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Hospitality entrepreneur: I REFUSE to implement these bullshit rules!

Catering entrepreneur and culinary adventurer Rene Pluijm has had enough of the anti-corona measures.

He says without turning what it says. Also that he CANNOT participates to the corona society.

Read below refuse-message and watch the conversation he has with some Consciously Uneducated Assholes from the municipality of Velsen:

"From day one, I have not been able to agree with the course that is being taken with regard to the corona virus, and where most people, confident that the government is making the right choices, are lagging behind like yes-men."

"Fear, non-science and censorship are used to manipulate us on a large scale."

"As I delved further into the matter, the unrest grew and I wondered why I should legally CONFORM to mismanagement that no one has chosen (unless you still believe in fake democracy after this monstrosity)"

“The total unworkable, impracticable and uncontrollable nonsense that is now being spewed out over us and my catering colleagues is the limit for me: I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE ANY MORE, and am willing to accept the consequences, or to legally accept them at a later stage. fight."

Call it a silent peaceful revolution.

In a later epistle I will try to explain, if still required is because more people are finally waking up, why I cannot agree with the sad policy of Rutte & companions, in which the first hairline cracks are finally appearing slowly but surely. ”

“In the accompanying video (sorry bad sound) you can see that well-programmed MAINTENANCE SLAVES raided our terrace and violated the constitutional freedoms of our guests and ourselves (incidentally, while all around us on the street 'clod' people were enjoying the sun together. ). ”

“The self-thinking ability of these people is, as is known, zero point zero because: 'befehl ist befehl!'”

“After addressing us with admonition / threatening, because of course the anxiety for a disproportionate fined most entrepreneurs, pictures were taken of the terrace and the men hunted for even more crooks. "

As a 'positivist' you try to turn these negative feelings into power, it brought us to the MENU of next Saturday: Somehow I was thinking about Rutte's balls and what I would like to do with them. Suddenly I had it!



They are of course Liberal balls: 50% beef, 20% pig, 20% lamb

-The bitter message: Swiss chard stew
-Sweet will be the future: caramelized red onion
-Acid in the aftertaste: balsamic vinegar
-Salt in the wounds: fried bacon
-Pepper the bill we pay: madamme jeanette pepper
-Tasteless blabla: breadcrumbs

Side dish:
Chard stew with mouth caps, ehh mouth snacks (crispy bacon)

Pick up on Saturday from noon, or eat with us.

€ 13 per person.

Of course we also have our now classic steak sandwich and hamburger from the big green egg 15.- pp

And on Friday we have the sNACKbAG ready for the drinkers from 16 pm:

Arugula tapenade 100 gr
Ceviche 100 gr
Egg truffle salad 100 gr
Sausage 75 gr
Almonds 100 gr
Radishes with real butter
Croutons homemade

30.- two persons

Pluijms Edible World
Halkade 17a
1976 DC Ijmuiden

Tel.: 0255-578601

Refusal call:


Restaurant closures due to COVID19 were “voluntary”

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