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Corona is defeated!

* * * BREAKING NEWS * * *

Corona is defeated! We won the war on Corona!

36 new corona patients were hospitalized yesterday today. That is approximately 1 Corona patient per 10 hospitals (302 hospitals in the Netherlands).

16 killed today. That is 4% of the average number of deaths per day in the Netherlands (400).


Corona (3,5 month period) vs. Influenza virus (2017 - 2018: 4-month period):

Influenza Flu: About 900.000 people
Corona infection (tested positive): 42.300 people

Death Flu: 11.500 people
Died Corona: 5.400

Hospital admission Flu: 16.000
Hospitalization Corona: 11.000

In addition, 340.000 people visited the GP during the flu wave of 2018.


Recent quote from Maurice de Hond (who is nowhere to sit at the table in recent months).

Yesterday I heard the briefing from RIVM and then I followed the debate in the House of Representatives. And I was wondering if they were talking about the COVID-19 virus.

There is now so much more known through research, but I never heard it back yesterday. Really from nobody.

If you do follow those studies, the discussions within Dutch politics - like yesterday in the House of Representatives - and the interviews with experts in talk shows, to put it very kindly, are astonishing. As if it were a completely different virus.

So instead of further easing or simply lifting the draconian measures, our ministers are only talking about the 1,5e meter society and the new normal.

The Corona propaganda machine (Youtube and Zuckerberg openly admit to massively censoring mass critical sound) of the MSM is still running at full speed. Goebbels would have been jealous.

Thoroughly corrupt organizations such as RIVM, WHO and OMT and our governments all have a secret agenda. There is no opposition to table a vote of no confidence in the Corona dictators.

SMEs are breaking down. Self-employed people are all involved. Unemployment will rise much faster in the coming months. We are on the brink of collapse.

And the rich get richer: Gates, Bezos (Amazon), Suckerberg (Facebook).

Every day we are in this Corona dictatorship is one day too much. I therefore call on you:

“People unite! Enter into a dialogue with people who still do not see that we are being killed by those perverts. Awake! Resistance! Protest peacefully! MAKE YOUR VOICE HEAR! ”


The old get old and the young get stronger
May take a week and it may take longer
They got the guns but we got the numbers

Gonna win, yeah We're takin 'over
Come on!




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