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CDA, VVD, CU and D66 want PRAYER CALLS MUSLIMS BY AMPLIFIER in the Netherlands

Thierry Baudet's next motion from the Forum for Democracy. 

Here Thierry is requesting a roll-call vote to prohibit mosques from calling out to prayers through amplifiers.

The Netherlands is suffering from the Islamization and we are going in the same direction as Sweden, Great Britain and Germany. We have come a long way and it is known that many mosques are inciting hatred against the West. Allowing calls to prayer coupled with ongoing unnecessary mass immigration for economic fortune seekers INCREASES the chances of attacks and violence significantly! That is a calculation that you cannot ignore.

A first small but good step would be to rule out the possibility that mosques with their many hate imams in the Netherlands can call for prayer through AMPLIFIERS.
Who the hell will vote against this?

28 for and 116 against !!!

Our Dutch politicians, who should protect us from voting, are therefore almost UNANIEM AGAINST a motion to oppose these crazy prayer calls by amplifiers !!



Jetten D66: AGAINST



Motion rejected. 

These traitors in this government are pushing for the Netherlands to face a number of terrible attacks!


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