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"There is no science to suggest there should be a second wave."

The insider of "Big Pharma" claims false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID tests are used to produce a "second wave" based on "new cases".

Half to almost all PCR tests are FALSE POSITIVE

dr. Mike Yeadon, a former vice president and chief science officer for Pfizer for 16 years, says half or even "almost all" tests for COVID are false positives. dr. Yeadon also argues that the threshold for herd immunity may be much lower than previously thought, and may have already been reached in many countries.

In an interview last week Dr. Yeadon was asked:

"We are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six people in a meeting… all based on, perhaps, completely fake data about this coronavirus?"

Dr. Yeadon replied with a simple "yes".

Dr. Yeadon said in the interview that given the "shape" of all the key indicators in a global pandemic, such as hospital admissions , ICU use and deaths, “The pandemic is fundamentally over”.

Yeadon said in the interview:

“Were it not for the test data you get from TV all the time, you would rightly conclude that the pandemic was over, because not much has happened. Of course people go to the hospital and they enter the fall flu season .. ”. but there is no science to suggest that a second wave should take place. “

In a writing published this month that was co-written by Yeadon and two of his colleagues called: "How likely is a second wave?" , the scientists write:

“It has been widely established that in all heavily infected countries in Europe and also in several US states, the shape of the daily mortality curves vs. time curves is comparable to ours in the UK. Many of these curves are not only comparable, but almost super impossible. “

In the data for the UK, Sweden, US and the world, it can be seen that in all cases the number of deaths increased in March to the middle or end of April, then started to decrease in a slippery slope that flattened at the end. from June and continues until today. However, the case figures, based on testing, are rising and swinging wildly up and down.

Media reports about a Second Wave are unjust, untrue and pure propaganda.

The interview:



Figures of Great Britain:


COVID survival rate now estimated at 99,8%, similar to flu, previous T cell immunity

The survival rate from COVID-19 has increased to 99,8% of infections . This is close to common flu, which has a 99,9% survival rate. While COVID can have serious after-effects, this can also lead to flu or a respiratory disease. The current survival rate is much higher than the initial stark March and April estimates cited by Dr. Anthony Fauci, 94%, or 20 to 30 times more deadly. The value of the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) provided by Yeadon et al accepted in the paper is 0,26%. The survival rate from a disease is 100% minus the IFR.

Dr. Yeadon pointed out that the “new” COVID-19 contamination is only new in the sense that it is a new type of coronavirus. But, he said, there are currently four types circulating freely through the population, mostly related to the common cold.

In the scientific article, Yeadon and others write:

“There are at least four well-characterized family members (229E, NL63, OC43 and HKU1) that are endemic and cause some of the colds we experience, especially in winter. They all have a striking resemblance to the new corona virus. ”

The scientists argue that much of the population already has, if not antibodies to COVID, some level of “T cell” immunity to exposure to other related coronaviruses, which were circulating long before COVID-19.

The scientists write:

“An important part of our immune system is the group of white blood cells called T cells, whose job is to remember a small piece of the virus we were infected with so that the right cell types can multiply quickly and protect us. if we get a related virus. infection. Responses to COVID-19 have been demonstrated in dozens of blood samples taken from donors before the new virus arrived. “

The authors of “How Likely is a Second Wave?” Introduced the idea that some immunity to COVID-19 already existed. to write:

"It is now established that at least 30% of our population already had immunological recognition of this new virus before it even arrived ... COVID-19 is new, but coronaviruses are not."

They go on to say that, because of this previous resistance, only 15-25% of an infected population may be enough to achieve herd immunity:

“… Epidemiological studies show that, with the levels of previous immunity that we can now reasonably assume to be the case, only 15-25% of the infected population is sufficient to stop the spread of the virus. . “

In the US, with a death toll of 200.000 and a death rate of 99,8%, this would mean that for every person who died, there would be about 400 people infected and still alive. This would translate to about 80 million Americans, or 27% of the population. This hits Yeadon and his colleagues' threshold for herd immunity.

The authors say:

“Current literature shows that between 20% and 50% of the population exhibits this pre-pandemic T cell responsiveness, which means that we can assume an initially sensitive population value of 80% to 50%. The lower the true initial sensitivity, the safer we believe that a herd immunity threshold (HIT) has been reached. “

The second false positive wave

Of the PCR test, the most common COVID test used around the world, the authors write:

"More than half of the positives are probably false, possibly all."

