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Censorship leads to morning mood.

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Censorship leads to morning mood,

It's that time again, no sooner has the day started than I want to bang my head against the wall again to smash out the nonsense that has flowed in. Even before breakfast, all appetite has been stripped by the degree of stupidity and absurdity once again on display. That is why I strongly feel the need to share this short story with you. A warning in advance is in order. Before you read on, be aware that you will probably be seriously annoyed like me. For all those who want to keep a good mood, at least skip this article for now :).

The official bankruptcy of the credibility of platforms such as YouTube was reached some time ago in my opinion. However, they have taken their failure to the next level. Which I think is cool, if there were a championship for immortal ridicule, YouTube would win it gloriously!
But honesty compels me to say that the incident I am about to describe is deeply and deeply sad. It's a gossip!

Not long ago platform BLCKBX had posted an interesting conversation with Professor Jan Grandjean. This famous heart surgeon has certainly earned his stripes and is an asset to the entire medical world. It can therefore also be safely assumed that this very capable man knows what he is talking about and should therefore be taken seriously.

Well, to my surprise, YouTube apparently thinks otherwise. I just saw a new video from BLCKBX this time with Emeritus Professor of International Communication & Human Rights Professor Cees Hamelink. He explains in the video why YouTube thought it was allowed to delete the conversation with Professor Grandjean! You read that right YouTube has had the daring audacity to identify Professor Grandjean's interpretations as "alleged medical misinformation". You just don't believe this, do you? The fact that YouTube has already acquired a considerable reputation as an inconsistent, incapable, incorrect, insinuating or idiotic platform is, as mentioned before, no news. Still, in this case I want to spew an extra portion of bile over the platform. I will place the video in which Cees Hamelink talks about the event at the bottom of this article so that you can hear for yourself what was said.

The qualifications YouTube gives to scientists the stature of Professor Grandjean but also Pierre Capel (whom I've written an article about before) and many others who supposedly color outside the lines is staggering! Once again with this diatribe I want to emphasize the absolute seriousness of the situation we all find ourselves in. The censorship armies don't just attack alleged "dangerous" organizations that have a different view than prescribed. Even world famous top Professors have been targeted and this has to stop!

That is why I personally will continue to act against these kinds of matters to the end, and also in cases where the targeted target does not quite fit in my alley. After all, isn't that the whole essence of a free democracy? The right to freedom of expression! And that's what I stand for! I hope you are next to me!



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