It will be all right

Read 1.976 Everything will be fine Lately I see a lot of positive things happening both in the Netherlands and worldwide. Or should I say: I see things happening that will lead to a positive outcome, because most events are not so nice. But it's all going to be okay and we'll come out of this better. […]

Even without a vaccination fun going out.

Read 145 Isn't it wonderful of our government that they give us freedom! They even allow you to go out for a walk or to the cinema without 'voluntarily' getting yourself injected. And this government is so proud of this that they even made an official publicity/government spot for it. ¨Even without vaccination […]

How could this happen?

Read 32 First of all my apologies, I already wished you a good weekend but could not resist the following. How could this happen has always been "the" question of the horrific things that happened in World War II. People couldn't imagine the thought of those […]

I am a Human and have ¨Fundamental rights¨

Read 41 This piece can also be seen as a kind of Part II on art. I am an entrepreneur and have my own business¨ I am an entrepreneur and have my own business¨ It is more or less information that can be used with the measures / coercive measures announced by the government as in the above […]

MAES LAW vs. the central government regarding the corona pass

Read 117 in case you missed it, here it is. BLCKBX On Thursday September 23, the press conference of lawyer Bart Maes and Elke Lenting will take place at 16:00 pm in which they will explain why they have filed summary proceedings against the State of the Netherlands with regard to the introduction of the corona pass. BLCKBX will be livestreaming this event, just […]

Discrimination is Punishable

Read 74 CommonSense Guest Account HDD thanks for the link. ¨ We cannot impose a vaccination obligation says Hugo. So we use the entrepreneurs and in particular the catering industry under threat as an accomplice executor of a criminal offence. Now it's just a matter of getting employers on the same page. Cafe Weltschmerz The Boss […]

BlueTruth 'awake' or aware police officers organization

Read 29 From BlueTruth BlueTruth is a citizens' initiative, which was founded in February 2021 by Francisco de Valk, former employee of the National Police. Many police employees have now joined BlueTruth, both employees in active service and former employees. The great need for this initiative is demonstrated by the fact that Belgian and […]