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Censored Rage Against The Vaccine shirt is back! 10% off!!

A few months ago we started selling T-shirts and other gadgets through our CSTV Shop.

We keep the margin very low so that everything is affordable. The message goes is more important than the returns. ESPECIALLY in these times. First the Netherlands free and then let's see if we can become a bit more commercial.

We will never give up our independence. We have already declined 3 offers from “sponsors” who also want to have a finger in the pie. We are not going to!

We avoid multinationals and we do not do business with them. We do it with donations, our own shop and anyone who wants to advertise here with products we support is welcome.

Dutch companies are in need. We want them on our site. And for a good price so that we are both actually helped.

The proceeds serve to expand this platform and to realize our ambitious future plans with CSTV, so that we can exert much more pressure.

See our CommonSenseTV clothing line and shop here! 


One of our shirts, the Rage Against The Vaccine shirt, was popular and was the best-selling T-Shirt.

But what created our surprise? Our “partner” who printed the T-Shirts now refuses to print these shirts for us. (see article)



If we get very sad about something, it is censorship.

And if we are censored (and that has happened regularly) we always look for another way to get the message across.

Similarly with this T-Shirt! We have found another printer ready and so they are back !!!

The FORBIDDEN Rage against the Vaccine T-Shirt is BACK !!

And how!! All color types and sizes are available! We offer them even cheaper and give a 10% discount on all Rage Against The Vaccine articles.

This week 10% discount on ALL Rage Against The Vaccine items!

BE QUICK! This too is likely to be censored soon. Because we think that this shirt will also be removed soon, we offer everyone a discount of 10% this week. It will be a collector's item.

Use the coupon: CommonSenseTV and the 10% is automatically deducted from the total amount. The shipment takes a maximum of 6 days.

10% discount on all Rage Against The Vaccine products! The forbidden shirt!




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