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Chaos in crazy Australia

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Protests continue in Australia against the lockdowns and the fascist measures.

Rightly so. What happens there, no one with his or her mind can comprehend.

Yesterday it was especially hit in Melbourne. The mainstream media speaks of "violent protesters". (source)



Crazy, huh? That people become violent.

Police say 218 people have been arrested and six officers hospitalized following today's violent anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne.

A spokesman for the Victoria Police Department said more than 4.000 people attended the protest.

Thousands of protesters wanted to break through police lines near Parliament House on Spring Street, where the demonstration began, ABC said. (source)

Violence erupted as maskless protesters marched through the CBD to Flinders Street station, firing flares and chanting slogans.

The most violent scenes were seen in Flinders Street, where protesters threw objects at the police. Police responded with pepper spray.

Police warned anyone arrested or identified as having attended the protest would be fined more than $5.000

“Although some peaceful protesters were present, the majority of those present came with violence in mind,” said a spokeswoman for the Victoria Police Department.

Yes, what do you think when you lock up your population and perform the most bizarre experiments on them? Shame on you as a police officer. How can you as a human maintain this tyranny?

Take off your helmet and walk next to it. It is about your own future and that of your children. Whether you're wearing a police suit or not.

The police didn't just use pepper spray. Rubber bullets were also fired at the civilians.

Police arrested 218 people, three of them in custody for assaulting officers, and imposed 236 fines.

“Each arrested person will be fined $5.452 for violating lockdown restrictions,” said the spokeswoman.

The investigation into the protest continues.

Earlier, Victoria Police Chief Shane Patton urged people not to attend the protest.

“It has been labeled as a 'demonstration of freedom'. It's anything but that," he said.

And how are the citizens supposed to enforce their freedom when the government oppresses, humiliates and exterminates you, Mr. Police Chief? People are driven to despair. How can such a creature live with itself by saying this?

What to do when bizarre sex guidelines are given, you are forced to get vaccinated and when new rules are introduced that make no sense like people who want to travel from Victoria to South Australia are classified as 6 level as if they are beasts, a number and a cage, and have to apply for waivers to enter through SA Health?

Or this one: People fleeing domestic violence will have to be subject to barcode requirements 5 level, including COVID testing on days one, five and thirteen, then another 14 days of quarantine and wearing a mask any time they come into contact with the public for 14 days after their arrival in SA. We're talking about people here, not numbers!

And about self-quarantine: “Police will conduct “regular” compliance checks on people in quarantine.”


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