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Column: "Their Show Must Go On"

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From one calamity to another
Their Show Must Go On

Government scaring is not a recent phenomenon. It is a deliberate strategy of all times to scare people and thus have more grip and control over people and to make them swallow laws and measures that would never pass under 'normal' circumstances.

The visitors of and, more specifically, the readers of my columns, know that I also spend a lot of time researching and analyzing everything that is going on around the corona hoax.
My head is full of it, but lately 2 songs have been playing through my mind regularly. Politically oriented songs from some time ago. In this column I will start by analyzing a number of lines from the song lyrics.

(Before we do anything wrong or get accused of something, let's do this:
Songwriters: Jochem Fluitsma / Frank Pels / Eric Tijn Van
Lyrics for 15 million people © Strengholt Music Publishing BV, Fader Songs)

Most people will remember this song. It was also used at the time for an advertising campaign by De Postbank (which unfortunately was eliminated by ING bank a long time ago)

15 million people from 1996

Land of a thousand opinions (no, unfortunately not anymore)
The land of sobriety (no, unfortunately not anymore)
All together on the beach (no, not allowed anymore)
Rusks for breakfast (no, unless it is not with someone else)
The land where no one lets go (no we're more hysterical than ever)
Except when we win (no, everybody's just losing)
Then the passion suddenly breaks loose (no, not allowed anymore)
Then no one will stay inside (no, going outside is no longer allowed)
The country averse to patronizing (I'll keep it neat in my column and don't swear)
No uniform is sacred (gestapo, riot police with baton, black police, crackdowns)

15 Million people (17,5 now)
On that tiny piece of earth
You don't prescribe the laws for them (yes, in a dictatorial way !!)
You leave them in their worth (none of our worth is spared)

The land full of groups of protest (turned into the land of lambs and lemmings, protest is prohibited)
No chef who is really in charge (leave that to mark and hugo)
Curtains are always open (that's not possible anymore, before you know it the neighbors have betrayed you)
Lunch is a cheese sandwich (if we can still afford it)
The country full of tolerance (unfortunately, they also managed to change that into grand polarization)
Just not for the neighbor
The big question that always remains
What does he pay his rent from (that question is becoming increasingly pressing, because companies and jobs are destroyed)
No, these songwriters may have had good intentions but completely missed the mark in terms of predictive value. Nothing from the cheerful lyrics of the time is still correct.

More vision can be found in this lyrics:

Dancing on the 1987 volcano:
(Songwriters: Huub Van Der Lubbe / Antonie Broek / Hans Van Der Lubbe)

You have to work your dirty work (right, if you haven't already become unemployed)
And you do it for what? (to pay the idiotic rulers)
It could have happened any moment (yes huub, that's about now)
But they go on for a while (yeah, until it's all gone)
Even closer to the abyss (visionary)
Even closer to the fire (visionary)
And it just gets
Worse with the hour ... (yes Huub, they just about reached the ultimate point of destruction)
Bombs for peace (have given way to 'dangerous viruses')
Lies for the money (and you've ain't seen nothing yet)
And we have to pay
Even if you hadn't ordered anything (we haven't ordered anything for 33 years and the bill is higher than ever)
Where do they get the guts
And the gore from (where do they get the guts and gore from, nothing to add)
Sweet, put on something beautiful
Because we're going
Dance dance dance (no, that's not allowed anymore)
Dancing on a volcano (no, red zone, everything is prohibited)
This is the great freedom (no, it's gone)
You can say what you think (no, that's not allowed anymore)
Not that it matters
No matter how many you are (yes, that's exactly right)
They do what they want anyway (yes, that's exactly right)
Though the whole thing must go (yeah that's exactly what they're doing)
Sweet, put on something nice
Because we're going
Dance dance dance
Dancing on the volcano
Soon it will be forbidden (yes Huub, that time has now come)
Or too late to go (yes Huub, it is indeed too late now)
Sweet put on something nice
Because we're going…. (…… .. tell Huub, what are we going to do?)
This song lyrics were current in 1987. Now it is only much worse and scarier current.

Read this about the police:
"There is no system to be devised but there are people who want to implement it." The Dutch police of 1940, kept poor and raised obediently, dutifully followed the authority set above it. This is how Bert Huizing and Koen Aartsma write in their preface. Their book was published in 1986.

