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Column Karel Nuks - About confused people and the smart virus

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A few weeks ago, the chairwoman of the House of Representatives, Arib, referred to people who do not wish to imitate government positions on corona as confused people.
Would there be more confused people walking around besides the dissenting, corona-critical people, I thought then? Let's get some straight.

Administrative incest and arrogance
Take a look at the history books, rulers often miss the mark, also in our country.
That mistake already starts with their teaching that you should get every director, representative or candidate for a different kind of political post from your own pool of members of your political party who have been made available. And yes, it is a mess. After all, all the political-administrative 'talent' is dredged up from that mud pool of only 32.000 candidates to fill all more than 12.000 political positions in our country.

Furthermore, it does not occur to the caste of The Hague that their view is seriously clouded by the doctrine of political correctness. It also does not occur to them that a policy file could benefit from a different, fresh look from outside the old-boys-currant bread circuit. In fact, even our own scientific research circle is not trusted. The Scientific Research and Documentation Center carries out objective, substantive scientific research on behalf of The Hague. It forms the basis for dozens of policy files that are sent to the House of Representatives. Politicians and civil servants think they know better than these substantive specialists. For more than 10 years, they have been putting pressure on the WODC to flatten out their objective findings, place different emphases, make unnecessary nuances, and give the 'correct' politically correct color and content. Hidden political agendas take precedence over correct, substantive and objectifiable arguments.

These facts alone are an unmistakable sign that there is something wrong with the thought processes of the administrative caste. In fact, with their stubborn fishing in their own mud pool of party members, they deny that there is an unprecedented mass of talent out there that goes unused. Talent that perhaps rises head and shoulders above the current, incestuous club from The Hague in administrative, substantive, organizational and financial terms. However, only membership in a political party elevates a person to a potential candidate for political office. And not their knowledge, not their skills, not their experience or their past results, of course.
Confused people those politicians there in The Hague.

Collective amnesia
Rutte et al. Received severe criticism in every policy area during the years that they were in office. It doesn't matter which file you take. Whether it concerns the tax measures (including VAT increases, energy tax), education, the environment, the cutbacks in healthcare, the privatization of public services, cuts in mental health care, the environment, agriculture, the reorganization of the police, the cutbacks on the judicial system, the list in endless. What all those Hague political maneuvers in the dark had in common was that substantively harsh and well-founded criticism came from a broad social circle. Can anyone name one policy file of the successive Rutte governments where he hit the nail on the head so that 90 percent or more of the population supported it completely and without reservation?

With corona that image was completely reversed. The toddling, goofing politicians with their rattled underpinnings on every policy issue were suddenly transformed into all-seeing, infallible and all-powerful gods that should not be criticized. Harsh criticism and rejection magically turned into blind adoration and cheering acclaim. As if corona descended from heaven like manna and suddenly brought wisdom, integrity, transparent action, fairness, common sense and reason to the political caste. Confused people seems like the right term for those who made this turn. Or perhaps, something milder, so scared, brainwashed and terrorized that there was no longer any clear rational consideration and the turnaround was made in utter confusion. Anyway, confused people.

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Whistleblowers are people who, based on their moral and ethical understanding, feel compelled to expose abuses. People who have the courage to stand up to powers and forces that cover up the government stove, embrace corruption, nepotism and other illegal means as tools of government.

On Sunday, November 1, 2020, the bells of the churches rang extra long. Contrary to what you might think, it does not support the nearly two hundred thousand lonely elderly who are languishing in institutions with only marginal visits. Isn't it support for the tens of thousands of people who lost their jobs. No support for the thousands of bankrupt entrepreneurs. No support for the tens of thousands of people who get stressed out. No support for tens of thousands of people who have become depressed. No support for the approximately XNUMX grieving relatives of the deceased in the past eight months who wanted to say goodbye in a normal way. While that, and correct me when I'm wrong, should all be the primary task of the churches.

No, that bell chirping is a statement of support for the dictatorial rulers who have caused, perpetuated and deepened this human tragedy. It should be an emergency bell rather than a statement of support for the State. But yeah, it shouldn't really surprise me. After all, churches have a long tradition of supporting dictatorial rulers. The Catholic Church in particular, to stay in the terminology, is not without sin. Those whistleblowers at those churches? It cannot be otherwise, very confused people.

