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Churches prohibited but liquor stores ESSENTIAL

A church service in Greenville, Mississippi was broken up by police because corona ordinances have declared church services NON-ESSENTIAL.

The pastor had decided to keep his Bible celebration in a parking lot.

The parishioners sat in their cars with the windows closed and the cars were several meters apart.

Still, five police cars pulled into the yard to end the meeting and fine $ 500 per person.

The police officer said the constitution has been suspended and everyone's rights have been suspended.

The pastor says he is shocked: 'I didn't do anything wrong in the parking lot, did I? I'm not dealing drugs or anything, am I ?! '

'While in the meantime 87.000 deaths a year are caused by alcohol abuse, the liquor stores are allowed to remain open, liquor stores are considered essential by the government!', said the pastor James Hamilton.

All places of worship are closed by order of the government because of the prohibition of gathering, but drive-thru churches are apparently not allowed.

Why the drive-thru McDonald's and Starbucks may be open for business has not been further explained.

"This is not only illogical, but also unconstitutional", according to Ryan Tucker of ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom).

On behalf of the Temple Baptist church, he is filing a lawsuit against the government:

“This ban is not about the health and safety of citizens, this is pure abuse of power and oppression. Two churches in Greenville have already been raided. It violates the First Amendment. ”

The pastor of King James Bible Baptist Church wrote a letter to Mayor Erick Simmons and says he will just have an Easter Mass on Sunday with or without a police raid.



Pastor at Tucker Carlson:


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