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Column - Collateral Damage

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Collateral damage

Fear is good! We need fear. We need fear to survive. Fear is largely taught to us and we store it in our memory. Without fear, we could pet a crocodile or cross the road without looking.

But if fear takes over all of life, then we will go wrong. Then we actually no longer have a life of our own.
Power-hungry manipulators and dictators know all too well how to play with you with fear:
Create a danger and keep repeating how threatening it is.
If you have been frightened enough, then you will accept whatever is presented to you by the regime as a 'solution' to what you fear so much.

The transporters of fear are the media. Dictators and manipulators always want to control the media to spread their strategic messages.
Whole lies and half-truths are presented to us every day. A good friend of mine has been saying for years that the only thing you can really count on is true in the newspaper is the date in the top right corner.

How a newspaper formulates its headline largely determines how your opinion is formedt.

In my previous column I wrote about a newspaper report that headlined:

“60% increase in the number of hospital admissions”
That in itself was correct. But that same headline might as well have read:
"Increase in the number of infections, but only 2% of the number of hospital beds occupied by corona patients"
That too had been correct. Or what if it had only said this:
“Hardly any hospital beds occupied by corona patients”
Third time a correct headline.
But of course you understand the difference in impact of these 3 different headlines that all report about the same 'news'.
Are there no real journalists then? Yes, there are some here and there, but the board of editors determine the content, layout and headline of the articles. And they sell more newspapers with spectacular headlines than with objectively reliable information.
Here's a podcast about Vincent Evers and Maurice de Hond's media.
In minute 24.38, Pieter Klok, the editor-in-chief of the Volkskrant, joins. Just listen to what it has to say (total 47 minutes):

But it is all much worse:
Not only influencers are paid by the government to spread the word of the government via social media. The news services and opinion programs of radio and TV and the newspapers are also paid. Yes, even Talpa receives money from the government to spread the word of the government and not to speak against it.

But do you know what's worst: It is paid with government money.
At least, there is talk of government money. But that is of course not government money. That's the money from you and me ladies and gentlemen. And if money from you and me is being used for propaganda, then I want to know it's propaganda. Make a PO Box 51 commercial but don't pay the talk shows and newspapers with our money to sell the government story.

One of the most ridiculous influencers on YouTube is Harry Hol. In a pedantic tone, he knows how to put out the most ridiculous nonsense. Many people who respond see through his nonsense, but there are also many people who believe him. A good example is the conversation that Peter Grootswagers had with the information number of the national government regarding corona.
CommonSenseTV has also reported on this. This was big and important news, because Peter managed to steal very important, corona terror-invalidating statements from the RIVM / Rijksoverheid employee in his telephone conversation. But Harry has 'proven' that it is a fake conversation.

Watch, listen and judge for yourself, in this article by Danny from CommonSenseTV you will find the video of Peter and his 2nd video as proof of authenticity:

RIVM admits: There is nothing wrong and corona is not a threat

Harry Hol's video:


Without argumentation, research and certainly without any evidence, he tries to undermine the work of others. I have no indication or proof of whether he is paid for his work. But how sick should you be when you volunteered and unpaid such nonsense on your YT channel.

I dare to accuse the government of the Netherlands and many other countries in the world of terrorism. Terrorism (from the Latin terror, which means panic) is the committing of serious violence, or threat thereof, without legitimate grounds, with a political purpose. And that is exactly what they are doing now.
Or do you think there is still a legitimate ground for the terror of the government? Well, not me!

The government says it knows what's good for you and me. But what is actually being protected?
And what are the consequences?
And I don't mean that we should weigh human life and health against economy and financial gain.
Because that's not how it is at all!
Sick, weak old people die. If not tomorrow then next week or next month or next year. That's life.
Deliberately destroying the lives and well-being of healthy people and companies, that's not life! That's crime!

