The Great Reset is doomed to fail

Read 2.247 The Great Reset collapses like a house of cards I have always been convinced of that. It couldn't stand. The logic is too far to seek and the resistance will remain too great and will always continue to grow. Whatever laws they make. The people can put an end to it […]

Relief among Ebola patients. (all kidding on a pcr stick)

Read 993 After their perilous crossing, these so-called "boat people" were delirious with joy after finally landing safely on the mainland. After all, they were the ones who could leave the Ebola-ravaged country. Many preceded them, but this was removed because of the risk of concern among the European population […]

SPOT 'EM GOT 'EM: Spot the symbols with which 'they' mock you

Freemasons, Free Masons, Illuminists, Satanists, Kabbalists, Luciferians believe that by scattering as many symbols as possible, certain energies are generated in the world, on earth, among the masses. This is necessary to lure their 'Messiah' through a rainbow to the Third Temple in Israel.

Mordechai Krispijn after the ruling on Waku Waku 30 Sep 2021

Read 1.388 Response from Mordechai Krispijn via Facebook after the disappointing court decision regarding restaurant Waku Waku in Utrecht. notification of the video only came after 23pm, so the call is no longer relevant. Be for the rest. So there will be summary proceedings about the right to demonstrate on October 1, 2021 and also […]

The Netherlands oh the Netherlands, You are the K………………

Read 2.720 STATE PROPAGANDA – CORRUPT PRESS AND CHILD ABUSE There it is again! 25 min long INFO, INFO and more INFO Thanks to Blue Tiger Studio In an outright desperate attempt, informateur Johan Remkes tries to get the formation going again on Wednesday. He puts all parties from the broad – hahaha – middle […]

It will be all right

Read 1.985 Everything will be fine Lately I see a lot of positive things happening both in the Netherlands and worldwide. Or should I say: I see things happening that will lead to a positive outcome, because most events are not so nice. But it's all going to be okay and we'll come out of this better. […]

It's time for pulling out all the stops

Read 292 It's time for pulling out all the stops. By now everyone is familiar with this statement and who made it. However, where it was and is applicable is wrong. It is high time that we put a stop to the so-called stops¨ that keep us stuck in a vicious circle […]

Lest we forget. – “lest we forget”

Read 141 Lest we forget. – “lest we forget” from the beautiful article yesterday published here on CommonSense and written by Anne Miedema. Operation Market Garden With this well-known¨ statement ¨Lest we forget. – “lest we forget” in mind, below again the article by ¨our friends¨ as a reminder. NUcheckt: Claims […]