I am a Human and have ¨Fundamental rights¨

Dit stukje kan ook gezien worden als een soort van Deel II op het art. Ik ben ondernemer en heb een ¨eigen zaak¨ Ik ben ondernemer en heb een ¨eigen zaak¨ Het is min of meer info die te gebruiken is bij de maatregelingen/dwangmiddelen die door de overheid zijn aangekondigd zoals in bovenstaand art. worden […]

MAES LAW vs. the central government regarding the corona pass

in case you missed it, here it is. BLCKBX On Thursday September 23, the press conference of lawyer Bart Maes and Elke Lenting will take place at 16:00 PM in which they will explain why they have filed summary proceedings against the State of the Netherlands with regard to the introduction of the corona pass. BLCKBX will be livestreaming this event, just like the […]

Discrimination is Punishable

CommonSense Guest Account HDD thanks for the link. ¨ We cannot impose a vaccination obligation says Hugo. So we use the entrepreneurs and in particular the catering industry under threat as an accomplice executor of a criminal offence. Now it's just a matter of getting employers on the same page. Cafe Weltschmerz The boss demands a […]

BlueTruth 'awake' or aware police officers organization

From BlueTruth BlueTruth is a citizens' initiative, which was founded in February 2021 by Francisco de Valk, former employee of the National Police. Many police employees have now joined BlueTruth, both employees in active service and former employees. The great need for this initiative is demonstrated by the fact that Belgian and French colleagues […]

Vaccination keeps a virus alive

And again a good find from yt channel De Kapitein Are people consciously or not injected with a vaccine, such as injecting a form of the virus created in the lab via vaccination, and thereby keeping a virus in circulation/maintaining? Discussions that are now banned everywhere. Judge for yourself. Read […]

Must see! British citizens take over public building

Know your rights and the crisis is over Most people have no idea how much power they actually have. It is why politicians are terrified of united and informed citizens. The description of this video reads: “Your politicians don't listen to you. You must immediately take back your parliaments and every politician […]

Bus is coming soon

Lawyer and GP go to prik bus! Hats off to this! Thanks to: Yt channel dbvr agriculture and game https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN6KSOHf-1x51iF5VIaUHZg And Carla ! Sorry for the bad sound. It is wise to watch the video from the beginning, this to avoid some confusion that you have to go to the entrance of a petting zoo […]

The vaccination obligation now also in the Netherlands

Vaccinate first, then welcome back to the office Multinational Leaseplan, which has its head office in the Netherlands, wants employees to be FULLY vaccinated (which probably means 2 shots now and the shots that will follow), an endless process for those who are well pay attention. There we go! This therefore applies to ALL employees who […]

Tucker Carlson and Victor Orbán – Full interview (Dutch subtitles)

Viktor Orbán is a Hungarian politician. He was Prime Minister from 1998 to 2002. He has been that way again since 2010. Recently Tucker Carlson visited Victor Orbán, the conservative prime minister of Hungary who hypocritically took over Western Europe for the umpteenth time after the infamous football match (and that was not because of […]

Supreme Court of the Balearic Islands now also rejects Covid passport

It is clear that the Spanish courts think differently about the corona passports than in France. Here and there we read that the idea exists that all of Spain has rejected the covid passports. This is not (yet) true. But that doesn't make the good news any less good. It seems to be heading that way. All the more […]

Australia is sick of it and is taking action

Stop Mandatory Vaccines and Testing! Earlier we reported that a MOBILIZATION ORDER has been issued in France to all citizens to fulfill their civic duty. Whether or not with the help of (a part of) the army. The country is oppressed, fundamental rights are violated and the people revolt. To what extent this […]

State terror and police brutality, part of a coup

It stops with you! We no longer live in a democracy. This government has committed a coup. There is no rule of law. Judges are corrupt, politicians are corrupt, officials are corrupt. And those officials who are not, close their eyes to the obvious crimes against the Dutch people and are in large numbers on his […]

The Trias Politica is dead. Long live the Banana Republic

Legislative, executive and judicial powers should be separated in a self-respecting democratic constitutional state. The French philosopher Baron de Montesquieu devised this system to organize the state in such a way that the three powers can best monitor each other's functioning separately. Only in this way can never one […]

Hold on tight: vaccinate 24.000 children in stadium without parents present

Thousands of children go there again in Australia, the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands. Really of those Western civilizations where all inhabitants say: "What happens there, never happens here in our country." Those good old days. The past is a utopia. This week, Australia will inject 24.000 children without their parents present. It focuses […]

We don't do it for fear of death, but simply because of the code red.

The regime has ordered heavy attacks on the CommonSenseTV website. Danny has been working day and night solving the problems. Among other things, the entire website has been transferred to another server. However, here is the article “We don't do it out of fear of death, but just […]

Sorry? Are you all watching? Please people?

Maybe it's not too late and we'll try again. Please take a good look at this video first. It has Dutch subtitles. Not by us and I can't find who to give the credits so quickly so we refer properly. We thank Marc van der Vegt on Twitter who […]

Stop rambling about those vaccines. People don't have to!

Rebellions worldwide Everywhere people try to make vaccines compulsory, people stand up and revolt. The fact that the media doesn't show anything about it says a lot. Various hospitals and other agencies worldwide, the people at the top made the incomprehensible decision every staff member should be vaccinated. But people don't take it, want it […]

Illegal Rwandan Emmanuel Abayisenga murders French priest Olivier Maire

A Rwandan immigrant to France already under investigation for setting fire to Nantes Cathedral last year has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a Roman Catholic priest, prosecutors said Monday. (source) The 40-year-old “confused man” surrendered to police mid-morning and admitted he […]

Reiner Fuellmich's stunning and inspiring speech

This contribution by Reiner Fuellmich needs no introduction. Here speaks a sincere man with a big heart. Reiner is one of those men who will go down in history as, “He who stood up to the greatest crime of all time.” To download this video you need to log in. The download link is then under […]

The state is a criminal organization

mr. Drs. Arno GW van Kessel speaks to an audience about the cases being brought against the state. The way vaccines are now being forced on our children is creating radical resistance. The state is declared null and void. We are being attacked by an elite who completely control our parliament, media and science. We will have to […]

Looking Back: Haga vs. YouTube

Blckbx and Wybren van Haga filed a lawsuit against Big Tech giant YouTube (Google) over an incorrectly removed video on election night. On March 17th we were confronted with this strange fact and the reason was “medically misleading information”. And that while the video is about censorship and the removal of videos […]