The authors explain that what the PCR test actually measures is `` simply the presence of partial RNA sequences present in the intact virus, '' which may be a piece of dead virus that cannot make the patient sick transferred and no one can make it. otherwise sick.

“… A true positive does not necessarily mean the presence of a viable virus. In limited studies to date, many researchers have shown that some subjects remain PCR positive long after the ability to grow virus from cotton swabs has disappeared. We call this a 'cold positive' (to distinguish it from a 'warm positive', someone who is actually infected with the intact virus). The main point of 'cold positives' is that they are not sick, will not become symptomatic, will not become symptomatic, and in addition, are incapable of infecting others. “

In general, Dr. Yeadon raises the issue that every "second wave" of COVID, and every government issue for lockdowns, will, given the known principles of epidemiology, be fully produced.

This month has a lab coronavirus testing in Boston suspended after 400 false positives were discovered.

An analysis of the PCR-based test on the medical website states:

"Data on PCR-based tests for similar viruses shows that PCR-based tests provide enough false-positive results to make positive results highly unreliable in a wide variety of realistic scenarios."

Professor Carl Heneghan of the University of Oxford, director of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford, writes in a July article "How many COVID diagnoses are false positives?" :

"Based on current testing methods and results, Covid-19 may never disappear."

The most famous incidence of PCR test unreliability was, of course, when the President of Tanzania revealed to the world that he was secretly taking samples from a goat, a sheep and a papaya fruit to a COVID testing laboratory. They all came back positive for COVID.

Made in China

In August, the Swedish government found out 3700 false COVID positives from test kits made by the Chinese BGI Genomics. The kits are FDA approved in March for use in the USA.

Second waves of coronaviruses not normal

dr. Yeadon disputed the idea that all pandemics happen in successive waves, citing two other coronavirus outbreaks, the SARS virus in 2003 and MERS in 2012. What appears to be two waves may in fact be two single waves occurring in different geographic regions. They say the data gathered from the relatively recent SARS 2003 and the MERS outbreaks support their claim.

In the case of the MERS:

“They are actually multiple single waves affecting geographically different populations at different times as the disease spreads. In this case, the first major peak was seen in Saudi Arabia with a second peak a few months later in the Republic of Korea. Analyzed individually, each area tracked. a typical single event… “

In the interview, when questioned about the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, which came in successive waves during World War I, Yeadon pointed out that this was a very different kind of virus, not in the coronavirus family. Others have blamed general malnutrition and unsanitary conditions at the turn of the century. World War I soldiers, hard hit, lived in cold mud and the worst conditions imaginable for immune resistance.

Lockdowns don't work

Another argument from Yeadon et al in their September paper, there is no difference in outcomes regarding lockdowns.

They say:

“The shape of the death-time curve implies a natural process and not one that is primarily the result of human intervention… Sweden is known to have taken an almost laissez-faire approach, with qualified advice, but no general lockdowns. Still, the profile and that of the UK are very similar. “

The gentle Yeadon destroys the human who started it all, Professor Neil Ferguson

The former Pfizer executive and scientist chooses a former colleague for his devastating rebuke for his role in the pandemic, Professor Neil Ferguson. Ferguson taught at Imperial College while Yeadon was affiliated. It computer model of Ferguson was the rationale for governments to launch draconian orders that turned free societies into virtual prisons overnight. About what is now estimated by the CDC to be a virus with a 99,8% survival rate.

Dr. Yeardon said in the interview that "no serious scientist places any value" on Ferguson's model.

Speaking with thinly disguised disdain for Ferguson, Dr. Yeardon did everything he could to point it out to his interviewer:

"It is important to note that most scientists do not accept that [Ferguson's model] was even slightly right ... but the government is still attached to the model."

Yeardon joins other scientists to berate governments for following Ferguson's model, the assumptions upon which all global lockdowns are based. One of these scientists is Johan Giesecke , former chief scientist at the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who called Ferguson's model "the most influential scientific paper" in memory, as well as "one of the most wrong."

It was Ferguson's model that found “mitigating” measures, ie, social distancing and corporate closures, were needed to prevent, for example, more than 2,2 million people from dying from COVID in the US.

Ferguson predicted that Sweden would pay a terrible price without a lockdown, with 40.000 COVID deaths on May 1 and 100.000 in June. The death toll in Sweden is now 5800. The Swedish government says so this coincides with a mild flu season. While it was initially higher, Sweden now has a lower per capita death rate than the US, which it achieved without the massive economic damage still underway in the US. Sweden has restaurants, bars, sports centers, most schools or cinemas never closed . The government has never ordered people to wear masks.

