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Click line! NSB practices back in the Netherlands.

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ACHTUNG !! CLICK LINE to INDICATE your countrymen for violating social-distancing regulations


The rule applies to everyone on the street to keep a distance of one and a half meters from others, to prevent or limit the spread of the coronavirus. Last Monday, Rutte and three ministers tightened up and supplemented the rules.

One of the additional measures means that mayors can designate areas where group formation is prohibited.

Group formation means: three or more people who do not keep their distance.

The fine on group formation can be up to four hundred euros per person.

Shops that allow customers to shop or enter the establishment without a distance of one and a half meters are fined EUR 4.000 or are immediately closed by order of the mayor.

A click line has now been opened in Purmerend and de Beemster where North Holland people can link each other.

So if you don't stick to social distancing, the NSB will make sure you don't get away with it unseen!

You can click via the 'My Municipality' app. Normally, complaints about the municipality always first reached the desk of a customer contact center, but the 'corona clicks' now take priority.

Other violations of the new Dutch rules can also be implemented using the app.

As residents of Purmerend or Beemster use the click line to report group formation on the street to the government, then this report will be received directly by employees of the Enforcement Service. 

Folks, wake up! We are put in a state of fear by our own government. Left or right, the blame is placed on us by our own failure of politicians. There is friction and mistrust that is getting out of hand among all of us!

Priority number 1 is our elderly and this is not the way. This is pure folk manipulation, indoctrination of the highest level. Don't be naive.

Don't go with the EU and corrupt WHO. That is the line of our politics. They follow the EU. They follow the WHO. This WHO director is the lid of a big smelly, corrupt pit that is NOT the best for us.

His name is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Investigations for racism, sexism and corruption are still ongoing. Among other things, he is suspected of spreading Ebola. (source)

This man is very dangerous and HE is the director of the World Health Organization.

WHO Director Tedros.

The Corona virus is NOT the priority of our government.

Read here why not:

Intelligent lockdown: Rutte's blunt ax hits the heart of society

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Spread the freedom!

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