Caught in the act! Confidential Pfizer-FDA Document Revealed

Read 28.287 Cover up of vaccination damage and vaccination deaths from the covid vaccine And according to the document 3 times more women than men. Pfizer had already been caught with a laundry list of criminal trials in the past and those that are still ongoing, but this confirms everything. The FDA should never have approved the vaccine. Thanks to the efforts of […]

Finally the Netherlands at number one

Read 4.677 “We have something to be proud of!” Of course this is entirely ironic, because according to John Hopkins University we are number one in the world in terms of the number of deaths per million people. Despite of […]

dr. Andreas Noack murdered?

Read 10.671 Dr. Andreas Noack murdered? Over a year ago, Dr. Andreas Noack was in the news (well, not on the NOS, of course) because he was discussing topics during a lifestream that was not in favor of politics. After about 40 minutes, the police broke into his house by opening the door […]

Again the vaccination dashboard

Read 4.355 Vaccination deaths When would it actually be enough? When will there be enough victims and we will chase the dictators who are committing mass murders? How long will we all take it? Of course they got a devil out of a box. There was some wear on the delta variant. The lies that […]

Bill Gates indicted for murder

Read 6.594 Bill Gates indicted for murder Ten initiated; No this isn't clickbait it's true. You can see the original charges for yourself. On the original website where this article came from, […]

Pay the price for next to nothing.

Read 2.139 No matter how quickly the lie overtakes the truth, it does. It may be a cliché, but it is a given fact. We can take a lot of comfort from this and I am well aware that we need comfort in these turbulent times. Every now and then we have […]

Vaccinated people die!

Read 7.813 Vaccines Die That's the conclusion Dr. Sean Brooks pulls. Now we hope that the best man is wrong, but he is far from the only one who predicts this. And we are already a bit on the way, we can say. Until a year ago he was still a very respected person […]

Jeu-de-boules club Vierlingsbeek: Three people die in one week

Read 5.105 Three elderly members died in a week at the jeu-de-boules club in Vierlingsbeek. Watch how the Brabants Dagblad brings the following news. This was written by Joost Aiaans on 3-11-11, 21:07Under the article another version of this story. Jeu-de-boules club hit hard by corona: three deaths in one week VIERLINGSBEEK / GREENINGEN – The Vierlingsbeekse […]

How long will the vaccinated live? The inventor of graphene oxide's answer

Read 6.675 Devil's Generals: Gates, Schwab, Merkel, Canderian. Everyone knows who Bill Gates is. More and more people know who Klaus Schwab is. Merkel does not need information. But few people know who Dr. Mylo Canderian is. And why I have placed him in the ranks of the devil's generals who […]