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Horeca opens January 17: “You don't get freedom, you take it!”

The owners of BBQ Restaurant De Kiet in Eindhoven opened their doors last weekend.

You could just eat inside. Guests have finally been able to eat normally in a restaurant again in these crazy times.

It was written on the board in front of the business: “No face mask? No problem! We live in love, never in fear. Live a little. ”

"We have had to see with pain in our hearts how our fellow colleagues, industry peers and other SMEs and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands were forced to lay off staff."

"We see how they are heading for bankruptcy and in the most serious cases even with psychological complaints that have gone so far that it has unfortunately become fatal for a few."

The catering industry in the Netherlands has been destroyed in an unprecedented way by our government without any scientific reason for this. The catering industry is unlucky that they were the first to act. They also come for the rest.

According to Nassim and Quincy, many food and beverage outlets across the country have said they will open again on January 17th.

“All fellow entrepreneurs. If you have it in you… take your chance! ”

Video message Nassim and Quincy on Facebook

When people have their eyes open and see through what is going on here, the further demolition of the Netherlands can still be somewhat prevented. How? By just getting on with life. If we are all going to do that then nothing can stop us. It's contagious.

Talk to the police. Don't be intimidated. Don't be afraid. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You did what they asked of you in The Hague. You had to invest to comply with their rules. You have had to give up half your turnover due to the ridiculous one and a half meter distance rule and as a thank you your business is closed and closed. Your life will be taken away while everyone has just lived through where there have been no lockdowns.

It's time to get up! As a people, we must assist the hospitality entrepreneurs.

Let the faint hearted sit in fear and look ugly at you. They will see that we prove that we are living in a created crisis.

We are human beings and we all deal with everything in our lives. But the time we get here on this globe is not meant to live in fear and oppression.

So let you lock up? For this? As a healthy person? Please take a look at yourself what you are doing when you do that.

However the media and politicians play on you. Pierce it. When talking about "State of Emergency in London", then look a little further. See how many people are really dying. Most importantly, it is becoming increasingly clear, see how here a flu virus, which we have to deal with every year and which kills thousands of people, is being used to lock you up and take your freedoms.

The official CDC figures show that 99,99% of people survive corona! and adults only counted 99,98%. (source) Those are their own hard numbers. Everything around it is show. It's fake.

Really people, they can turn any virus or disease into a hype by flooding you with fear and negativity. And that's what they are doing now. Every day hundreds of people in the Netherlands die from everything. Don't fall for it anymore. Enough is enough! Don't let yourself be blackmailed into being the problem. THOSE who participate in this are the problem.

Do not think that performers such as Mark Rutte and Hugo De Jonge will get you out of here. That is not their job. They don't think about us. They do not represent the Netherlands. They stand there for the plan of the EU, WHO and the WEF to be carried out. Or do you think an inexperienced school teacher has been appointed to save the Netherlands from a deadly killer virus?

Wake up and wake up the people. Again and again. You sometimes feel like a Jehovah's Witness (with all due respect) but it works. Online and offline. Many people have no idea what is going on, but they do have a common sense. You just have to bring it up with those people. Not everyone follows world news. And that is normal. People want to live. But they need to wake up and this is the chance to reclaim our freedoms

You choose your freedom or you voluntarily take away everything you have built up.

Do you allow yourself to be taken away by increasingly deeply sinking figures such as Mark Rutte and Hugo De Jonge? Have you gone mad? Do we all realize how much power we ourselves (still) have as soon as we become collectively civil disobedience?

January 17th. Catering open. And the Netherlands is behind the hospitality industry. Show that and support the hospitality industry.

Never forget… This is life! For this we have been put on this planet. What are we doing here differently?


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