Air-raid siren
In Paris, air-raid sirens sound to ring in curfew. The air raid siren is a relic from WWII and the Cold War. From the time of the Nazi bombing of urban areas. From the time of the Eastern Bloc against the 'Free West'. From the time of nuclear weapons the Netherlands (and the world) out. From the time of the Iron Curtain. At the time, the air raid alert was intended to warn the population that the Soviet-Russian nuclear bombers were approaching the border of East and West Germany with the aim of attacking the capitals of the then Free West. That's what it was meant for.

As a politician, how confused must you be to use such a means for a curfew to announce the 'danger' of corona after curfews go into hiding people, read, into their homes? Very, very serious, deeply confused is of course the answer.

The super-smart coronavirus
Yes yes, corona is not the dumbest boy in class. Just at a glance. It can tell the time. Until recently, the catering industry was allowed to open until ten o'clock. No problem for that, but after ten o'clock? Oops-oops-oops!
The virus has identifying capabilities. It can determine whether it has to do with a professional athlete or an amateur. After all, professional sport continues and only lesser gods may be infected. Politicians and police are also among the untouchables.

The virus carries a yardstick so that it can determine whether someone is standing at 1,4 or 1,6 meters. In addition, it has GPS so that it knows whether it is in country X or Y where the social distancing has different values ​​and immediately adapts to that. The virus can handle a computer and interpret the measures per country. If the GPS says it has arrived in another country, it googles the latest measures and adapts accordingly.

For literally every social context, all those confused governments dictate all kinds of different numbers of people admitted. The virus is able to recognize that specific social context per country and knows the maximum allowed persons for that situation in that specific country. If that maximum is exceeded, it goes completely loose! Furthermore, it has developed properties that allow it to contaminate another even with wind force 4 in the open air against the wind. It also becomes extra aggressive with lockdowns and diaper duty and causes on average just as many or even more infections. Not tens of thousands of victims, of course, except for a single accident, because it knows that it no longer has to make that effort to maintain its rule.

The corona virus also has medical diagnostic skills. When someone has cancer or a heart disease, the terminal phase is immediately taken over by the virus so that these poor people fortunately do not die from their heart disease or bone cancer. How else are you supposed to explain the inexplicable dip in deaths from cancer and cardiovascular disease, right? The corona virus is also a bona fide defense against the flu! How else do you explain that in 2020 we will only have a quarter of the flu deaths compared to the second mildest flu season in the last XNUMX years. Kite!

After all, Hugo believes that if you don't get vaccinated you still pose a threat. That is strange because it is precisely the vaccination that makes you, it is said, invulnerable to the virus. Hugo, however, thinks that virus is so smart that it is not so in the case of Covid-19 !! Anyone who believes that the virus can do all of this cannot help but be very confused.

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You cannot put a price tag on a human life
This credo was used by anyone who loudly wanted to kick everyone in the damn corner who pointed out the disastrous consequences of the measures on our economy.
In a comment on a forum, I wrote that all those call horns were pretty hypocritical. After all, any increase in health insurance premiums leads to furious protests, even when it only concerns a few Euros. And if the government would announce a doubling on Budget Day 2019 to extend the lives of people over 80 by one year in particular, the Netherlands would almost explode.

The economic damage from the coronahoax is enormous. Statistics Netherlands sees a fall of 8,5% of the gross domestic product in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the second quarter of 2020. Note, the decrease during the crises of 2008 and 2012 was around 80 percent for both! It is already abundantly clear that everyone in the Netherlands will suffer for years from tax increases that will amount to many hundreds, if not thousands, of euros per year. One such tax increase will be the increased health insurance premium. And what does my rigid astonishment sketch? In a poll 80% of the population was against and the reactions are not bad. It cannot be otherwise than the vast majority of that XNUMX% consists of the same buzzers that adhered to the slogan that you cannot put a price tag on a human life. Conclusion? Very confused people.

Wappies vs Nappies
Dissenting, critical people have been given the derogatory label wappie. They are said to be confused people who see conspiracies everywhere. Still, that's a bit bizarre. When you look at the conspiracies of governments over the centuries, it is not wrong. From Watergate to the Iraq war in search of non-existent weapons of mass destruction. From the benefits affair in our country to the Wannsee conference where it was decided to mass exterminate the Jews. From covering up the evidence of the Srebrenica genocide to the revelations of Manning, Assange and Snowdon. The list is literally endless. Both abroad and in our country.

And yet, conspiracy thinkers are out of their minds. At least, according to non-wappies. However, believing that governments only want the right thing for their subjects is an unbelievable, almost criminal, naivete. I would therefore like to label these people as 'nappies' in the future. They never got out of diapers mentally. Nappies are very, very confused people.

I wish you wisdom,
Karel Nuks

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