Ceaseless terror from BlackLivesMatter and Antifa

Antifa and BlackLivesMatter: "Burn it down!"

Yesterday the friends of the Democrats marched Black Live Mattervandals and members of the far left terrorist organization Antifa across Washington DC and threatened people at dinner.

"Burn it down!", said the protesters. "We're here tonight because black lives matter"said also members of the far-left group. "While black lives matter, black people are still dying from the police paid with our tax dollars." (source)

Other video footage taken by independent journalists on the spot will uploaded, showed that Antifa types fought with police officers , who tried to keep them away from restaurants. Some, who were all dressed in black, could get dressed seen with the red and black Antifa flag.


At one point, Washington police were seen forming lines around outdoor restaurants to separate them from the protesters and agitators.

Anti-police protests and riots have been a constant throughout DC following George Floyd's death in Minneapolis last May.

About 26.000 National Guard members were sent to DC to provide security after the "riot" on Capitol Hill on January 6. Officials later said that about 5.000 members of the Guard would remain in the city until mid-March.

BLM activists burn American flag at Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Andy Ngo, an independent journalist who has chronicled Antifa's actions in the United States, told last week to the Epoch Times that the idea that Antifa is just an ideology is false. Ngo said the group “More than an idea. It is also a movement. ”

That's right. It is also the reason why mark rutte goes (or should) sit around the table with this dangerous scum. (source)

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It has networks, while some are organized in formal organizations, he said. (source) (source) 

Some have noted that the continuation of Black Lives Matter protests and Antifa riots is a signal that there is a growing schism within the American left. Seattle, Portland and other cities have occasional experienced violent demonstrations following President Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20. (source)

Also in January, protesters swarmed and attacked an immigration and customs enforcement facility - a frequent target during the Trump administration in Portland - leading to federal intervention.

Mainstream media? Not a single word on this.

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