video messages for the United Nations to the need to Build Back Better. But where does this slogan come from so suddenly? What do they mean by Build Back […]

New report warns of the influence of the Chinese regime in the Netherlands

New report warns of the influence of the Chinese regime in the Netherlands A new report warns the Dutch government to be vigilant about the influence of the Chinese communist regime in the Netherlands through educational and cultural infiltration. The research report, which was released at the end of March, was written by Professor Frank Pieke on the Asia […]