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Citizens walk with a large mouth to the slaughterhouse

Fortunately, there are still some mainstream media that do discuss the ridiculous censorship of social media, and in this case especially YouTube.

More and more renowned doctors, therapists and other experts are coming out to warn us. But mainstream media and social media are still gripping much of humanity, trying to gag and mouth these people's mouths.

Any opinion about COVID19 that does not correspond to the "Truth from the WHO" is shamelessly removed from YouTube and also from other social media. The mainstream media absolutely does not allow these people to speak and they are immediately dismissed as conspiracy thinkers.

We placed the video at the bottom of this article on YouTube and it was also removed within one day. The video is subtitled and shows a press conference of two doctors who own an emergency room and tested 5.200 people.

David Icke's channel, which has nearly a million followers, has also been removed by YouTube.

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook decide what is true and what is not. Open research is prohibited.

The most worrying is the mass of naive people who walk straight to the slaughterhouse with a very big mouth. 

A big mouth because they have no idea what we have ended up in, but they do point the finger.

You are called conspiracy thinker and they designate you as a rioter. They do not know which side of history they will be facing. They actually don't know what's going on here while everything is pretty easy to figure out.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people are trying to warn humanity of what's really going on. It is so easy for anyone with a little common sense to see the big picture. The knowledge is there for the taking.

We all refer to that knowledge and try to make people think, but they refuse to accept it and consider it as truth. People refuse to think for themselves and view the information critically in order to form their own opinion. The fat elephants in the room are not seen.

The spirit is out of the bottle, but these people are incorrigible and hold up so that we first have to go through a lot of deep misery before humanity regains its sanity.

A conversation between Tucker Carlson and Dave Rubin about the censorship of the (social) media and how we are moving towards a totalitarian future.

Deleted video. Two emergency room owners about the lies behind COVID19

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