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Children's BOAs in Zwolle as enforcers of corona measures

Yes, the Municipality of Zwolle uses children to inform (adult) people about the corona measures.

A kind of Children's BOA. The children have to point out (adult) people to observe the rule of a meter and a half away. This way we are nicely separated and we are clearly visible to Big Brother ..

No, they don't have pepper spray. It is not necessary. The psychic trick of being children is the same powerful.

What we see here is still pure indoctrination and needs no further comment for every sensible person?

In the photo you see people laughing sheepishly at the sight of this phenomenon. It says a lot.

It shows that there is still a lot of work to be done.

Children are already being prepared for the New Normal. It is pumped into it. We see it, we get angry, and we have to do something.




Especially the people who say and think: "Will be fine!", have to realize that things may not be too bad in their environment. And there is not so strict enforcement.

But the laws are made in The Hague by figures like this. And these also apply to the “quiet villages”. Your freedom is punished on all sides. They want to lay this down in the law. That is the end of the, already, fake democracy. But then forever! No way back.



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