Citizens' initiative EFTA needs signatures. Do you also draw?

This broadcast is from Café Weltschmerz and this initiative is from EFTA, not CSTV.

More and more Dutch people are becoming dissatisfied with the current cooperation in connection with the European Union.

Leon Baten (17) and Inge-Marie de Boer (21) therefore consider it necessary to revive the discussion surrounding the EU membership of the Netherlands.

Today the Citizens' Initiative EFTA is launching.

The target:
Putting Dutch membership of the European Free Trade Association on the political agenda.

The presentation at Café Weltschmerz. “We want to get rid of the image that without the European Union no more trade is possible in the Netherlands. By becoming a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), we will retain access to the European Economic Area (EEA), which means that our trade position will remain the same. The Netherlands will have to comply with fewer laws from Brussels and can again make and implement national policy in many areas. The Netherlands can choose via an opt-out / opt-in system which EU programs it participates in. ”

The campaign starts today. Via the website you can sign the citizens' initiative and support this mission financially.


Our concerns

Looking at the course the European Union is taking today, we are deeply concerned about the future of our generation. More and more sovereignty is being transferred to Brussels, the Netherlands also guarantees the debts of Southern European countries and a form of European tax is not far away since the arrival of the 'NextGenerationEU' fund.

The corona crisis started discussions within the European Commission and the European Parliament about gathering own resources and transferring new powers from member states to, for example, health policy to Brussels. There is also a plea for increasing the desired emission reduction to 55%, at a time when the corona crisis has hit our economies hard. A time when the European Central Bank artificially solves this by printing money, which reduces our purchasing power and seriously jeopardizes the stability of our currency.

To make matters worse, Guy Verhofstadt argues for the abolition of the unanimity rule in the European Council, which would mean that the Netherlands would completely lose its last bit of say. And in what interest? Not in the interest of Dutch citizens, that's for sure.

About us

Enough reasons to look for alternative ways of European cooperation. It is during this turbulent period that we, Leon Baten and Inge-Marie de Boer, came into contact with each other. What started as a relaxed evening with a group of young people ended with the start of a citizens 'initiative, the Citizens' Initiative EFTA. With this citizens' initiative we want to put Dutch membership of the European Free Trade Association on the political agenda. We want actual talks again about how European cooperation can be improved and for the Netherlands to regain sovereignty on the Dutch themes that are important to its citizens. All this without losing the export position carefully built up by Dutch entrepreneurs.

Our mission

The citizens' initiative was launched on 1 October 2020 by launching a promotional video at Weltschmerz at the same time as this website. Here we inform Dutch citizens and ask you for signatures and financial support, but above all to think along. To share knowledge about policy areas that are important to you. We will include this knowledge in the study that has started into the advantages and disadvantages of Dutch accession to the EFTA. During this period, we engage in dialogue with (international) politicians, journalists and other stakeholders.

We also gathered an expert team behind us of professors, PhD students and business economists to support us in this research. For example, we compile a thorough report which we present to the Dutch press on 25 November. It is our goal that membership of the EFTA comes to life within Dutch society. That there is awareness about suitable alternatives to European cooperation and that pressure is exerted on Dutch politicians to actually do something with them. It's time to get started.


Do you support this initiative? Then your signature is crucial!


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