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Chaos in Brussels - Spain is also at risk of leaving the EU

In addition to Poland, Spain now seems to be heading in the direction of a Spexit.

After it European Court of Justice ignored the decision of the Spanish judge about the Catalan separatist Oriol Junqueras anger broke out in Spain.

The ECJ decided that Junqueras should be released and declared immune while being sentenced by the Spanish court to 13 years in prison for the illegal referendum October 1, 2017.

The face of the Catalan independence movement Carles Puigdemont lives in “exile” in Belgium, together with Antoni Comin(source)

Because of these absurd and dictatorial decisions of the EU, the exile politicians in Belgium suddenly become official MEPs.

“Thanks to the EU courts, terrorists and rapists were released and then raped women. Now they hit us in the face by making Puigdemont a MEP. ” said Santiago Abascal of VOX

“The ECJ has overruled our courts and humiliated our country. ” (source)













Around last year VOX was not yet represented in the Spanish parliament at this time, but it came out of nowhere in the May 2019 elections 23 seats (2.7 million Spaniards).

After the left We can and the socialists of the PSOE failed to form a government due to job disagreements, new elections were held in November.

VOX achieved in these elections 52 seats and is now suddenly the 3rd party of the country. The second party of the country are the conservatives of PP and at number 2 still the socialists of PSOE.

Within half a year VOX managed to steal the hearts of another tight million of Spaniards. This time 3.6 million Spaniards voted for the patriots.

Citizens are furious throughout the country. This is seen as an attack on sovereignty and SPEXIT is trending on social media such as Twitter for days.

Abascal from VOX: "Spain will never abide by any order attempting to attack Spain's sovereignty and security." 

VOX has always argued that power from Brussels should be returned to national governments, but has not yet taken an official position on the Spexit.

The pressure is enormous. Almost the entire supporters of VOX are done with Europe and the supporters of other right-wing parties such as the PP indicate that this can never go well within the European Union.

The European Union has once again shown its true face. It tries to undermine the sovereignty of countries. And that is no longer the case since patriotism is growing day by day in Europe. It seems more and more that it is becoming a dead end project.

To be continued. We're on top of it.

Want to know more about VOX? Here some nice videos (subtitled in Dutch) from this great Spanish party who managed to bring about a change in Spain within a year.

You can find many more videos about VOX on our Youtube channel:

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