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Column - Do media

Nothing to do about the current panic society saddens me.
What more to do when you do work, run the family and hope it will end in some form in the end.
And it ever will? 🤞🏼

What to do in these dying free times?

The most American Hilversum platform that serves our fried air.
Once revered as an institution, tax-sponsored NIS now ejaculates half-truths and raises moralistic blood-stained fingers.
Truth finding and critical eye disappeared.
Now a transparent one-sided left-wing masturbation propaganda hobby.
Soon to put the citizen on the pillory.

KRO / NCRV calls CommonSenseTV the radical right and fake news spreaders

Joseph Goebbels will be proud.
(His descendants actually receive royalties for using his format)

Empty television entertainment that strikes the clock.

Presenters as saviors of the people by bringing them together and placing them on either side of plastic screens in order to bring together the perilous family members in this generous way.
All this under a wonderful heartbreaking rollercoaster soundtrack.
Nobody mentions gloating.

Complaining musical millionaires and third-rate folk singers who miss themselves.
Catchy semi artists who put the male pride in yet another arrogant hasbeen (Ja! H6 Ja!)

Directed beach dramas about groups of empty skin wastes who are eager to put something right between each other, condemn each other once it has actually been put into practice.

Loose attention-horny Barbies, hormone-leaking driving themselves to death ...

Is this really what stirs people these days?

If attention is paid to any political issues at all, it remains to condemn the other truth.
Without any substantiation, the staring zoological shouted by half men / women / broken mannequins is shouted that according to their skewed vision this can be nothing more than fascist, stupid and negligible.
Fast forward with the urgent quarrel between Geer and Goor.

The poorly performed acts serve as a distraction and are synchronized with propagating politics and not entirely coincidentally with the hiring or salary-paying television magnates.
The same people who have not experienced a clue for a second or have ever been in contact with the Dutchman they served.

All this while the public that is so valued by them will lose the jobs.
Savings should wave goodbye.
Family members should consider heretics.

What can I do about it?

Hey… there is a button on your TV that will take you out of the mess.

Do you do Media?

Jaap Poldervaart.

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