The hunt for humans is in full swing. And the Dutch police are involved. All misunderstandings about whether or not the Dutch police will act in arresting Jews, Mr. Broersen, the authorized representative for the reorganization of the Dutch police, puts an end: 'In order to remove all doubts, I determine that orders from authorized German authorities for the arrest, transport, arraignment of Jews, hostages and other persons by the police should be given, using available resources if necessary´

The gruesome, gruesome situation for the Jewish people of that time is of course not comparable with the terrorist government of today. I don't want to downplay that. But as for the police: Do you still see any difference with the police of today? Just look what happens to peaceful protesters in The Hague or to an entrepreneur who did not turn off the light in his shop until 1:8 a.m. or to someone who took off his or her muzzle on the train for a sip of water or a girl who stuck a sticker somewhere on a lamppost and was taken away by no less than 7 officers.


Is the title of a book written by George Orwel as far back as the 2nd half of the 40s. When I read it I was impressed. Later in my life I traveled all over the world and lived in different countries. I have traveled and lived in countries that reminded me very much of '1984'. But that the regime of my homeland would bring me so close to the world of Winston… .. The Ministry of Truth is now in the making. Grapperhaus is already working hard on it.

(Arjen) Douchebag op Zondag has in its broadcast of October 18 also extensively discussed the true face of his employers. I think Arjen has become known and famous for exposing the abuses of governments and politicians. That earned him his enormous amount of viewership and appreciation. But in this broadcast, he has thrown all that out of the way by advocating 100% government propaganda and censorship. Frans Frederiks, all of us in particular, was completely ridiculed with cleverly cut and pasted work from the context. As a result, the French YT channel is now cleared. Gosh, what a victory you achieved douchebag! And you know what Arjen, it doesn't stop here !! Your victory will be even greater, as anyone who expresses an opinion inconsistent with your government information and your WHO will be removed from YT. What a douchebag you are !! The NSB would have been proud of you and offered you an honorary membership.

But it gets much worse:
There is already a European directive that prohibits journalists and publicists from expressing and / or publishing opinions that are against the policy of the government and the WHO. It's still a concept, but this will soon become law. Yes, complete censorship. Ramon Bril made a video about this this week, but it has already been removed. Can not be found anymore.
For me it is very simple: If you are proclaiming the truth, then you do not have to be afraid of other sounds (which may not convey the truth). The truth always stands and lies do not stand. So if you want to censor the opinions or opinions of others, it will be because there may be more truth in those other opinions or opinions than in your 'truth'. And if you want to push your lies through, and if you also have the power, then it's easy to censor the opinions and opinions that do contain the truth. Yes, 'The Ministry of Truth' is here to come and to stay.

Sowing fear and panic has also been common practice for governments in the Western (civilized) world for a long time.
When I was young, the great, all-devastating danger was Acid rain. Acid rain would destroy all forests and with it our oxygen production. We would all die.
The media played along nicely by publishing pictures of forests and trees that were dying.
At that time I worked at a tree nursery in Boskoop, so I knew a thing or two about trees. The pictures we saw in the newspapers and on the news were of pine forests, picea and pinus forests. Trees that actually come into their own when they are solitary. Planted close together, these trees grow high, looking for the light and therefore remain bare at the bottom and without side branches. And that is exactly what they want in forestry. Nice long straight trunks. And the media could publish 'beautiful' photos of the bald tribes to scare the people. I also saw many photos of birches (betula) that were (actually) dying. But that's because of the 'birch killer'. A parasite that settles on the trunk and eventually kills its host. Also sensational for the mainstream media to show pictures of.
The acid rain was combated by regulations on car exhaust emissions. (which in itself is a good thing, were it not that the 'old' cars and trucks were shipped to other parts of the world and 'chug' happily on there, until today). And of course, the solution was also to harass the lives and well-being of the farmers.
And has it yielded anything ??? No, but: 'They do what they want anyway'.
I live (out of necessity) in Lima and I have already written in a column that one day car traffic in Lima pollutes the air more than all sjoemelvolkswagen in Europe combined in a whole year.

Oh it
'Hole in the ozone layer'.
We still had that at the time. The hole in the ozone layer would cause us all to die from the sun's UV rays. That the ozone layer is a dynamic phenomenon that in some places gets bigger and smaller in a natural way… .. Well, we didn't hear much more about that later.

Do you know that after that we were in fear for a while
the cooling of the earth?
The power of the sun would decrease and would no longer be able to shine through the atmosphere. We would all die from frostbite. Well, we didn't hear much more about that later either.