Dr. Yeadon speaks bitterly of the lives lost as a result of the lockdown policy, and of the 'salvageable' countless lives that will be further lost due to major surgery and other delayed health care if the lockdown is re-introduced.

Yeardon is one successful entrepreneur , the founder of a biotech company acquired by Novartis, another pharmaceutical giant. Yeadon's unit at Pfizer was the Asthma and Respiratory Research Unit. (Yeadon, partial publication list .)

Sweden during lockdown

Why is all this happening? The US congressman says he is convinced of a "government plan" to continue the lockdowns into a mandatory vaccine. Conspiracy theories?

The list of news items is growing, which is an unfavorable reflection of the story played on the major television networks, of a mysterious, 'new' virus controlled only by an unprecedented attack on individual rights and freedoms, now ready to face anew. fall to already suffering populations who have no choice but to submit to further government orders.

Governors have quietly extended their powers indefinitely by shifting the goalpost, without saying it, from “flattening the curve” to relieve pressure on hospitals, to “no new cases”. From “pandemic” to “case-demic”.

In Germany an organization of 500 German doctors and scientists formed, who say the government's response to the COVID virus is vastly out of proportion to the actual severity of the disease.

Evidence of chicanery mounts. Both the CDC as the US Coronavirus Task Force headed by dr. Deborah Birx are frank that the definition of death-by-COVID has been flexible, and that the rules prefer to keep it as much as possible To be called COVID . This opens the possibility of a huge bloated death count . In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo's government is running one federal investigation for everyone except the signing of death sentences for thousands of elderly people in nursing homes, then the state COVID patients to the nursing homes sent because of the helpless objections of nursing home supervisors and staff.


Why is the mainstream media ignoring what appears to be an eminently newsworthy item, an industry rock star like Yeadon, who calls out the biggest guns in the public health world? Wouldn't the Sunday talk shows, the Chris Wallaces and Meet the Press, want to grill such a man in front of a record audience?

Here the conversation can turn to dark agendas, and not just incompetence, stupidity, and stupidity.

An opinion was put forth by U.S. Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) when he said on the Tom Woods Show on Aug. 16:

“The secret the government is hiding from you is that they plan to keep us quiet until there is some kind of vaccine, and then whether it is mandatory at the federal or state level, or maybe they convince your employers through another PPP program that you don't qualify for unless you make sure your employees get the vaccine, I think that's their plan. Someone can convince me that this is not their plan as there is no logical end to this other than that. “

Another theory is that the COVID crisis is being used to consolidate never-before-seen levels of control over individuals and society by elites. This is put forward by the assassinated president's cousin, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of the murdered Bobby Kennedy. Speaking at a mass anti-lockdown, anti-mandatory COVID vaccination rally in Germany, warned Bobby Jr. for existence of a:

"Bio-security agenda, the rise of the authoritarian surveillance state and the Big Pharma-sponsored coup d'état against liberal democracy ... The pandemic is a convenience crisis for the elite dictating these policies,"

In a lawsuit Kennedy Jr.'s medical witnesses warn that many mandatory flu shots make children more susceptible to COVID.

Kennedy's “elite” warnings of bad intentions come from more mainstream sources. Dr. Joseph Marcela, of the highly trusted, mega-traffic medical information site, has written a careful review of a doctor's claims about genetics-altering vaccines coming towards us.

And it doesn't allay any fear that a website will change the Defence institute, Defense One , reports that permanent biochips under the skin, injectable with the same syringe containing a vaccine, may soon be approved by the FDA. It doesn't help the cause of the anti-conspiracy theory that, according to Newsweek, Dr. Anthony Fauci has actually given NIH funding to the Wuhan lab for research into bat coronavirus so dangerous it was fought and banned by 200 scientists in the US.

A pandemic struck in 1957, the H2N2 Asian flu with a death rate of 0,7%, with as many per capita deaths in the US as the COVID now claims. There was never any mention of it in the news at the time, let alone the extraordinary uproar we see now. In 1968, the flu in Hong Kong the US (0,5% IFR) taking 100.000 people, while the US had a markedly lower population. Not a single alarm has been raised, not a single store has been closed and not even a news report on the network. The following summer, the largest gathering in US history took place, Woodstock .

Mass hysteria is never accidental, but it benefits someone. The only question that remains to be answered is, who?

Berlin 2020

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