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CDA: politics in a nutshell

CDA: politics in a nutshell

I can reassure and disappoint anyone who thinks that what happened to the CDA in a short time (dubious party leader election, Sywert van Lienden and Pieter Omtzigt's memo bomb) is sad for this party and only incidents.

They are just symptoms, periodic outbursts that unfortunately belong to the current political system.

Not that they belong, because they have to, but because the current state system offers ample opportunities for this. Such excesses are fine as long as they stay under the radar. And this kind of evil is not exclusively reserved for a club of churchmen, where you should least expect it. Other parties have similar abuses. Mark Rutte once became party leader in a dubious way at the expense of Rita Verdonk. The latter headed for a victory in the battle for leadership. From the outside, Rutte has been parachuted into the neo-liberal arena by influential VVD prominent figures in the service of big business. The young, fairly unknown ex. JOVD chairman won. Rita (no doubt forced to whisper inside rooms) said goodbye when she got more votes than party leader Rutte after the subsequent elections.

The VVD has many scandals that all had to be covered up. However, several could not stand the stench there and became public. Geert Wilders was able to leave, as was the drinking slum landlord Wybren Van Haga. In between, among others, the cases of Ybeltje Berckmoes-Duindam, Halbe Zijlstra and chairman Henry Keizer.
A message from 8 February 2020 shows that Prime Minister Mark Rutte's party led the Political Integrity Index for the eighth year in a row. The index is an overview of all political scandals of the past year. (2019) Mind you: scandals that eventually surfaced.
The VVD won with 10 cases. D66 and PVV both counted five that year, the SGP, CDA and Forum for Democracy brought three integrity riots to their name and GroenLinks was discredited twice. In 2019 it was still fairly quiet on the surface at the CDA, but Omtzigt was already regularly simmering indoors. At the time, he was removed from the Demmink and MH17 cases against his will and partly because of this placed in an ineligible place, after which he entered the Chamber with an enormous number of preferential votes and to the horror of the party top, with the 'Communist' Renske Leijten of the SP, of course. stuck in the allowance affair.

And then scandals such as the exclusion of entire parties, voter fraud during coalition formations and the associated strangling faction discipline in the index do not even count.
With regard to the latter, it is known that at the time of Rutte II (VVD/PvdA) you, as a potential PvdA dissident, had fellow MP Sharon Dijksma on your roof, to get you back in line to close the ranks for a narrow majority. Each party has a Sharon to guard the 'united' order in the faction.
It was therefore not surprising in this context that the respective political leaders Buma (CDA), Pechtold (D66) and Segers (CU) did not receive a cabinet post, but continued to lead their own faction. Second man Dijkhoff (VVD) remained in the Chamber, because Rutte had to lead his next cabinet.
This is because this coalition was based on a minimal majority and a dissident could mean the fall of the cabinet (which Pieter Omtzigt essentially succeeded in doing).

How is it possible that relatively many scandals are still publicly known, while perhaps a multiple has never seen the light of day.

It's all about power, every high-ranking party tiger wants to belong, at all costs. Then norms are stretched and values ​​parked elsewhere. The sad thing is that the current system is perfectly suited for that.
It is known that 21% of business executives are unscrupulous. In that case, this percentage within politics could well be much higher. It is not knowledge and skills within a certain field, but other, worse qualities that are decisive. Put in a derogatory way, with a nice face, a nice ass, a smooth chat and a great network, you can go very far. If you have all four, you can reach the top. Annemarie Jorritsma misses the first two as baggage, but got along well with the other duo.

Psychopath is a nasty-sounding synonym for unscrupulous, but once a psychopath is in the pincers of the party elite, that creep is fit for a high position. At least as long as the unscrupulousness remains a secret from the general public. Where a psychopath can keep the disability a secret from the stage, but it is known to the elite, the person in question is blackmailable. And blackmailable politicians are like wax in the hands of people with interests. Interests that are clearly different from those of the citizens. Then a blackmailed psychopath with only smooth talk can be prime minister of any country for years, because with the necessary restrictions he also gets access to the almighty networks of the elite regents.

An almost fictional example: Suppose Sywert van Lienden had not been exposed by Follow the Money. In the view of the VVD and apparently also within the CDA, there are no objections if high-ranking party members make substantial profits when they engage in dubious trades. Market forces, even within and at the expense of healthcare, are even then very acceptable after 10 years of Rutte. There will undoubtedly have been many envious glances and thumbs up towards Sywert.

His psychopathic mistake has been that he trumpeted it for free (for not having done it), but in the meantime let 9 million pile up in the bank. If the latter had never become publicly known, but only among some party prominent figures, he would secretly be 9 million richer, but forever blackmailable and therefore ministerial. Possibly premier in the long run. Because he had smooth talk for ages, and also a well-fitting network (certainly within the top of his party -perhaps also at the VVD-). I prefer to let others judge about a nice face and a nice ass.

Now that Pieter Omtzigt is definitively saying goodbye to this corrupt political sect and is moving on in Parliament separately from the CDA, he should start to worry that the 'Omtzigt party' will not fall into the same old pitfalls. Especially if MPs go along. After all, he continues to function in the same pernicious system. Unless he embraces the principles of AS ( and starts condemning party political appointments. To then ensure that each representative of the people represents their own supporters and does not run. Then argues for party-independent ministers who are the top professionals in the field and therefore the top civil servants.

Then there will be an end to four-year vote-cheating coalitions based on many minority views. Then the strangling faction discipline and exclusions will be over. Are we also rid of falling cabinets? Then everything is transparent and backrooms can be closed. Then lobbyists will have few or no opportunities.

With a breakaway Omtzigt, politics can change structurally.

Can citizens finally and rightly feel that they matter? Then the people decide instead of a few party elites and some regents. Then Pieter is the only one allowed to use the D with a capital letter.

Rients Hofstra

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