But all this panic was nothing compared to the 'real' threat:
The Russians:
would attack us with nuclear weapons. We had to fill the country with nuclear weapons to be able to resist (?!?). In 1983 more than half a million people started to demonstrate on the Malieveld in The Hague (that was still allowed at the time). "No to cruise missiles."
The proponents did not have a demonstration but also had a slogan: 'Rather a rocket in the garden than a Russian in the kitchen'. Nice idea, right?
More than 500.000 protesters on the Malieveld. Anyone who has not seen it cannot imagine it. But did it pay off ????? No, but: 'They do what they want anyway'.
And the threat from the Russians, well, that also turned out to be a false alarm and we didn't hear much more about that later.

Sea level rise:
This will cause many people to drown because the land is inundated by sea water.
The experts are convinced!
There are land areas in the world that are very close to sea level. The Republic of Maldives is a good example of this. But in fact, parts of the Netherlands are even below sea level.
If the sea level were to rise, we would have to notice it here and there.
But the experts also have a good explanation for this: In some places the sea level is rising, and in others it is not. Wonderful, isn't it? I had experienced something crazy like this recently! When I filled the bath. The water on the left side of the pool was 20 centimeters higher than on the right. While the bath was not tilted…. Well, I am quickly fed up with such experts… ..
The cause was first mentioned that the icebergs would melt and that the sea level would rise as a result. But since most icebergs float in the sea, and Archimedes explained a few things to us about this long ago, this theory soon fell through. Fortunately, another new argument has been found:
“Global warming causes water to expand and sea levels to rise,” they claim. Already 20 centimeters this century !!
The Earth's surface consists of about 70% oceans. In total there is about 1,35 billion cubic kilometers of seawater with an average depth of 3.682 meters. This immense amount of water does not just get a few degrees warmer. And even though water heats up, the expansion of this wonderful liquid is still very small.
Just take a test: Fill a coffee mug almost to the brim with water. Put the mug in the microwave oven and let it do its work on the highest setting for 15 seconds. See if the water level has risen. (not so). Repeat for another 15 seconds, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.
The water in the coffee mug is about 6 degrees warmer after 15 x 30 seconds, but there is no visually observable rise in the water level in the mug.
Do you know what can cause sea levels to rise? Erosion! Anything that wears away from land, including the mountains (wow, The Grand Canyon) and is carried away by the river water to the sea, makes the water level rise. Just throw a few tablespoons of sand in that same coffee mug and see what happens.
Simple logic, you don't need to have studied rocket science for that.
Logical thinking does not count for our policy-making dictators with their 'experts' and the mathematical models.
But yes: 'they do what they want'.

of CO2
then give it a try. Most people don't understand that anyway. We can probably also cause some panic with that!
In some cases I often ask people if they know what percentage of the air consists of CO2 (carbon dioxide). The answers I've had so far vary from 10 to 50%.
Do you know? No? Hold on for a moment:
About 78% of the air consists of nitrogen, about 21% of oxygen and about 1% of the air consists of all other gases, of which CO2 is one of them. The composition of the air, like the ozone layer, is also subject to fluctuations depending on location and events. What for us oxygen is an essential gas to live is CO1 for trees and plants. We breathe in oxygen and (a little bit) of CO2 out, with trees and plants it is the other way around. In the past, the CO2 concentrations in the air have been many times higher than they are now. Less CO2 in the air than we have now would mean the end of trees and plants and therefore the end of the life of humans and animals.
Now you understand that the 'climate scientists' have to come up with a lot of nonsensical and woolly language and 'calculations and models' in order to sell their lies.
But yes: 'They do what they want'.

Nitrogen then:
That sounds much more dangerous than CO2. Nitrogen, will you choke on it? Oh no, I already mentioned above that the air consists of 78% nitrogen. But if we now draw up some nice reports, we might be able to harass the farmers in the country a bit more.
If we drive away the farmers who take care of the food production, then the government can once again patronize itself. That that food still has to be produced and that it will take place somewhere else… .. Well: 'They do what they want'.

But what they can scare us the most:
those are viruses. An even more mysterious invisible group of enemies.
The bird flu, the swine flu, the swine flu, always great panic and always turned out to be nothing!
But yes: 'They do what they want'.

But this time it is different:
The corona virus has a new variant and we all die from it.

It is the greatest threat to humanity ever, but luckily there is a solution. If all governments turn into dictatorships and everyone does what the dictators say, we will all be saved.
'They do what they want anyway, even though the whole thing goes down'.

Suddenly another song lyrics come to mind. (Thanks Freddie)
A text that expresses the message of the governments.
Only the letter R has changed into the letter F:

We will we will Fock you!


Marcel van Tol


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