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CIA Man: Trump's Sophisticated Sting Operation with QFS blockchain is not a hoax

It's not a hoax. Trump has really had all ballots secretly provided with an invisible watermark, 'said CIA man Steve Pieczenik.

Until now, Pieczenik had not had permission to tell this, but now he was finally allowed to come out with it. All official ballots have a QFS blockchain watermark.

With this cyber communication No worry, the QFS blockchain inscription code, you can now see exactly which ballots vals and where the ballots stashed in the trash can herself are en by who they have been thrown away.

'This plan was devised a long time ago, but I was not allowed to come out with it before', says Steve Pieczenik, 'Some journalists who already got wind of the story last week have kept their lips together for which I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation' .

Trump, Eric and I knew exactly what was going on. We know where every ballot paper is now. '

'The entire sophisticated Sting Operation was initiated by Trump himself. '

"So this is not a stolen election! On the contrary, we changed the whole way of warfare."

Trump said he was months ago common sense and that he was going to exhibit Joe Biden just as he opened Hillary Clinton's cesspool in 2016. '

"Hence the hunt for the entire Biden family."

Hunter Biden, Jill, Jim and Frank Biden. The whole mess does things that cannot tolerate daylight and they are now under a magnifying glass.

'All riots and civil war scenes, it is one set-up from Trump. '

'That's why thousands and thousands of National Guard soldiers have gone 12 several States, such as to Delaware, Texas, Washington, Arizona, Alabama, etc. '

Arrests are not underway, but are currently underway implemented. The secret services have done their best, I can't say more about it, "said CIA insider Steve Pieczenik.


YouTube is hastily removing all videos. They come and go.

We wait.


Trump vs. Biden: The state of affairs in America

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