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Citizens stand up against mask masks and threaten civilian arrest

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A meeting was held last Tuesday in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Palm Beach County commissioners discussed a new "law" about the wearing of face masks. Muzzles should be worn in places, indoors and out, where “social distancing” is not an option.

The people of Palm Beach County who are opposed to this are well organized and united, although the mainstream media is doing everything it can to disguise it. They usually depict them as crazy.

But that game seems to be increasingly counterproductive. People see who are the real (dangerous) crazy people and increasingly stand up for their own rights and their own lives.

After three hours of debates and comments from residents, the mandate was of course unanimously adopted.

Palm Beach County Commissioners faced many angry citizens who threatened to attack  arrest of civilians against district officials.

Citizens swore that “We, the people” will work day and night to combat this injustice and wipe this commission off the map. (source)

Well, look further at this, in our opinion, new CSTV chief.


These people are truly capable of conducting civilian judgments against these district officials and will act if necessary. We will come back to this later.

District 6 Commissioner Melissa McKinlay said CNN's:
“We had to empty the room and we had to disinfect the room because no one in our room was following social distance guidelines. They banged on our secure door at the back of our room there. They threatened the arrest of the citizen. “

Seriously exaggerated but… Panic.

Citizens can completely shut down a province, a city or even an entire country. Something we should think about more in the Netherlands. No violence is needed for that.


Man during the meeting: “Do you see that flag? (pointing to an American flag) I want to die for that flag! ”


Not only MSM portray these people as crazy.

Media such as GeenStijl and Dumpert nowadays also put these people away as idiots.
Their souls also seem to have been sold to the Devil with their so-called “common sense”.

That's not going to happen here. That's a promise the founder of this channel makes because he knows there are concerns about this.
Also, subjects are not avoided because there is an agenda behind it. It is about the knowledge and interest of the person who writes it. There are still some taboos to be broken, but that will also be fine.

Here, no one behind the scenes with a political agenda will ever get a finger in the pie. And if we notice that someone tries that in any way… It's just not going to happen.
It is always our personal views regarding a particular article or video that we want to substantiate in our conscience with as many facts and sources as possible. If something is not correct, it is an error and not an agenda.

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