Clear analysis Tucker Carlson about the worldwide madness

Journalism in the mainstream media is not dead yet!

A good fifteen minutes of common sense!

Tucker Carlson beats current events in his daily show and often hits the nail straight on the head.

And it is also important to us. What happens in the US usually comes this way. See BlackLivesMatter.

See our media that, just like in the US from the time Donald Trump was elected, collectively all shame is gone and without any problem omitting and denying hard facts.

It's FOX News. It is mainstream media. We prefer to see all MSM disappear and there will also be enough comments about FOX.

But if we in the Netherlands would see this man in our living rooms every night as part of our news service, this country would have looked very different.

In this generation, certain people can still only be persuaded by the MSM.

Once YouTube has removed it (it is about BLM. Fox Videos we can place with commercials that go to FOX) the video can be seen here:

Source: Fox News

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