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CDA: no right to exist

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CDA: no right to exist

Thou shalt not lie is one of the 10 holies.

Pharisee Hoekstra lies together an alternative bible if he only says he regrets Omtzigt's departure and that Pieter may return at any time as the prodigal son.

These lies are pure contempt towards the few CDA voters who have not yet been completely brainwashed. Jesus, what a slippery drool talker.

However, despite his justified agitations, Pieter is by no means a saint. The abuses he has compiled are not of today, nor of yesterday.

For years he sided with the rest of the hypocrites in the party's interest, regularly against his conscience. How about a true democrat?

The CDA is rotten through and through. And this has been the case for decades. If he sincerely believes that the party can be changed for the better, he is also unforgivably naive.

Power-hungry regents are never willing to hand over any of their power to motivated representatives of the people, not to mention those to citizens.

In addition, he is part of a church pray and cheat club. A gang of sewer rats with a richly foaming philanthropist on board. With hypocritical cronies who, with the same ease as they say amen, call a prominent brother an asshole, psychopath, and/or wretch, you don't need worse enemies.

But what God-fearing ones are represented by these hypocrites with an erroneous capital C in the name? The arms? The lonely ones? The peace-loving? The empathetic churchmen? Or is it the possessing, increasingly wealthy upper class? The iron-eating swords? The psychopaths? People with a high mortgage, 3 cars and somewhere a holiday home are demonstrably better represented by the CDA than tenants in lesser neighborhoods with only an old bicycle to regularly collect food packages from the food bank?

Hoekstra has nothing to do with 2 red parties within the coming coalition, which is dominated by the VVD and D66. As a pseudo-VVD member on Finance, he simply carried out VVD policy. For the record, the D of D66 and that of the VVD have just as much content as those of the CDA: nada. The emergency and emergency legislation has amply proven this.

He also lies in his socks when he claims that a donor, worth € 1,2 million, does not buy influence. As long as Hugo de Jonge was party leader - completely wrongly - he didn't give a cent. After Pieter was again passed over for a completely undemocratic bastard who did not want to become a leader and therefore did not participate in a manipulated party leader election, Vd Wind came over the stained bridge with his bag of money.

With Pieter at a safe distance in Twente, a program item was deleted. The elections were launched with the promise of calling for a 10% increase in the minimum wage. After the banknotes were counted (don't trust anyone, certainly not kristen - see my statement in the blog about kristen with a k 'Club the Christians out of the room'-) that 10% went off the table.

No, the C, but also the D together wrongly stand for a bad roll call, which could just as well have been Eva's bad apple. When she had plucked it from the tree of good and evil, she should have immediately destroyed it deep under the clay. Then we would have been spared a lot of trouble. That Pandora apple suits the party better than a non-existent moral appeal for anything.

This party has absolutely no right to exist, if only that the Netherlands wants to be seen as a secular state. Take a look at the first two letters of the SGP, the black stockings fanatics of the biblebelters and you know enough.

Now that Pieter is stepping down and perhaps getting a number of MPs with him, while he knows about half of the Appèl electorate behind him, it is desirable and very hopeful that the CDA will fall through the tarnished foundations and then allow itself to be euthanized.

Rients Hofstra.

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