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The Hoekse and Kabeljauwse disputes on repeat?

Actually, I was no longer planning to devote myself to a column, I actually have very different plans for the future, but perhaps with this writing I am getting certain people to change their minds.

If there is one thing very undesirable at this time, it is division, if all heads would be in the same direction, then half the argument has been won, of the position in which we are now.
It seems as if history repeats itself here, now without the black bubonic plague, but with Corona!

I can hardly get this word out of my throat anymore, it makes me completely nauseous, but what makes me even more nauseous is that there is a discord of the so-called awake people and yes maybe this will kick people on their long toes , but with me there are really certain things that are no longer acceptable for me and that is clearly the sowing of division.
That was my motivation in the end to give up writing for CSTV, Danny made his point here and I also made my point here and then you are both with your heels in the sand, are angry at each other, but there nothing else will happen.

But in the meantime it keeps on going, the accusations are really based on nothing but hot air and the sad thing about it is that nobody, not one of us, has anything to do with this, yes Rutte III cabinet is here benefit from it and the NWO takes advantage of it, they think it is wonderful, all that heated and mutual scheming that only leads to mutual divisions.

The necessary people who are now waking up, they have no interest at all that such a dispute is going on, many people are the first to be invited by the low thresholds that you find with Virus Truth and Jensen, for example, which for many manageable.

Then you see that people are going to visit Café Weltschmerz, Blue Tiger studio, Ongehoord Nederland, de Ommekeer and numerous other platforms and sites, which shake people up and that is precisely what a certain group of people is completely destroyed week in, week out. drilled!
You can try to explain it to these suckers, but they just don't want to get it, they apparently want the monopoly on a revolution and don't tolerate anyone else next to them, they throw the pedo card as if it were nothing and put every unwelcome person in controlled opposition !
Well, then you would much rather stay at home, especially when you can only see half the seriousness of the situation, relaxing on the couch with a bag of chips and a beer?

Then now Willem Engel has to be put behind bars again and the most ridiculous conspiracy theories emerge, with a foundation of zero point zero, this is no longer just about the NWO, this is about ghosts of people who do not tolerate other people next to them.
This tendency has been going on for a while, we see a Virus Truth that is deliberately and purposefully working to expose certain things through official channels and we see various groups of Be the Resistance / the Golden Mean clamoring for attention via the hardline .
Yes VW has become quite large in a short time, but WdW is really not going to be if they continue to operate in this way.

Then they will even repel people, because even Sven Hulleman will have to pay for it, on 19 August Wouter Raatgever still juined people and even decided unilaterally that Robert Jensen and his supporters should come to The Hague, there was so ' A beautiful video with all kinds of promises to Hugo de Jonge, Wouter would also be present there, well that turned out very differently and then the true leader comes to the surface, a Willem Engel stood up against his will, because he saw a great injustice, that his real leaders, but someone who shoves his mustache after boasting and later turns up when it is safe with leadership courses is in my view a big zero.

But not everything has been said about this yet, I have never seen a Willem Engel barking at people, but when you read Wouter's reactions to people, who very rightly judge him critically about his not being present on 20 August, who I still recommend that you read that of Wouter Raatgever on this among the many reactions:


Maybe something like that shakes people up, because it says more than enough to me, he is just pissed off because this is not an advertisement for his courses, for which he also asks quite a bit of money!

As I indicated, real leaders stand up, there are no courses for that, you have that in you or you don't and you grow with trial and error in your role, that Virus truth is fighting through the courts that is not at all so wrong, because even if they lose, they gradually expose the warpage in the Netherlands via the official road, which sooner or later will really show a change, that is very different from an attic room each time with the necessary to arrive half-truths, to help anyone you don't like to the other world through a kind of ax day, that is not even ending up in the rain from the rain, that is ending the rain in a downpour .
Whether you are bitten by the Dog or by the Cat, you will still be bitten and internet hero Micha Kat people, that is a very dubious person, he already fled the Netherlands because of debts and a prison sentence, which he still has to serve here and this so-called pedo hunter , had the necessary pedo films on his own laptop, if we are talking about so-called false prophets, then this club is full of them, if I could vote, I would vote for the Golden Dawn even earlier than for the Gulden Middenweg, but more likely the choice between PVV and FvD, referendum, from the EU and a very big clean-up in a democratic way, for a sovereign Netherlands!

Chris Collard.

PS It is not my goal to write columns regularly, but this is what I wanted to say, yes Danny, what I want to write for is called common sense, just like what the print is on your T shirts!



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