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Murk Ratte, Google that!

Dear reader,

When Meindert Fennema came out with his book, Geert Wilders Sorcerer's Apprentice, it all seemed so innocent, but if we look at it now, it appears that politics has completely lost its innocence.

What is going on in the Netherlands, like a flock of sheep the Dutch population follows an intriguer who does not want the best for us citizens at all, a prime minister who I consciously renamed, because if you Murk (and Ratte Googles, only then does the true rat really emerge, he ignored two referendas, and eventually ended this advisory referendum in the Rutte III cabinet.

He and Ivo put things up nicely Opstelten, the VVD is rotten to the core, Ybeltje Berckmoes already wrote such a nice book about the VVD woes here, but it all turns out to be much worse than what she already indicated there.

The book “Information walks with you to the ravine” gives a clear insight into the political kitchen of the VVD, the cartel party of the Netherlands!

That Geert Wilders left the VVD in 2004 is actually not that surprising, since the cabinets Purple 1 & 2 the VVD was so enamored that there was no longer any place for politicians such as a Rita Verdonk or a Geert Wilders, which was surprising, that was that Geert Wilders, unlike Rita Verdonk, turned out to be a keeper, Groep Wilders became a fact that year.
Because of all the troubles that were going on within the LPF, Geert Wilders subsequently founded the one-man faction called the PVV, with which he wanted to prevent such situations in his party, when we see what is still going on within the Forum for Democracy, this is the case. It can be concluded that the PVV had not considered this so stupid at all, there were quite a few internal issues, but this never became such havoc as a Henk Otten managed to achieve in the FvD.

But despite the fact that the party internally appears to have the affairs in order, where the VVD scandal is disguising scandal, the voter still believes in the lies of Murk Ratte and his friends, Geert Wilders walked away from Rutte 1 , if we can believe the VVD and a large part of the CDA, but the truth is slightly different!
The CDA member Hans Hillen opens a book about this, just Google Hans Hillen PVV, more is not necessary, then numerous articles will appear, showing that Maxime Verhagen CDA and Murk Ratte elevated a lie to truth.
This was intended to decimate the PVV, make it unbelievable as a party to be able to rule, but with the Rutte II elections the PVV still got 15 seats.
The emergence of Rutte II was a huge electoral deception, where the two parties VVD and PvdA competed against each other as being right versus left, completely dried each other off and the voter obviously stank in that, then VVD and PvdA dove together in a government coalition where again a kind of Purple emerged, but now without D'66.

See him for you Hans Spekman, with his slobber sweater that you could cook soup from?
The PvdA came up with leveling, which was introduced while a crisis was going on and the population was already confronted with hard cuts and the VVD naturally agreed with this.
I already indicated that the PVV still got 15 seats, a loss of 9 seats compared to 2010, all caused by the lie of Murk Ratte and his friends.
This rule with the PvdA was ultimately punished, but hardly for the VVD, the PvdA suffered a huge unprecedented election defeat in 2017, they lost 29 seats.
For a long time it seemed that VVD and PVV were going to fight, but Murk Ratte put Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey on his number, limiting the loss to the VVD and allowing the population to sell themselves again for lemons, as a result of which the VVD lost only 8 seats and the PVV therefore only won 5.

At that time, all kinds of things were playing, there had been a short film called Fitna, in which Geert Wilders exclaimed the anger of Islam. He also supported Kurt Westergaard. The cartoonist who drew Mohammed with the bomb turban and of course not to mention the Lombard Street report for a Nexit!
The only thing that really became clear about this report that was so maligned was that all those lackeys in Brussels did not like this report at all, it was simply ridiculed, with of course the necessary scare from the media!
What Geert Wilders really broke up was more or less Moroccans, because Wilders wanted to stop the huge influx of economic refugees and the deportation of criminal Moroccans.

The VVD then saw her chance, with this the PVV and of course Geert Wilders a huge dirty heel to go, from the outset, Geert Wilders has indicated that this was a political process, since quite recently RTL managed to get the documents out of the table, which showed that there had been a huddle between the Public Prosecution Service and Ivo Opstelten, even before the Wilders process started.

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It does indicate which nasty practices a party like the VVD is not already using, they have literally made every effort to give the voter a false image of Geert Wilders, they have made every effort to instill fear of an exit from the EU and have framed Geert Wilders as a racist while he is not!

In 2005 the Dutch population said NO to the European constitution with 61,5%, only 38,5% was in favor, that referendum was turned over into the Lisbon Treaty, when voters were already cheated, of course this was an advisory referendum, but still?
Murk Ratte even ignored two referendums and wants to keep us imprisoned in this EU, it really is a rat that deserves to be kicked into the cesspool that he himself has caused, hopefully the eyes of many will open, now that the necessary publicity has come, heads may roll, I hope this cabinet will fall.

The left, with the exception of the SP, is not exactly democratic anymore, but the pseudo right, which includes the VVD and CDA, are just as hypocritical.
The VVD even wanted to rule with Green Left, doesn't that indicate anything?
In the CDA there is now a power struggle going on between Ministers de Jonge and Hoekstra, a harbinger of new elections? if it is true, then the cordon sanitaire and the Wilders process can be scrapped, Geert Wilders can be rehabilitated again, there are new opportunities.
It is therefore to be hoped that the voter will use the red pencil with the right box!

Chris Collard.

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