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Column: Corona is bullshit and now gushed out of our lives!

Corona: Nonsense

Flut yes, because that's the numbers and the average age of death is 82 years. With the flu, that is 65 years. Refute it.

Only 8% of all “corona deaths” are real “corona deaths” because the rest, according to official figures, had one or more underlying fatal conditions.

Had the flu been the last push in those people, that person with heart complaints would not be registered as being flu dead. A different standard is used for corona. Why? Therefore!

But what are real corona deaths? How was that established? The virus is still not isolated. The tests used to determine corona, the PCR test, does everything except detect corona. So what kind of make-believe world are we living in? Can someone explain to me how they are so sure someone has “corona”? (source)

And then even consider taking a vaccine? Wtf, shouldn't be a natural response?

Admittedly, we are now reporting people dying from the vaccine. We do the same thing the media does. First with the corona deaths and now the “infections”.

But roughly 100 deaths worldwide from the vaccine is also not. We understand that too.

But these are the known cases and we will not know very much.

In addition, this is something you decide for yourself whether to take it or not. If you are sure that all the negative stories you hear about corona, many of which are very obvious and many can indeed go very far, then we still want to make people aware that it is a trade-off that is quite simple. The nearly 99,98% average survival rate in people under 70 is real.

“Why should I take a vaccine against Covid19, a substance that you don't know will cause long-term damage to my body and mind? And when it is said that a vaccine does not work 100%. What reason is there left to take it? ”

And be critical. Why were cheaper drugs, which appeared to work well and did not pose any more risk than any average drug, completely ignored? Why is every other solution avoided 100% and plenty censored?

But in the meantime, the media and politicians are campaigning for that shot, wanting a vaccine passport and excluding people from certain open places who don't want a vaccine. That has a reason. The government wants to decide on your body or shut you out. Think about that carefully. Is that normal?

Weigh that against the survival rate of 99,98%. All cases are included in the graph. 9 out of 10 had 1 but usually several severe conditions. Especially lung patients, heart patients and cancer patients. Only 1 in 10 died directly from corona. Then it is quite logical that the conclusion is:

Source: CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Be honest with yourself. Those who read this and doubt whether we even like us: Please look at it from above when many things that were conspiracy theories last year are becoming or are now true.

The Great Reset? Agenda21? A new world order? Mandatory Vaccines. Internment camps for people who become difficult about corona and ask too many questions. 99,98% and the flu is gone. What else would you like to hear before you realize that these grueling measures cannot be justified in any way. So why are they doing it?

I think it is justified to inform people about the dangers of this vaccine and to show the examples clearly,

This is because we are talking here about a personal, perhaps fatal, catastrophic choice. If you don't puncture, you're safe. If you do sting, it is praying that things will end well for you. Don't forget the 99,98%.

People can make the decision themselves. But when 80% of the country blindly takes that injection, the other 20% are excluded indirectly by entry and travel bans and the next generation doesn't know any better and the “new normal” is there. 50% don't get vaccinated, they have a problem. Then there is “something” for them not going smoothly. And then it is not because of the fear that we poor people are doing well, but it is about a lot of money and, even worse, power!

Few people can handle power.

The media wants us to believe with fake polls that the majority wants to get vaccinated. But you can see from the propaganda that nothing could be further from the truth.

And by coincidence let's also read the “media” that our world leaders also read themselves: That is information intended for them and we do see quite accurate estimates about the willingness to take this shot.

“A survey conducted by the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) at Imperial College London and YouGov on people's willingness to be vaccinated, conducted in 15 countries, showed that only about 51 percent of participants were willing to vaccinated in 2021. "


How can the unreliable test be so ignored when the entire destruction policy is geared to it?

By the way, the people who always use as an excuse: "Corona is not a harmless flu." expose their ignorance and unconsciously embarrass themselves. The flu is the virus that makes the most victims worldwide. Every year.

You would love to stamp it in people, but it turns out to be pointless. People you used to respect you now suddenly see a huge failure. They don't see it. They don't want to see it. 1 and 1 is no longer 2.

They don't realize that these last 2 corona / flu seasons 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 is a kind of 24/7 non-stop Big Brother episode with the flu (or corona if you want to call it that) in the lead. You can do it any year, but you don't.

Until the green light was given at the beginning of this year and "Release all brakes!" could.

Capacity problems in crematoria. Tents set up for corpses at certain hospitals due to capacity problems. It is an annual cost but now people want to show it to you through all media channels.

