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CBS: Negative migration balance for the first time in 5 years

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On a net basis, 109 migrants left in April, making this the first time since July 2015 that more immigrated than immigrated in a month.

The migration balance differs per group, with surprising results:

  • On a net basis, 870 natives with a Dutch background came (back) to the Netherlands
  • The migration balance for Western immigrants was -1026, while that for non-Westerners had fallen to 47.
  • On a net basis, more Eritreans (-8), Turks (-93) and Syrians (-11) left than entered.
  • 127 more people came from Africa than left, 73 of them from Morocco

There were also more deaths (18.854) than births (13.322) in the same month.

Added together, the population shrank by 5641 people, to 17.418.465. The last time the population shrank was in April 2006, but that was a shrinkage of only 531 people.

CBS - Population development per Month (January 2019 to April 2020):

CBS - Migration balance per group, per Month (January 2019 to April 2020)

CBS - Population Size, Month-End, (January 1995 to April 2020)

CBS - Immigration and Emigration, per month (January 1995 to April 2020)

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