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Cause and effect!

What I am going to write here can have quite an impact on our thinking, because quite a few events have happened, from which we are now reaping the bitter fruits that should never have happened.

When we see what is happening at the Turkish-Greek border, you can think of giving the Turks some extra money and the problem has been temporarily solved, but it is and remains just ordinary blackmail of Erdogan and Geert Wilders was right when he got out of the VVD to found his own party, which also had something to do with Turkey, he later warned President Mark Rutte for Erdogan, unfortunately in vain!

The EU is highly reprehensible and NATO's role in this is highly questionable, because where do all these refugees and immigrants come from?

Those so-called peacekeeping missions, bringing democracy, the Arab Spring, they have often brought nothing but misery into the world and I am not saying that to address another umpteenth debt complex, but some non-western countries simply need a dictator!

We can safely be very happy with a Donald Trump as president of the US, because at least he sees that we cannot bring peace to countries where "ideology" is kept like a ghost in the bottle by a dictator!

People like an Assad have no choice if they want to make their country function, who are we to condemn it and kill a Gaddafi, yes our efforts went very far, we are happy to blame MH17, but hadn't there ever been agreements between President Michael Gorbachev (former Soviet Union) and President Ronald Reagan USA?

Surely Europe and the US would not interfere with what forms the buffer between what is now the Russian Federation and what was Western Europe?

Well, agreements were made about that, but that civil war in Ukraine is proof that Perestrojka was very sorry!

It was that Vladimir Putin came to the rescue, bringing peace back to Syria, which allowed IS to be defeated, but it is strange that IS fighters fought with western-made weapons, it is no coincidence that IS fighters were driving around in the white Toyota pick-up trucks that the Netherlands had donated to the rebels who fought Assad?

So this is the complex situation that the US created under Obama together with the EU itself, something that got completely out of hand and that has got us into this with people who do not belong in the EU at all, so we have to get rid of this !

Those EU parliamentarians were not elected by me, in fact I was one of those 61.5% who said NO to the EU constitution in 2005!

But it is politics that has held us hostage through a Lisbon treaty, it is high time to annul that treaty or let the people speak out about the EU, because I will certainly not be the only one it completely disagrees with the current state of affairs, one can still manipulate the news here, in the end, the EU's stupid actions simply provoke resistance!


So this NWO is making a big mess, for which I no longer wish to run and so many Dutch people with me!

So while the EU kicked such a mess in the Middle East and Ukraine, the population of the EU was simply neglected and even played off against each other, the resistance is growing.

The British were already so smart to get out of this monster, this terrible monster had eighteen years to reform into something that would be acceptable to the population, but did the exact opposite, we now even see a increasingly clear choice, it was first only the PVV that actively expressed itself to want to leave the EU, nowadays the FvD makes equivalent statements and no longer speaks!

We can see how our own identity is increasingly being ruined, with me the meanwhile has long since been reached, it is high time to draw boundaries again to stand up for ourselves, after all, this drama has been going on for eighteen years and there is also nothing improved for us, that Mac sandwich from the late Wim Duisenberg (PvdA) has long been obsolete, it is simply absurd that we have to continue working until we are 67+ and people in our late fifties are already retiring, we should stop sponsoring that make-up factory.

Now there is again great panic due to the Corona virus, which is actually very good for the House of Representatives, that is a distraction!

So to summarize, that refugee flow is the result of the EU and the US of Obama and predecessors, the only answer to that is our country borders back and once very sharply assess what may and may not remain here, then I have not yet written here once the climate, CO2, Pfas and the nitrogen crisis under scrutiny, because the EU also excels in ignorance!

It is time that we make our own decisions, use our common sense and support the Dutch farmer, cattle rancher, breeding and fishery, those plans of that Brussels drawing board can go straight to the trash!

Chris Collard.

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