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Hospitality industry opens up en masse against cabinet ban

The Dutch hospitality industry is opposed to the corona measures and will reopen its doors from 17 January, even if it still appears to be prohibited in mid-January!

'For the catering industry, the water is no longer up to the lips, now it is pouring into the mouth', it sounds.


The current corona measures in the Netherlands will be evaluated on January 17, but Hugo de Jonge gave up last week understand that this partial lockdown and thus the closure of the catering industry longer will then last until mid-January.

But it is the Dutch hospitality industry zat and comes in rebellion against the closure, the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland announces.

Catering companies in more than 50 cities and regions have given up their confidence in the Dutch cabinet and announce that they will open their doors again on 17 January, even when that is not allowed.

Catering operators in Eindhoven, Maastricht, Breda and Alkmaar, among others, will open their business again in mid-January.

A recent survey showed how very the situation is with the catering industry in the Netherlands.

According to the spokesman for the sector, 50% of the Dutch catering industry is at risk bankrupt if the hospitality industry is not allowed to reopen soon.

'For the catering industry, the water is no longer up to the lips, now it flows into the mouth. We are about to drown out. That way we can no longer keep it up ', it sounds.

Entrepreneurs have now invested 3,5 to 4 billion euros in reserves and private capital in their business. The reserves are now exhausted, catering companies are about to collapse and the sector can no longer wait for an opening perspective, as it sounds in an urgent letter.

So the hospitality industry will open en masse on January 17, 2021.


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