But put a camera on it and broadcast it through all the mainstream media and you've created a "pandemic". Is it strange that many people tweet that De Telegraaf has been wrong since 1940?

There is one benefit. It's fake. We don't really see people falling by bushes around us. Is also quite impossible with a survival rate of 99,98%.

And…, like Marcel van Tol rightly stated in his column: They also just keep counting. With the flu, you start over every year. Not with corona (which has now “replaced” the flu). Yes, we will be at a billion in a few years. But so many people have also fallen off the stairs by that time.

Nor do we see tear-jerking programs on TV with all those people who have been victims of the horrors of corona. Why not? Maybe because they are hardly there? When will that light come on?

It is also a bit boring to make a program about corona deaths because it is almost always about people who have died at a very respectable age. Often from completely different causes. Families mourning their 80-year-old grandmother or mother who passed away is of course distressing but does not attract viewing figures because it is part of life for everyone here. Not really interesting, no matter how hard that sounds. But that is life.

Why then do people believe in it when they see with their own eyes that there is nothing wrong?

Not seeing through that is something incomprehensible to me personally and it will probably never go into my mind. And when I hear the words "English variant" I can do nothing but laugh and cry at the same time.

Laugh because you knew something so silly was coming, but cry because you see a lot of people who think it is real. Your countrymen, the people you love. They fall for it and you can't help it. You get angry because they are part of the problem. On the other hand, you have to watch out for that because you play into the hands of the government.

Corona is, as it is presented, is fake.

My greatest wish is to experience collective awareness. The moment that the vast majority of the Netherlands finally sees it and revolts. With flags and banners to the dictators in The Hague.

Yes, I'll just mention… peaceful please. Because I am against violence on principle. I'm a sweetheart for that matter.

But being against violence on principle doesn't mean you have to reason idiot and hypocrite. I mean: letting you hit back 10 times for once I call being stupid and not being “against violence”. The person who caught a policeman last week is a good example. Is that good? Do I approve? No. Do I get it? YES! People are driven insane. And the police, although I know a lot of good police officers, act like animals. Not as professionals. We have the images and we will list them here tomorrow.

If someone would put me here now as someone who "calls for violence" through these texts, then that would be the top shelf of hypocrisy.

Does Mark Rutte have any idea how many people in the Netherlands would prefer to beat him black and blue, together with his colleagues? Hugo de Jonge as a close second? I don't think they really see it. But when it happens, millions of people will secretly laugh inside. It is that sad in the Netherlands. And that is not the fault of the people who secretly laugh. But of those who have been beaten up. They have destroyed lives.

And now they are talking about a curfew. Have we gone completely nuts? 

No, I don't want that misery of violence. But a curfew is the worst thing the villains in The Hague can do. And it comes to a head that it will happen when legal manners stop working and are ignored.

Unless the majority in the Netherlands sees it through. Then it is very easy and we do not have to fear violence. Then we get up from our bed and we all start to take up our lives and we completely ignore the rules and the clique that still thinks this is real.

How well we could have handled this without a government, say. Rubbish out of our lives! Then nothing would have happened.

And those who are still scared ... That clique ... Just put everything on hold so that the sensible people can solve this and then later we will bicker again about opinions and you can have a say again. Provided you embrace socialism and are completely behind the great Great Reset, you should really step back here and just stay in the bubble you've always been in. Because we stand up for you so that you can continue to live in that bubble.

These are not opinions. This is about facts and about the survival of our country. And the fact is, we all get screwed hard. You too. So just shut up, oh coron areligious… we do it for you too. We love our country and want the best.

Had the media not been there, this crisis would not have happened and you would still have had your snack bar. Or your wife who committed suicide would still have been there. You still had your leg. There had been no need for divorce. The Prozac you are taking now should not have been necessary, and Grandpa could have lived a little longer instead of dying of loneliness.

Your father may not have died of cancer because of being there on time and not going along with the corona obsession. Your dream as an SME would not have fallen apart. We had had a lower overall death rate and everyone had their life as it was. That has now been taken from you. And they are far from done with you.

So back to that violence… The above examples are real. And they have been done to us. We did not ask for them and they did not "happen" to us.

So government: Stop this! You might get in trouble with your European friends, but those problems are nothing if a population hates you and really comes for you. You are driving us mad!

NEVER forget them! The main responsible for all this misery:


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