CDC director: “Changes to masking obligation possibly adjusted”

How could that be?

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is considering revisions to their mask guidelines amid growing questions of whether people still need to continue wearing masks outside of masks now that more than 84 million adults in the United States are fully vaccinated." the director of the agency said Thursday.

Those kinds of sentences come from corrupt organizations when they notice when half the country throws all idiotic corona measures off board.

Roughly sketched: What remains in America is another half country full of masks, lockdowns and other misery while the states with common sense live happily ever after. Visible to the whole world.

"We'll look at the" mask question "outside, but also in the context of the fact that we still have people dying from COVID-19," said director Walensky on NBC Today.

Yes guys, how do we still seriously deal with the above statements?

It would only be weird if nobody dies from it, wouldn't it? CDC? It's a cold virus, right? With a death rate of 0,15% right? So people are still dying from it, right? As it had been for centuries with the sudden disappearance of flu, with a mortality rate of 0,15%… Right?

Don't expect Newsmax to report it, or be explained, as if it were because of "several states seeking relaxation."

The reason this happens is these facts:

5 states in the US have stopped using masks.

Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Montana and North Dakota are discontinuing mouth masks.

16 states have never had a masking obligation

Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee have never had a face mask requirement. At most they were recommended.

And those states are doing the very best of all. In the US and worldwide. At all levels. (source) (source)

That's why the CDC sings a tone lower because they also know that of all states that stop this madness all positive numbers shoot up and all negative numbers go down.

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Coronas fairy tale remains

The states that have introduced lockdowns and other severe corona measures are the sjaak. The residents and entrepreneurs, unfortunately. Not the empathetic leaders.

This is inconvenient for the greatest power-hungry people and bladders. They want to maintain the coronas fairy tale in every possible way. They love to use their power over innocent civilians. These masks are very important to them because they are the only tangible thing that reminds of a so-called virus in the street scene.

If you remove masks from the street scene, people tend to embrace normal life more quickly and you are less able to manipulate them. In addition, those people absolutely laugh at their population. I'm convinced of that. There are some sadists among them.

It is not surprising that in the Netherlands nobody rushes and speaks about the duty of masks, while there are dozens of proofs that they do not work. This is purely psychological. Bring on that ritual burning.

Needless to say, the CDC also squeezed out these empty sentences:

“One of the things that I think is very important to understand is that while there is great news and we are getting more and more people vaccinated every day, we still had 57.000 cases of COVID yesterday”, Walensky said Thursday.

So-called “contaminate”, therefore, on more than 328.000.000 inhabitants.

“We still had 733 dead! (context: aged 82 on average with underlying conditions that essentially died of something else but a flu virus was, as almost always, fatal to them)

That Newsmax grants itself for this fake news. Hope they will wake up soon in the area of ​​corona too. They already understand that the measures are a crime against humanity and are speaking out. Now just open our eyes and study the context of this so-called virus and we can go after the people who are responsible and find out exactly how this originated.

Please don't let it be that we are mistaken and that these kinds of media also sell their souls.


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