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Child abuse in Belgium due to lockdown doubled

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The number of reports for violence, abuse and child abuse are in recent months. This is evident from figures from the Belgian helpline 1712.

'People are almost seated during the lockdown 24 hours a day together with their partner and often the children as well', says Meron Knikman, chairman of the Women's Council.

'The second largest number of reports concerned partner violence.'

Reports from domestic violence have skyrocketed in Belgium since the start of the corona hoax.

Helpline 1712 for violence, abuse, and child abuse got over the last few months double so many reports received than during the same period last year ', says Meron Knikman.

The most common problem was child abuse the second largest number of reports was passed intimate partner violence. Police statistics in Brussels show that during the first lockdown the number of domestic violence cases steeg with 30 procent. '

In addition, cases of domestic violence are settled under normal circumstances noticed by agencies such as school and work ', Knikman continues.

'Due to the hard lockdown, that signaling largely falls weg. '

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