As a citizen and as a government, you can ask yourself: what is important in life? What is important for the well-being of individuals and society? And what risks do we and do not accept? We accept the risk of death in traffic. Fortunately, the number of road fatalities in the Netherlands is not that high. But the risk is there (about 13 to 14 a week) and we don't stay at home for that. Did you know that an average of more than 90 people die each week from an accidental fall? Just fell, by bike or down the stairs !! That's a lot more than the weekly corona deaths of the past 5 months!

The vast majority of people who die, die from disease
Death is part of life. On average, about 2.900 people have died in the Netherlands every week in recent years (this number used to be lower, but that is only because the population was smaller at the time). In winter this is often a little more than 2.900 per week and in summer the number can also be higher when there is a period of high temperatures. But on average we arrive at around 2.900.
The biggest causes of death in the Netherlands are cardiovascular diseases and cancer (they call new forms these days, sounds less scary for sure?). From time to time the flu also strikes a lot. Not this year, the flu (the influenza virus) has apparently taken a holiday with the arrival of the corona virus.
The symptoms of an influenza infection and a corona infection are not that different. Neither does the IFR. Why is everything suddenly different and must everything be destroyed for a 'different kind' of flu?
Proportional, that is a word that is widely used today when it comes to the measures taken, but the meaning of that word seems to get through to only a few people.

Anyway, here I have tabulated the facts for you. After all, measuring is knowing:



From these tables we can read that in the first 2 quarters of 2020 there was a slight excess mortality compared to the average. About 400 a week more than 'normal'.

By the way, 'normal' does not exist. 'Normal' is usually confused with 'average'. And 'average' is a concept that can only be used in combination with the standard deviation or with the extreme measurements to get an idea of ​​the composition of the mean. For example 48 and 52 give an average of 50, but 0 and 100 also give an average of 50. And these 2 averages with the same outcome are of course not comparable at all. For your information.

As already mentioned, the mortality rate is usually higher in the 1st and 4th quarters. Just look at the figure for the 1st quarter of 2018 and 2019. Compared to this, the 1st quarter figure of 2020 is not at all different. The 2nd quarter 2020 figure is higher than in previous years, but take a look at the weekly figures for the 3rd quarter 2020. With the exception of week 33 (heat wave), almost all of them are well below the average of 2.900. Due to this under-mortality, the bump of the second quarter has almost been ironed out again. Progressive insight should have resulted in all this panic being unnecessary and that we are heading for a year with a non-deviating mortality rate.

In this table I have given the causes of mortality as an absolute number and as a percentage:

From this it can be concluded that in 2020 the number of deaths from cancer, cardiovascular diseases and also psychological and respiratory diseases will be considerably lower than the average of the periods before. This supports the wild rumor that the actual cause of death has often been tampered with.
Since the table 'other' shows a sharp increase in 2020, we can conclude that the covid-19 deaths are classified here.

We didn't know what was coming our way back in March, but based on these figures and the insight we could have gained over time, the 'demolition' of society as a whole cannot be justified.

The hospitals then:
Even if there would now be a significant increase in the number of patients to be admitted, there are significant differences from the wave of patients in March / April. The treatment methods are now more widely known than in March and the hospital stay is considerably shorter. Currently about 3% of the bed capacity is occupied by covid-19 patients. Incidentally, the question is whether everyone has been correctly diagnosed, because nowadays only the PCR test is used for real patients.

(I have already written extensively about the PCR test in my previous column:
And just about all scientists and experts agree that the PCR test is used improperly.
Take a look at what Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, herself has to say:

(In this video, testing his invention of the HIV virus is discussed. Kary Mullis unfortunately died shortly before the corona outbreak, so unfortunately he cannot comment on the corona test nonsense)

If hospital capacity were really a threat, the government could well anticipate this by having emergency hospitals ready or signing a contract with our Eastern neighbors, who are not at all affected by undercapacity in the health care system.
So that too cannot be a reason to destroy society as a whole.

I really just prefer not to talk about the number of 'infections' anymore. So much has been said and written about this. But since there are still hordes of people lining up and putting a cotton swab in their head and then awaiting a completely inaccurate result, it seems necessary to keep repeating the message.

