Column - Fireworks ban and enforcement?

Why don't I understand so much?

If fireworks were a time-honored tradition, how old? When is something a tradition?

If you do something of the same 3 times at a fixed time, can you call that the start of a tradition yourself? Do others think that a set pattern must be consistently repeated over many more years before it can be labeled as tradition? But eating every day and keeping it up for 80 years, is that tradition, or is that ordinary life preservation?

60 years ago, the fireworks tradition was fun and quite harmless. Although?
Not everyone thought that even then. You had screaming kitchen maids and ordinary firecrackers, where at most you made a scare jump when such a thing, ignorant itself, went right behind you. At the time, pets were already crawling under the couch in fear.
100 years ago, the New Year's Eve party consisted only of making a noise, lighting bonfires and popping a carbide canister here and there in a meadow.

The setting off of firecrackers and other fireworks on New Year's Eve fitted in nicely with the originally Germanic custom of making noise around the turn of the year. This to chase away evil spirits and demons. This tradition continued well into the nineteenth century.
Also in the Netherlands it became a 'tradition' to make a lot of noise during the transition from the old to the new year. A custom that can be traced back to the Germanic Joel and midwinter parties. People roamed the streets singing, lit bonfires and sometimes even firearms or carbide fired.

Although fireworks are set off during New Year's Eve in other European countries, the Dutch turn out to be the largest consumer of fireworks. In no other country is so much money spent on fireworks per capita than here. However, the dangers and nuisance of the fireworks are generating increasing resistance.

A blanket fireworks ban for private individuals could make sense, but not with corona as an excuse. That's hypocritical! Sparing worry is a fallacy. There is something else you can come up with for this: including prevention, a healthy lifestyle, taking zinc, selenium and vitamins C & D. And accept HCQ and interferon as drugs.
During (folk) celebrations, organized decorative fireworks could be set off at central locations. This is much better for the environment, old people and pets. No more banging noise for days on end, as now long before and long after New Year's Day. And of course no more of that red-colored crap shit everywhere.

But again I hear people complain that the government should not interfere with a tradition, even if it costs the user a lot of money and here and there also their own claws. On December 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020, a total of 385 serious fireworks victims went to the emergency department of a hospital. About 900 victims with minor injuries were helped at a GP station (source: VeiligheidNL)

Then I hear several doomsday thinkers think that a fireworks ban cannot be enforced and I think so. Although?
Many people, completely incomprehensibly obediently on the orders of Hugo de Jonge, follow the 1,5 meters and the mask obligation uncritically, while there is no conclusive evidence that both measures actually work. Even the WHO and veterinarian Van Dissel of the RIVM indicate that mouth masks create a false sense of security. And thoughtful laymen have known for a long time that 1,5 meters outside is nonsense (WHO indicated at the beginning of this year 90 cm -3 foot- as the standard without scientific support, England, based on the same missing science, let the nationals 6 foot -1.80 meters- from 'living together'. So Hugo logically came up with a polder distance of 1,5 meters!)
Fireworks indicated above are demonstrably worrisome for healthcare. Almost 1300 victims in one night is a fact and does not require years of scientific research. It is a disaster for (pets) animals and you do not make old people happy with it, while the environment does not benefit at all.



But given that the compliance with the emergency law regulations is almost massively uncritically optimal, a fireworks ban will for that reason also be enforced massively, I think. Our loyalty to authority may now exceed that of the Germans. Grundlich years of scientific research would have to be started on that.

In short, enforcement is not the problem. After all, people with a mouth mask will of course never set off fireworks against the will of the government.
And as for the loss of a tradition? That has already been solved: from now on every day 1,5 meters with a mouth mask in front. The new tradition of the future is already here!

Is it strange that I don't understand so much?

Rients Hofstra

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