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CDA better off without the D

Promising signals at the CDA: 4 candidates with their own points of view.

Hugo de Jonge, Pieter Omtzigt and Mona Keizer competed for the leadership of the party, after Martijn van Helvert dropped out early and earlier Wopke Hoekstra even refused to participate.

Two gifts too - how arrogant can you be? - to want to become prime minister. Hoekstra also opted for a (prime minister) minister post, while he made it clear (disdainfully?) That he did not want to take a seat in the House. Omtzigt wants just the opposite, so that Wopke is behind the scenes behind Pieter. And all for power, not for the benefit of the constituency. After all, the winning candidate can send the entire party a strategic and political side after the overall victory.

In addition to the PVV, FvD is also quarantined with Hugo, while Mona wants to leave the door open. Pieter does not (yet) speak out, which remains an undemocratic question mark for CDA voters.

Mona wants to make the CDA a people's party (again?) While Hugo is energetic in the back rooms (recently to tense Gommers for his cart)
Hoekstra wants to be the leader for Omtzigt, as such will almost certainly receive a lot of extra votes, without wanting to take a seat in the House. A clear case of voter deception.

But what if, in addition to this five, all candidates for a seat in the House would embrace the CDA program with the possibility of applying a number of personal nuances, so that all CDA voters within the party also have something to say, without the views of only the winner determines the whole lot. If all members were given the opportunity to vote for one of the more than 50 candidates, this would lead to a ranking, in which the party program with personal additions and / or limitations and not some good looking dolls with ambitions would be preferred.

And then as a representative of the people, without personal career planning. After all, what capacities do Mona and Hugo have to be ministers, not to mention the premiership?

If all elected CDA candidates in the House are not hindered by political discipline because they have been chosen on the basis of their private program, they may be expected to stand firm for their constituents and be unwilling to play because of power-hungry games of the party top. The fraction discipline is handed in for pure discipline according to its own program. Then the question of whether parties should be excluded is also resolved: agree with proposals from that corner if this corresponds to points from their own private program and say no if it is not in accordance with what has been agreed with their own supporters.

A missed opportunity for real democracy from a party that still has a capital D in its name, but has never lived up to that letter since the merger.

The Netherlands is fed up with talking. The undemocratic low of which is the anti-anti-democratic emergency law of one of the candidates: Hugo de Jonge.

In terms of content, it is therefore desirable, within the current private system, that Hugo be reserved. But when it comes to longer-term democracy, Hugo could be a blessing. Because with a decent fragmentation and the exclusion of PVV and FvD (while SP excludes the VVD), there is almost no stable government to form. And then AS quickly comes into view.
Therefore: Hup Hugo!

PS. How a cabinet is formed can be found in the Alternative Government under the Raw Framework slightly under point 10 of the objective.

Rients Hofstra

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