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Citizens question democracy, fundamental rights and fair elections

Citizens question democracy, fundamental rights and fair elections

Democracy is at an all-time low worldwide!

According to an current research Last year, 40% of the 124.000 people surveyed in 53 countries thought their countries were actually not democratic. 43% think their governments only serve a small group of people in their country. People in democracies as well as in non-democracies have this view.

One in three complains about a lack of democracy

These data were examined by the Alliance of Democracies between April and June 2020. Therefore, there is no country in which people's expectations of democracy to their governments are fulfilled. At least one in three respondents in the world thinks there is too little democracy in their country.

A person's political attitude obviously plays a key role in this assessment. When oppositionists, for example more left-wing people in Poland or Hungary, are surveyed, they are more likely to see a lack of democracy.

Political distortions

That could lead to distortions. For example, people in Taiwan, the Philippines, Switzerland, Denmark and Saudi Arabia feel the slightest deficit of democracy. The latter country, for example, is not really a textbook example of democracy in the West. Democracy expectations are least fulfilled in Venezuela, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and Nigeria.

Pandemic dictatorship and electoral manipulation

Regarding whether or not mastering the pandemic violated fundamental rights, half of those surveyed in the 53 countries believe governments would have gone too far.


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