The PCR test cannot diagnose and a study by doctors and scientists from Germany has shown that if you do, the PCR test gives around 95% false positive results.

I think everyone already knows the story of the president of Tanzania, who used a PCR test to test a goat and a papaya (I kid you not!). And the result of both was ……. tested positive!

But it can be even crazier. A Walloon doctor has had unused PCR tests analyzed (1 minute):

So even the 'PCR infections' nonsense should not be a reason to ruin society as a whole.

Lambs or lemmings?
Anyway, we can investigate and prove what we want, we can demonstrate until we weigh one ourselves (or get all kicked away or locked up), we can interview medics, legal experts, constitutional law experts, virologists, bacteriologists, we can petitions offer, file lawsuits. It probably doesn't help us as long as the vast majority of people are obediently led to the slaughterhouse. The emergency law will pass this week and the next full lockdown is on the way. That is very clear from the headlines of the past weeks. And folks, they're not concerned specialists who are being interviewed by concerned journalists warning of another lockdown. This has all been orchestrated by the regime. Every day here and there a message, a cup with that the new lockdown might come if the people continue to behave like this. Yes of course….
I had already written a column about the usefulness of a lockdown:

The big advantage of a lockdown

Oh yes, the muzzle:
Just something about the mouth masks misery. I cannot find any scientific proof that face masks offer any protection against the sars-cov-2 virus. I can't find any practical evidence for that either. I do find a lot of evidence that it is harmful to health. Both mentally and physically. I am in a country where mouth masks are mandatory everywhere and at all times and have been for 7 months. Everyone (except me) walks around here with a face mask, sometimes 2 on top of each other, often still wearing a splash cap and some people have dressed themselves like space explorers. If face masks would help, Peru would not have been the most infected country in the world.

What does the RIVM actually think of it (0,5 minute):

Or take a look at this, father and son are doing experiments. Entertaining and very informative (16 minutes):

So cut it, with those nonsensical caps !!!

Solidarity and obedience:
I have found from my own experience that the people who approve and defend government policy are the people who themselves are not (so badly) affected by the measures that the regime enacts. Mainly people who work in public service, semi-public service, at subsidized institutions and in industries that are not affected and / or even benefit from the measures.

But you will only have (or have had, because already bankrupt) a job or a company in the hospitality industry, the events industry, the travel industry, aviation, retail stores, the cultural sector and so on. (En-passant, the life and work of the farmers is also killed for a while)

I asked a few of my (ex) friends who are so eager to show solidarity (but belong to the former group) if they would be willing to give up 20% of their salary in order to support the severely affected. There was of course less enthusiasm for that. And that “not being affected by the measures”, that is now the case, it will not stay that way. And that also applies to companies that are still standing because of support schemes and tax deferments. All that money that the regime spends on this is borrowed extra while government revenues are under considerable pressure. Left or right, we are all going to have to pay it back. But sleepers and dreamers don't realize that.

This virus is here and it will not go away. Not even after a lot of shady vaccine deals. We will just have to live with that as we live with many other dangers and diseases.

The regime could focus on dangers on which it can actually have a positive influence. Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death. The government could do something about that (sorry my dear Rypke and Sven, I know you like to smoke the peace pipe). Pesticides that are prohibited here because of carcinogenicity are still produced here and exported to other countries where the regulations are less strict. And since we import the vegetables, fruit and nuts back from those countries, we simply get our 'forbidden' pesticides back on our plate… ..

Collateral damage ...
… Is the damage done as a result of solving a problem many times greater, more dangerous, more important than the collateral damage.
But the regimes have now been in the business of not solving an unsolvable problem for 7 months hundreds other problems too to create.
"The cure is worse than the disease", I sometimes hear people say. But what an understatement that is !!

Was society perfect before? No! But is it better now? Definitely No !! Is it going to get better? Definitely No!
It is already too late for the expression “better half turned than completely lost”.

We continue at full speed on a dead end road with a concrete wall at the end of the road.

Marcel van Tol

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