I am a Human and have ¨Fundamental rights¨

This piece can also be seen as a kind of Part II on art. I am an entrepreneur and have my own business I am an entrepreneur and I have my own business It is more or less information that can be used with the measures/coercive measures announced by the government as in art. turn into […]

CommonSense TV negatively portrayed!

It is possible that a single reader has already come across "Your best friend is watching with you" on YouTube, I have been following this site for some time, because quite incriminating videos are presented about people and organizations, in principle this person presented himself under a different name and presented himself as someone who was the Satanic Pedophile […]

MAES LAW vs. the central government regarding the corona pass

in case you missed it, here it is. BLCKBX On Thursday September 23, the press conference of lawyer Bart Maes and Elke Lenting will take place at 16:00 PM in which they will explain why they have filed summary proceedings against the State of the Netherlands with regard to the introduction of the corona pass. BLCKBX will be livestreaming this event, just like the […]

Discrimination is Punishable

CommonSense Guest Account HDD thanks for the link. ¨ We cannot impose a vaccination obligation says Hugo. So we use the entrepreneurs and in particular the catering industry under threat as an accomplice executor of a criminal offence. Now it's just a matter of getting employers on the same page. Cafe Weltschmerz The boss demands a […]

KALERGI: Everybody's Bastard's Plan

The rich bankers, the billionaires, 'they', the 1%, the Elite, Deep State, Deep Pockets, Zionists, Free Masons.
We want to know their names!!
Lest we forget!

The Hague hellhole and double hats

copy/paste Info that is too important not to share with everyone. It opens the eyes to continue to see the right path through the smokescreen of lies erected by the government. https://www.interessantetijden.nl/2021/09/16/het-haagse-hellehol-en- Dubbele-petten/ STUDY CENTER FOR NATURAL HISTORY Of Nature/Science Journalist & Photographer Rypke Zeilmaker Pels Rijcken The State Attorney Via Willem Engel van Viruswaarheid, we learn that […]

Gideon van Meijeren mercilessly exposes media corruption

Gideon van Meijeren mercilessly exposes media corruption: Entire Chamber furious. For decades, the Dutch media have no longer been the critical watchdog against power, but the main pillar of the party cartel. Gideon van Meijeren mercilessly exposes this corruption and speaks out for the truly free press. The whole Chamber is enraged. Vera […]

Must see! British citizens take over public building

Know your rights and the crisis is over Most people have no idea how much power they actually have. It is why politicians are terrified of united and informed citizens. The description of this video reads: “Your politicians don't listen to you. You must immediately take back your parliaments and every politician […]

Dozens of teachers do not show up after the introduction of the Green Pass in Tyrol

Governor of Tyrol forces teachers to have a Green Pass The governor of Tyrol Günther Platter signed the Corona Regulation No. 29 on Friday evening. Teachers must have the European digital corona certificate. This way you can prove that you have been tested negative, that you have been vaccinated or that you have been “cured”. It is also recommended that the students maintain a safety distance of at least one meter […]

5 september

Come September 5th to the biggest freedom demonstration ever! We have lost our normal life for 1,5 years. After endless lockdowns, vaccination apartheid now threatens. Enough is enough! That is why #FVD is demonstrating on Sunday 5 September on Dam Square in Amsterdam. It will be the BIGGEST DEMONSTRATION EVER for the old normal and against the abuse of power by the government. […]

Sham democracy: If we as a people do nothing, we will fall into a trap

The mock democracy In a democracy, the people participate in the decision-making process. In a democracy the people are asked for advice and their opinion, but in the Netherlands the citizens are excluded. Have we ever been asked for our opinion during this crisis? New. If you do not go along with the narrative of the media and the government, […]

Bus is coming soon

Lawyer and GP go to prik bus! Hats off to this! Thanks to: Yt channel dbvr agriculture and game https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN6KSOHf-1x51iF5VIaUHZg And Carla ! Sorry for the bad sound. It is wise to watch the video from the beginning, this to avoid some confusion that you have to go to the entrance of a petting zoo […]

Australia is sick of it and is taking action

Stop Mandatory Vaccines and Testing! Earlier we reported that a MOBILIZATION ORDER has been issued in France to all citizens to fulfill their civic duty. Whether or not with the help of (a part of) the army. The country is oppressed, fundamental rights are violated and the people revolt. To what extent this […]

Greece imposes strict rules on unvaccinated people, stops free testing

Greek Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Tuesday announced a new package of public health measures for those who have not been vaccinated against the CCP virus. Healthcare workers and nursing homes who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine will be suspended from September 1. From September 13 to March 31, the Minister of Health announced that every employee in the private and public sector […]

State terror and police brutality, part of a coup

It stops with you! We no longer live in a democracy. This government has committed a coup. There is no rule of law. Judges are corrupt, politicians are corrupt, officials are corrupt. And those officials who are not, close their eyes to the obvious crimes against the Dutch people and are in large numbers on his […]

We really don't have to go along with this at all!

This video is from Café Weltschmerz Elke de Klerk was one of the first general practitioners in the Netherlands to take a critical stance on government policy regarding the so-called pandemic. She is the founder of Doctors for Truth and Doctors for Truth. In a conversation with Erik van der Horst she goes deeper into the […]

Biden voters regret

Biden voters were asked in a large poll whether they still stand by their choice or if they regret voting for Joe Biden. Take a look at this short contribution from SkyNews Australia. So a Twitter account was even created, called Biden Voters Posting Their L's Online, and […]

Chaos in crazy Australia

Protests continue in Australia against the lockdowns and the fascist measures. Rightly so. What happens there no one with his or her mind can comprehend. Yesterday it was especially hit in Melbourne. The mainstream media speaks of "violent protesters". (source) Crazy huh? That people become violent. The police say that […]

Order for the mobilization of French citizens. Revolution?

Massive protests in France against the Pass Sanitaire, the “health pass”, continue. Today, more than 250 demonstrations are reported to be held across France. (source) https://twitter.com/AnonymeCitoyen/status/1428736885170610183 https://www.facebook.com/groups/mcseofficiel/permalink/524455128707044/ Certain media outlets cite “far right” and “anti-Semitism”. The reality is that left and right, rainbow flags and Le Pen supporters realize they are against the same […]

This is France! No vaccine? No groceries

It's hard to imagine how deep people like the police in France have been able to sink and fail here. This is France. You are not allowed to enter the supermarket if you do not have a vaccination passport. Hunger or starve, these supermarkets say. That's where they want to go. Every person would now really […]